The Pope performs a miracle!

Well, it looks like one. And if this is real, he needs only one more before he can canonize himself! h/t: Taskin

Darwin Day in Wisconsin

by Greg Mayer The Darwin bicentennial year ends this week, as Friday, February 12th, begins the 201st year. The last event in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s Darwin 1809-1859-2009 commemoration is this coming Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 7 PM in Greenquist Hall 103, where I will be speaking on “The Origin of The Origin“. In the […]

Darwin in Cambridge (and Richard Dawkins too!)

by Greg Mayer John van Wyhe, of Christ’s College, Cambridge, director of the absolutely fabulous website The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online (which I have had occasion to notice previously), has recently published a terrific short book entitled Darwin in Cambridge (Christ’s College, Cambridge).  It’s not available yet on Amazon UK or Amazon, but […]

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

by Greg Mayer I’m slipping in to make a quick plug here for one my favorite websites, The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online, and its founder and director, John van Wyhe of Christ’s College, Cambridge. The website contains text and image copies of at least one edition of all Darwin’s works (and often of […]

BBC program: “Did Darwin Kill God?”

Unsurprisingly, the answer is “of course not!””  In fact — also unsurprisingly — evolution seems to strengthen the narrator’s belief. This one-hour show was on the BBC last week, and although their website won’t play it in the US, the program has been put on YouTube in six segments.  You can access segment 1 below, […]

Those crazy Germans play a Darwin-related April Fool joke

An alert reader from Basel has sent me a link to an April Fool article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, published in Munich.  It describes a new movie in which Quentin Tarantino directs Tom Cruise in a movie about the life of Charles Darwin.   Using my rough German (no time to translate the whole piece), […]

Frank Egerton on Darwin and the Beagle

by Greg Mayer If you’re going to be in or near southeastern Wisconsin this Friday, March 13, the next presentation in “Darwin 1809-1859-2009”, the University of Wisconsin–Parkside’s series of events commemorating the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth and the sesquicentennial of the publication On the Origin of Species, is being held at noon in Greenquist […]

Interview with Jerry in American Scientist

by Greg Mayer An interview with Jerry on evolution vs. creationism appears in the online pages of American Scientist. In the interview, Jerry talks mostly about his approach to teaching evolution based on 25 years experience, and how he applied that experience in the writing of WEIT. A couple of highlights: …when you read Darwin, […]

Change we can believe in

by Greg Mayer The now iconic images of President Obama created by Shepard Fairey last year have been widely imitated. It was perhaps inevitable that Darwin should be included among those so honored. Created by Mike Rosulek, he is selling t-shirts and posters of this, and several other designs, with proceeds to benefit the National […]

More good books

by Greg Mayer In an earlier post, Jerry called Janet Browne’s two-volume work the best of Darwin biographies, calling it “magisterial and engagingly written.”  I concur, and some of our readers have mentioned it approvingly in the comments.  But, at 1200 + pages, it may be a bit daunting as a starting place.  Let me […]