The harmonious ape

Speaking of animals and dissonance, an upcoming article in the journal Primates investigates the question of whether our closest living relative, the chimp, shows a preference for consonant over dissonant music.  The answer is yes, suggesting that the human preference for consonant music lies in our genes.  But be aware that this result is based […]

Genetic determinism? Not so fast.

There are several items in the news today relevant to evolutionary psychology.  First, David Brooks, in The New York Times, has an op-ed piece on the excesses of evolutionary psychology.  Apparently “inspired” by a new book by Geoffey Miller, Brooks resists evo-psycho’s exaggerated claims: Now Miller has published another book, “Spent,” in which he takes […]

Evolutionary psychology: the adaptive significance of semen flavor

I have long been critical of many evolutionary psychologists for their over-the-top stories, but today I am forced — albeit briefly — to join their ranks. I have thought of a hypothesis that shares all the salient traits of the best ideas of evolutionary psychology: it is brilliant, makes evolutionary sense, and is untestable. It […]

Review of WEIT in Wall Street Journal

A very nice review of WEIT appeared today in the Wall Street Journal.  It was written by the distinguished philosopher Philip Kitcher, who has written extensively on evolution, creationism, and evolutionary psychology.  I highly recommend his recent book, Living with Darwin: Evolution, Design, and the Future of Faith, which not only dismantles intelligent design, but […]