Almost-live report: Daniel Dennett at the Cambridge Darwin-and-faith bash

Daniel Dennett is attending the Darwin celebration at Cambridge University, and sent us this report from the two symposia on faith and religion — symposia that were, as I reported earlier, sponsored by The John Templeton Foundation.  On to Dan’s report, which he kindly gave permission to post: PART 1. I am attending and participating […]

Robert Hinde refuses to speak at Templeton-sponsored event

Well, I’m no longer alone in having refused to speak at an event sponsored by the insidious John Templeton Foundation.  Several of us got a report from Richard Dawkins this morning, who is at the Darwin bicentenary celebration at Cambridge University: Robert Hinde is the elder statesman of the science of Ethology and one one […]

The Hall of Shame: God, evolution, and quantum mechanics

For those who claim that no religious scientists allow their scientific statements and beliefs to be infected with religion, here’s a counterexample.  It’s from Francis Collins’s BioLogos website (funded by our friends at The John Templeton Foundation) and is a statement about how God may influence the world through quantum mechanics: The mechanical worldview of […]

Fighting back against Templeton

Standing behind much of the accommodationism in America is the John Templeton Foundation. This organization is loaded to the gunwales with cash, thanks to the investing activities of the late John Templeton, and it regularly uses its ample coffers to lure scientists into discussing “the big questions” in support of its aim to unify science […]