Jesus and Mo go apophatic

The Jesus and Mo artist, a philosophical confrere, is on a roll. And let’s face it — an accommodationist cartoon just wouldn’t be funny!  Imagine: Polkinghorne and Ruse walk into a bar . . . J & M are on Wikipedia, too.

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Moses ‘n’ Templeton

Move over, Robert Wright — you’ve got some serious competition for all that dosh! One correction: the prize is a million British pounds, currently 1.6 million dollars. h/t: Jesus and Mo artist.

Jesus and Mo on apophatic theology

Well, it can’t be coincidence: the mysterious artist of Jesus and Mo is clearly reading about the science-versus-religion debates and transforming them into hilarious strips.  His/her latest is about apophatic theology, which is precisely the theology that Karen Armstrong touts in her new book, The Case for God.   Apophatic theology is apparently this: . […]

More Jesus and Mo on accommodation!

I swear, whoever draws “Jesus and Mo” must be reading the web debates about the compatibility of science and religion.  I just found these two strips, published within the last few weeks. Comment:  The artist can do, with humor, what takes the scientist/atheist a lot of boring words to say.  I will put […]