Darwin’s pet tortoise

by Greg Mayer (addendum below) Darwin lived in the country, and had many animals– for companionship, work, and research. For companions, his chief pets were d*gs (my favorite of Darwin’s d*gs was Bob), but he also had a tortoise that he brought home from James (Santiago) Island in the Galapagos. It has been claimed (most […]

Extinct tortoise rediscovered- sort of- and hope for Lonesome George’s clan

by Greg Mayer The recent untimely passing of Lonesome George, the last living individual of the Galapagos tortoise subspecies from Pinta (Abingdon) Island, reminds me of a paper from earlier this year, which holds out some hope for the Pinta tortoises. In that paper, in Current Biology, Ryan Garrick and colleagues presented evidence for the […]

An iguana appetizer

by Greg Mayer No, it’s not a reptilian hors d’oeuvre. It’s pictures of a Galapagos land iguana, Conolophus subcristatus, to whet your appetites for those Jerry will have when he gets back. I toured the Galapagos 20 years ago, and took loads of pictures, but they’re Kodachromes (which I haven’t scanned), so the pictures of […]

Those crazy Germans play a Darwin-related April Fool joke

An alert reader from Basel has sent me a link to an April Fool article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, published in Munich.  It describes a new movie in which Quentin Tarantino directs Tom Cruise in a movie about the life of Charles Darwin.   Using my rough German (no time to translate the whole piece), […]