Robert L. Park on Templeton

by Greg Mayer Robert L. Park is a physicist, fellow of CSICOP, and former head of the American Physical Society‘s Washington office who has long been active in the skeptical community. His first book, Voodoo Science (Oxford, 2000), is one that I have used in preparing my undergraduate non-majors course on “Science & Pseudoscience”. Until […]

Sean Carroll on the compatibility of faith and science

Over at his website, Cosmic Variance, physicist Sean Carroll weighs in on the faith/science debates.  Carroll has always been a vociferous (note: that doesn’t mean “strident” or “militant”) atheist, and so we shouldn’t be surprised that he finds faith and science incompatible.  However, he does so not for philosophical reasons, but simply from seeing the […]

Why the evolution of humans was NOT inevitable; BioLogos peddles more dubious science

Over at that hilarious goldmine of accommodationism, Francis Collins’s BioLogos website (generously supported by The Templeton Foundation, they have posted an answer to the question, “Did evolution have to result in human beings?” Now if you know anything about this history of faith/science accommodationism, you know that the answer has to be “yes”, at least […]

World Science Festival Redux

The people at the World Science Festival have asked me to publish their response to a number of us who expressed concern about their support from The Templeton Foundation and their inclusion of a program to discuss/harmonize faith and science.  In the interest of fairness, here is their letter.  I will again post my regretful […]

In which I refuse an invitation to the World Science Festival on grounds of accommodationism

The organizers of the World Science Festival in New York invited me to participate on a panel that would discuss the relationship between faith and science.  It was an honor to get the invitation, because this is a high-profile festival, with lots of good people and publicity, that is organized by the physicist Brian Greene […]

Shoot me now: Francis Collins’s new supernaturalist website

I guess I can’t stay away from this issue.  P. Z. has called my attention to Francis Collins’s latest endeavor to forcibly marry science and faith:  The BioLogos Foundation.   The Templeton Foundation, of course, has its sticky fingers in this pie: The BioLogos Mission The BioLogos Foundation promotes the search for truth in both the […]