Caturday Felid- spotted lions

by Greg Mayer Spotted lions, semi-mythical beasts and the subject of cryptozoological inquiry, have been discussed here at WEIT before, but the spotted lions here are not mythical at all, because they are cubs. Lion cubs, as we’ve also discussed before here at WEIT, are born spotted, and retain some spots for up to two […]

Caturday felid

by Greg Mayer These two lions are father and son. The son is 23 months old. Note that at 23 months, the cub is nearly as big as his father, and has lost most, if not all, of the juvenile spotting earlier noted by Jerry. In the full size photo, there’s the slightest hint of […]

Caturday felid

by Greg Mayer Having been thinking about the taxonomic distribution and adaptive significance (if any) of spots and stripes, I recalled that my cat, Peyton (see here and here), had some pattern elements quite reminiscent of tigers (beyond being a tiger tabby– the “tiger” stripes of tabby cats are not very like the stripes of […]

Chimps throwing stones

by Greg Mayer My local newspaper, along with many other news outlets, had a story this morning about a chimp at a zoo in Sweden who collects and stores rocks that he later uses for throwing at zoo visitors.  The major point of the article was that the chimp made plans for something he was […]