Stephen Meyer lies again

Discovery Institute creationist and lying liar Stephen Meyer now claims that I think Francis Collins should be disqualified as head of the National Institutes of Health (or indeed,  of any “scientific organization”!) because of his religious beliefs.  This piece contains a quote from Meyer: Dr. Stephen Meyer is the director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for […]

Responses to creationist piece in Boston Globe

Last week Discovery Institute resident creationist Stephen Meyer managed to get a pro-intelligent-design letter piece published in the Boston Globe. It was the usual nonsense, with the added fillip that Meyer quoted Jefferson’s “design” view against evolution, though Jefferson died decades before Darwin published The Origin. Yesterday there were two responses, one by Harvard linguist/psychologist/evolutionist […]

Pro-intelligent-design editorial in Boston Globe

Stephen Meyer, young-earth creationist and Discovery Institute macher, has published a pro-intelligent-design piece, “Jefferson’s Support for Intelligent Design,” in today’s Boston Globe.  It’s largely an argument from authority, noting that Jefferson imputed the structure of the Universe to design: “It is impossible, I say, for the human mind not to believe that there is, in […]