Caturday felid (with goggie bonus): sympathy, trust, gratitude

Displaying Steve Pinker’s rudimentary moral sentiments not just toward their human companions, but toward one another, these goggies and kittehs show that Bill Murray’s disaster of Biblical proportions is upon us. Or maybe that we can all just get along.

Da Bear

o.k.,  nobody is even in the vicinity, although there have been some clever responses.  I will post the second clue at noon Chicago time today, and if somebody doesn’t get it after that, it’s hopeless.  Obviously, I’m not making this easy  — what fun would it be otherwise? By the way, Matthew is completely wrong […]

Darwinism must die????

The science section of today’s New York Times is a celebration of evolution, including several articles that are excellent.  Unfortunately, the one by Carl Safina, an ecologist, is not.  Called “Darwinism Must Die so that Evolution May Live.”  He gives the usual misguided reasons for abandoning the term, to wit: By propounding “Darwinism,” even scientists […]