Skell pwned again

by Greg Mayer I think I’ve been able to figure out why chemist Philip Skell’s attack on Jerry in Forbes was so unresponsive to what Jerry actually wrote: he probably wrote most of it before seeing Jerry’s article!  P.Z. Myers noted a piece in the Eugene, Oregon, Register-Guard by teacher Stuart Faulk rebutting Skell’s arguments.  […]

Forbes loses it again over evolution

A few days ago I wrote a piece for Forbes online responding to the ignorant assertions of a physician, Dr. Michael Egnor, who maintained that there was no evidence for Darwinian evolution.  In response, I reiterated the tenets of Darwinism and then cited copious evidence, through links in my piece, for common ancestry, transitional forms, […]

In which I am forced to take on Forbes magazine

A few days ago, Forbes magazine published an online “Darwin issue,” containing a number of pieces by eminent philosophers and evolutionists, including Sean Carroll, Michael Ruse, and Adrian Desmond. For some strange reason—presumably a misguided attempt to achieve journalistic “balance”—Forbes also gave room to the creationist lucubrations of evangelist Ken Ham (founder of Kentucky’s bizarre […]