Bonus Felid: Wallace and the Bornean Bay Cat

by Greg Mayer As part of our observations of the Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary, we have an extra felid this weekend, the Bornean Bay Cat (Catopuma [or Pardofelis] badia). It’s one the world’s rarest species of cat (see the IUCN Red List), endemic to the island of Borneo, and known (as of 2007) from only […]

Caturday felid– No.3, the snow leopard

by Greg Mayer As an extra bonus felid for today, and continuing the theme of cat coat patterns as camouflage, here’s the snow leopard (Panthera uncia). You can’t see the snow leopard or it’s pattern very well, but, of course, that’s the point. Its head is to the right. (BTW, is anyone getting the Monty […]

Caturday felid– No. 1, the jaguar

by Greg Mayer Jerry recently posted about a new analysis of cat coat color patterns by William Allen and colleagues from the University of Bristol that is in press in The Proceedings of the Royal Society B, so I thought it might be interesting to take a look at one of the species in the […]

The physics of kitteh drinking

by Greg Mayer (update below) Pedro Reis of MIT and colleagues are about to publish a paper in Science analyzing high speed films of cats drinking. A preprint is already available. I’m not sure there’s really anything interesting here, other than cool video. You can tell that only the tip of the cat’s tongue contacts […]

Caturday felid (with goggie bonus): sympathy, trust, gratitude

Displaying Steve Pinker’s rudimentary moral sentiments not just toward their human companions, but toward one another, these goggies and kittehs show that Bill Murray’s disaster of Biblical proportions is upon us. Or maybe that we can all just get along.

Caturday felid: the King Cheetah

by Greg Mayer Of interest to both ecological geneticists studying vertebrate polymorphisms and cryptozoologists is the king cheetah. The king cheetah, known only from southern Africa, is a striking pattern variation of the common cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). Instead of being spotted, the dark markings of the king cheetah coalesce into stripes and vermiculations, especially along […]

BBC wildlife photo winners, felid included

Some really nice wildlife photos over at the BBC, including the grand prize winner of a leaping wolf (see the BBC page for the stories behind these photos): But of course I like this one best: (From the BBC) :  With the help of his feisty cat, Igor Shpilenok won the Urban and Garden Wildlife […]

Caturday felids: snow leopard twins

Okay, the music is cheesy but the cats are adorable. Cubs (a male and female) born on May 25 at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. The snow leopard (Panthera uncia), also known as the ounce, is a denizen of the mountains of central Asia. With its camouflaging cream-colored fur, speckled with black rosettes, it’s surely one […]

Caturday felids: Sadie and Zöe, militant (c)atheists

Today’s felids, Sadie and Zoë, come from two readers of this website: John Danley and Lori Anne Parker.  John and Lori Anne live in Nashville, where she is an artist and he a musician (several of John’s public performances are on YouTube).  They describe their cats: At first their relationship was inauspicious and warlike: Sadie—the […]