The human genome ten years on (part 2) – it ain’t necessarily so

by Greg Mayer In a post a couple of months ago, Matthew took note of the tenth anniversary of the completion of the draft human genome, noting that Nature had published a retrospective.  Matthew rightfully took issue with the dreadful “blueprint” metaphor for the genome, but also concisely noted the meager medical results: …despite all […]

Philip Kitcher on science journalism

by Greg Mayer In tomorrow’s issue of Science, the distinguished philosopher of science Philip Kitcher reviews several books on climate change (pre-publication version here).  He has written a great deal about creationism (most notably in the classic Abusing Science and the more recent Living with Darwin), and so it is natural that he would come […]

“Oriental yeti”– April Fools?

by Greg Mayer The Telegraph and the Times have stories up about the creature below from China, which they’ve dubbed the “oriental yeti”. The Times headline writer notes that it “looks like a bear without fur”. The story is so absurd, I first thought it an April Fools joke, but the datelines are April 5 […]

Pseudoscientist reprimanded, pseudoscience retracted

by Greg Mayer Following up on a comment by Glen Davidson to my latest dowsing post, in which he noted that the UK’s General Medical Council had ruled against anti-vaccination activist Dr. Andrew Wakefield, finding him callous, unethical and dishonest, I note that The Lancet (registration required) has retracted Wakefield and coauthors’ 1998 paper that […]