An ITV movie on apostate Muslims

I’ve arrived in Pittsburgh for the FFRF convention and, unlike Chicago, it’s sunny and warm.

Reader Dom sent me this link along with a note that “it’s a ‘must watch’ for UK viewers.” Sadly, it won’t be viewable from outside Old Blighty. Mark your calendar for October 13 and lay in a few bottles of Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout or Taddy Porter, and maybe a few packets of Philomena’s Favorite: Monster Munch, pickled onion flavor.

The link and the description:

Islam’s Non Believers investigates what life is like for those who choose to no longer call themselves Muslim. 

Acclaimed Norwegian director Deeyah Khan was born in Norway in 1977, and has Punjabi and Pashtun descent. Her debut film Banaz: A Love Story from 2012 started a successful career as a film producer. For her debut, Khan won a Peabody Award and an Emmy for best international documentary film. In 2015 the multi-talent from Oslo made the documentary Jihad: A Story of the Others’,which has also received several awards from around the world.

On 13 October, Khan’s latest documentary will have its world premiere on ITV at 10.40pm. The film, titled Islam’s Non Believers, seeks to investigate the lives of ex-Muslims who face extreme discrimination, ostracism, psychological abuse and violence as a result of leaving Islam.

“I remember saying to my mum, ‘I don’t think I believe in God any more,’ And her saying, ‘You can’t tell anybody else because they’ll kill you, we are obliged to kill ex-Muslims,’ and that it would put me at extreme risk if anybody else was to find out, so that conversation ended there.” – Sadia, a former Muslim 

Here, courtesy of Malgorzata, is a TEDx talk by the director, Deeyah Khan, about the difficulties Muslim children face when encountering European culture. They’re pulled in two directions at once, and her talk is very moving.


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    I am putting my tongue squarely in my cheek, and saying, surely no true Muslim would feel obliged to kill an ex-Muslim….

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      Any Muslim that leaves the religion will be seen as an apostate by other fellow Muslims and what happens next is you get killed just for leaving that barbaric ideology.

  2. GBJames
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  3. Steve
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    Ah! I love Samuel Smith – porters,stouts, and ales. Wonderful!

  4. Chris Laraia
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    That was a moving TED talk. Well worth the 20 minutes to watch.

    • Heather Hastie
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      It was excellent!

  5. Randall Schenck
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    I think we need to see more of her films and documentary here in the U.S. Maybe on Public TV or at film festivals like Sundance. Every small step must start somewhere.

  6. Kevin
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    The TED talk was fantastic, but she failed to admit that she is strongly secular despite what she may think and the young men who did turn to violence were not so lucky. Religion is still the motivation and it’s an easy and nearly inevitable way to slip away from the ‘whites’ and the family honor.

  7. teacupoftheapocalypse
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    Viewers outside the UK should be able to catch the movie via this link:

    • Gareth
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      Indeed that is a gem, surprised more people havn’t heard of it. Disruptive Greek Billionaires FTW.

  8. somer
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    Muslims in Europe are not going to be happy and prosperous if we endlessly make excuses for Islamic behaviour (though harassment and personal insults are not to be tolerated)
    They have to be very strongly encouraged to reform. Yes. western divide and rule in ME (e.g. french favouring of minorities in Syria and Lebanon, colonisation Algeria, Brits favouring of Wahhabis in Arabia and later West ousting of Mossadegh etc) has contributed to the ME situation but the religion itself is SO conflictual – only held together by overwhelming rulers in the past and by continuous jihad against non muslim lands. This religion has to see it breeds its own distress. In another post I pointed out how Assad and Iran have actually encouraged sunni extremism as a way of dividing the Sunni world and retaining (Assad) extending (Iran) power. Assad is now unable to resist Iranian pressure.

    Broken people broken by a brainwashing and extremist religion that alienates them outside Islamic lands and is obsessed with kin authority networks overseen (traditionally) by a powerful ruler with religious authority (kin and religion of the masses and obedience to authority takes the place of priesthood and separation in Roman Christianity of church and state). In England the Kashmiri muslims have a network of senior males who decide everything in public life for the community – aspiring female candidates for the Labour party never get to be put forward for preselection unless they are super conservative anyway.

    Also where is the reflection on Muslim arrogance towards their western hosts? The 30 Sharia courts in the UK or like media profile given to ridiculously unreasonable reaction against any sort of anti terrorist program – or like the BBC and media constantly courting Islamist speakers until recently, or naive senior English clerics, or Ed Milliband advocating a law to prosecute speech about Islam deemed hurtful or British Labours capitulation to extremists and hardline influences in their grassroots or the hardline Islamist aide of Hilary Clinton and to a lesser extent Obama. Although the situation in US is way milder and very different from Europe.
    Like Rotherham and Bradford. Yes most of the problem was the appalling attitude of the police toward young disturbed female teenagers/girls as silly ne’er do wells whose issues should be ignored – but it would NEVER have happened in the first case if the “night economy” of taxi drivers and food outlets had not been dominated by Kashmiri Muslims who kept everything mum and who had friends on the Council and viewed the girls as infidel harlots to be treated as they were treated. But the relevant report by Alexis Jay also found fear of being seen to be racist a factor in police failure to investigate and pursue, albeit a less significant one. Even some of the Guardian articles indicate this. The Guardian even reported that the local Labour member (a woman) reported this to Ken Livingston (former Mayor of London) out of concern that nothing was being done about it.
    Livingston’s response was to completely dismiss her claims. UKIP has since decisively won Rotherham.
    and other sources – infortunately I didn’t bookmark at the time and some of the guardian articles don’t seem to be available any more.

    • somer
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      At least 1,400 girls, some as young as 11 were raped over a period of about 6 years in the Rotherham affair

      • Posted October 14, 2016 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

        Islam, a religion where pork is disgusting but rape isn’t uhhhh yeah that religion is dumb oh and by the way pork is delicious.

  9. somer
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    Sub to Deeyah Khan she’s done some amazing interviews of former extremists and is a very brave ex muslim advocate for all the right things. I do however think that we should be careful not to give Islam excuses when it should be shown its misery is overwhelmingly self generated

    • Diane G.
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      “…we should be careful not to give Islam excuses when it should be shown its misery is overwhelmingly self generated.”


  10. Tamethyst
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    Surely it’s well past time for a Islamic enlightenment? Where muslims can move to a point where they don’t take so called “holy” verses in a book from the dark ages seriously.

    All of Moses dictats to stone sabbath breakers, adulterers etc are ignored by those who hold to Judaism.

    Those in “Christendom” no longer feel it beholden on them to burn witches.

    Come on Islam get with the times and stop killing people who no longer believe in fairytales from the koran.

    • Mike
      Posted October 9, 2016 at 7:07 am | Permalink

      It took Christendom the best part of 400 yrs to move on from the 14th Century Witch and Heretic Burnings and other atrocities. The Islamic Calendar is in the 14th Century now, so its not looking too promising that the insanity that is Islam is going to calm down any time soon.

    • Posted October 14, 2016 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

      Islam will never stop killing people who don’t believe in the Quran because it’s a barbaric so call religion

  11. Dominic
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    Of related interest –
    Myanmar jails tourist for unplugging speakers relaying sermon


  12. Posted October 14, 2016 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Muslims are just barbaric and the killing of apostates and infidels doesn’t prove that Islam is a peaceful religion. For the Muslims saying that their religion is peaceful STOP saying that junk you’re just making yourself foolish!

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