Science vs. theism: a debate with Kenneth Miller. Part I: Throat-clearing

The recent debates about accommodating scientific with religious views have been scattered across several websites.  The whole megillah began with a post on Chris Mooney’s site, arguing that the atheist attack on accommodationism was inimical to our joint interest in promoting the understanding of evolution. Mooney also characterized anti-accommodationists as “uncivil.”  Since then, the arguments […]

Now. . . “Erratic Synapse” vs. Mooney

I am so glad I don’t have to do the work that others are doing for me.  Over at The Daily Kos, blogger “Erratic Synapse” takes on Chris Mooney’s accommodationism.  A sample: . . . The whole notion that religion is a private matter is horseshit. It has always been horseshit. If religion were a […]