Finally, a reason to have “belief in belief”

This is the best reason I’ve seen yet for promoting religion even if you don’t accept it yourself. It stops people pissing on the walls! Or so say Ranjani Iyer Mohanty in a piece in the The Atlantic, “Only God can stop public urination.” If you’ve been to India, and I have (many times), you can’t […]

BioLogos suggests that much of the Bible is metaphor

For a long time now BioLogos has ignored its initial mission of trying to convert evangelical Christians to evolution.  It didn’t work—as I predicted—because those Christians know that if you buy Darwinian evolution, then you have to see much of the Bible as either fictional or at best metaphorical. And if you do that, then […]

Daniel Dennett on media bias and religion

by Greg Mayer Jerry’s back, but still overcoming the inevitable feelings of despair and hopelessness that come from arriving in Chicago in January after cruising among tropical islands (just kidding– Chicago’s my kind of town this time of year!), so he asked me to post the following link to a post by Dan Dennett in […]

“If this doesn’t give religion a bad name, nothing will.”

by Greg Mayer In the spring of 1979, the Shiite revolution in Iran was in full swing. The Shah had fled, Ayatollah Khomeini had returned, and summary executions had begun. Often the only notice that a person is on trial is the announcement on the morning radio news that he has been executed. The front […]

Truckling to the Faithful: A Spoonful of Jesus Helps Darwin Go Down

For if we ever begin to suppress our search to understand nature, to quench our own intellectual excitement in a misguided effort to present a united front where it does not and should not exist, then we are truly lost. –Stephen Jay Gould If you’re a regular at this website, you’ve heard me complain about […]

Still more discussion of science and religion

PZ Myers has started a discussion of my New Republic article on his Pharyngula site. There are lots of comments, some quite good—you can see it all here.    A posting and discussion also appear on Richard Dawkins’s website here.

A discussion of science and religion

Are science and evolution compatible? Or is the empirical nature of science flatly contradictory to the revelatory nature of faith?  I wrote an article on this topic in the latest issue of The New Republic.  My article is centered on two recent books about science, creationism, and faith, Karl Giberson’s Saving Darwin: How to be […]