Felid Face of the Day

by Greg Mayer Not only did we find much commendable in Andrew Sullivan’s coverage of the pollsters vs. pundits dispute, but Andrew has now taken to posting felid pictures, too! He’s always been a diehard goggieophile. Plus, there’s relevance to readers of WEIT, or, even more so, Jerry’s first book, with Allen Orr, Speciation: the […]

Caturday cricetid

by Greg Mayer To give a little equal time to other trophic levels, this Saturday we have a meadow vole, a member of the rodent family Cricetidae. Nicknamed ‘Voley’, this Microtus pennsylvanicus was rescued from a mechanical access shaft into which it had fallen and become trapped. What many people think of as ‘field mice’, […]

Speciation celebrated in the NYT

One of the good pieces in today’s New York Times is the article by Carol Yoon on speciation, “Genes offer new clues in old debate on species’ origin.”  Maybe I’m biased, since speciation is my own area of research, but I think it’s nice that such an important area of evolutionary biology (after all, biodiversity […]

Review of WEIT in Science

Massimo Pigliucci has reviewed WEIT in the latest issue of Science, a review you can find here.  It’s a thoughtful, fair and–I’m glad to say–a positive review.  But that issue of Science is also devoted to speciation, my own area of interest, and contains half a dozen good articles on the origin of species, both […]