“Your Inner Fish”– TV version– has begun

by Greg Mayer Jerry noted in February that friend-of-the-site Neil Shubin will be presenting a three-part series on PBS this month based on his bestselling Your Inner Fish. The series began this past Wednesday; I was unable to see the whole episode (because at the same time I was writing an exam I had to […]

Tiktaalik had hind limbs!

by Greg Mayer In a paper in press in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Neil Shubin, Ted Daeschler, and the late Farish Jenkins describe the pelvis and partial hind limb of Tiktaalik roseae, the lobe-finned fish from the Canadian high arctic that they discovered in 2004 and described in Nature in 2006. […]

New books on evolution and vertebrates

by Greg Mayer Three new (or newish) books have come my way that may be of interest to WEIT readers. First, my friend and colleague Jonathan Losos has edited a collection of essays entitled In the Light of Evolution: Essays from the Laboratory and Field. I’d mentioned his book about the world’s best animals, anoles, […]

Your ear bones came from your jaws

by Greg Mayer Although the mammals and reptiles most people know are quite distinct– mammals are hairy, warm-blooded, live-bearers, that suckle their young, while reptiles are scaly, cold-blooded, egg-layers– a wider knowledge of the modern forms reveals that the differences are less absolute. There are many live-bearing reptiles, for example, and platypuses and echidnas lay […]

We did it!

Thanks to the pecuniary habits of my fellow truth-seekers, Why Evolution is True has overtaken Your Inner Fish on Amazon.  Two hundred points ahead (of course, this will undoubtedly reverse itself today, so I’ll gloat while I can!). THE KITTEN WILL LIVE!

WEIT review: Kevin Padian sucks me back into into the religion/science quagmire

Kevin Padian, a paleontologist at the University of California at Berkeley, has done pathbreaking work on the evolution of flight, and on other paleobiological issues.  He’s also been a stalwart defender of evolution against creationism, and is the president of the National Center for Science Education. In the latest issue of Public Library of Science […]

Buy my book or I’ll shoot this kitten!

Listen, folks, Neil Shubin is sitting over in the next building laughing like a hyena because Inner Fish is #1 and WEIT is #2 on Amazon.   Only you can help wipe the smirk off his face and put us over the top (and help save this kitten)!

Your Inner Fish. . . now in paperback

My friend and colleague Neil Shubin’s book, Your Inner Fish, has just appeared in paperback, so here’s your chance to get it at a reduced price. Neil and I have had a friendly competition going between our books (his appeared a year earlier), but I’m actually quite proud of his achievement and its role in […]