Scientific integrity

by Greg Mayer Jerry had written earlier about a piece in the New York Times by Dennis Overbye heralding the restoration of science to its rightful place promised by President Obama in his inaugural address.  I, too, was thrilled when I heard the new president’s words while watching the speech with a throng of travellers […]

The palimpsest theory

by Greg Mayer One of the things Jerry mentioned in introducing me was that I had coauthored, with my late friend and mentor John A.W. Kirsch, a paper entitled “The platypus is not a rodent”.  While there’s a certain pure amusement value in such a title (which alludes to a series of papers concerning the […]

Caturday cricetid

by Greg Mayer To give a little equal time to other trophic levels, this Saturday we have a meadow vole, a member of the rodent family Cricetidae. Nicknamed ‘Voley’, this Microtus pennsylvanicus was rescued from a mechanical access shaft into which it had fallen and become trapped. What many people think of as ‘field mice’, […]

Skell pwned again

by Greg Mayer I think I’ve been able to figure out why chemist Philip Skell’s attack on Jerry in Forbes was so unresponsive to what Jerry actually wrote: he probably wrote most of it before seeing Jerry’s article!  P.Z. Myers noted a piece in the Eugene, Oregon, Register-Guard by teacher Stuart Faulk rebutting Skell’s arguments.  […]

Interview with Jerry in American Scientist

by Greg Mayer An interview with Jerry on evolution vs. creationism appears in the online pages of American Scientist. In the interview, Jerry talks mostly about his approach to teaching evolution based on 25 years experience, and how he applied that experience in the writing of WEIT. A couple of highlights: …when you read Darwin, […]

WHYY radio interview

Yesterday I had the privilege (and it is indeed a privilege) to talk to Marty Moss-Coane at WHYY (Philadelphia’s NPR station). She’s a terrific interviewer, and had read my book thoroughly before talking to me: her copy was covered with scribblings and post-it notes. You can hear the mp3 version of the interview here.

Radio show Friday

On Friday, Feb. 13 (!), I’m scheduled to appear on WHYY-FM in Philadelphia (the local NPR station) from 11 a.m. to noon EST on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, who is supposed to be a great interviewer. I will, of course, be talking about evolution, Darwin Day, etc. (and of course a plug for the […]

Review of WEIT in Wall Street Journal

A very nice review of WEIT appeared today in the Wall Street Journal.  It was written by the distinguished philosopher Philip Kitcher, who has written extensively on evolution, creationism, and evolutionary psychology.  I highly recommend his recent book, Living with Darwin: Evolution, Design, and the Future of Faith, which not only dismantles intelligent design, but […]

A really cool evolutionary timeline

One of the best ways to appreciate not only how long life has had to evolve, but also how short the period has been since “modern life” (aka birds, mammals, and humans) arose is to look at an evolutionary “timeline” that is drawn to scale. In the footnotes of WEIT I direct readers to one […]

New reviews of WEIT

Two reviews have appeared today, one in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the other in the Dallas News. There are earlier reviews in The New York Times, The Boston Globe (reviewed along with Darwin himself),  Wired magazine, and The New Scientist.  Click the links to see reviews.