Accommodationism: onward and downward

Well, God may have rested on Sundays, but atheists don’t. A mini-kerfuffle has begun with yesterday’s posting of science postdoc John Wilkins at his website Evolving Thoughts.  Wilkins listed six “points” for discussion, these being reasons why accommodationism is the proper strategy for addressing the faith/science dichotomy.  They are the usual mix of I-am-a-nice-guyness, religion-and-science-both-find-truth-ness, […]

Brown + Ruse vs. Myers: Are atheists responsible for creationism?

I swear, sometimes I think that pro-evolution accommodationists see evolutionists as a bigger enemy than are creationists.  This became clear to me earlier this week, when I received a nasty, chest-thumping email from philosopher Michael Ruse, accusing me of two things: 1.  Since I was not a philosopher, I had no credentials to pronounce on […]

Shoot me now: Coca Cola is an official partner of the Creation Museum

Well, I’ve officially sworn off Coca Cola.  Thank to P.Z. on Pharyngula, I’ve discovered that Kentucky’s Creation Museum is  partnered with Coca-Cola. From the museum’s website: When you visit Noah’s Cafe you will notice that our deck is adorned with colorful bright red umbrellas courtesy of our Coke corporate partners. The Creation Museum and Coke […]

P. Z. Myers posts a felid

If P. Z. doesn’t stop doing this, I’ll be forced to start putting up cephalopods.  Right now I’ll blast him out of the water with this baby pygmy marmoset: Like Kim Jong Il, I can threaten with big weapons: I already have a baby anteater video  . . .

Child doomed by religious faith

With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion. –Steven Weinberg No conflict between science and religion, you say?  Have a look at this article from the Minneapolist StarTribune.  Thirteen-year old Daniel Hauser, whose parents are Catholics but […]

P. Z. Myers goes after Templeton

He must have a long spoon that must eat with the devil. —Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors Over at Pharyngula, the indefatigable P. Z. has a thoughtful post about whether scientists should take money from The Templeton Foundation. . . . How about an institution that hands out large grants with the expectation that the work […]

P. Z. gets a column, and more on what counts as evidence for evolution

P. Z. Myers, the beloved (and also despiséd) author of the popular science blog Pharyngula, has started producing a column on the Guardian website.  His first column is on asymmetry in animals — in particular the gene nodal, which sets up directional (left-right) asymmetries in animals.  P. Z. points out recent research (reference below) showing […]

Russell Blackford goes after faith/science compatibility

In a really nice essay on his blog “Metamagician and the Hellfire Club”, Australian writer Russell Blackford discusses the issue of the compatibility between science and faith and how that has become the official position of bodies like The National Academy of Sciences (a tip of the hat to PZ at Pharyngula for calling this […]

Hijinks in Texas!

Most of you know that there’s a crucial battle going on in Texas about science education in the public schools.  The school board (which is loaded with social conservatives and at least three unashamed creationists) and the state legislature are trying to water down the teaching of evolution by: 1.  Demanding that teachers expose students […]

The New Scientist has no shame–again!

When  New Scientist published its “Darwin was WRONG” cover a few months ago, several of us wrote in to complain about the distortion of Darwin’s work. (The cover referred to how gene transfer might blur the branches of phylogenetic trees, something that Darwin had no inkling of.)  The editor, Roger Highfield, appeared to be chastened.  […]