Brown + Ruse vs. Myers: Are atheists responsible for creationism?

I swear, sometimes I think that pro-evolution accommodationists see evolutionists as a bigger enemy than are creationists.  This became clear to me earlier this week, when I received a nasty, chest-thumping email from philosopher Michael Ruse, accusing me of two things: 1.  Since I was not a philosopher, I had no credentials to pronounce on […]

Science vs. theism: a debate with Kenneth Miller. Part I: Throat-clearing

The recent debates about accommodating scientific with religious views have been scattered across several websites.  The whole megillah began with a post on Chris Mooney’s site, arguing that the atheist attack on accommodationism was inimical to our joint interest in promoting the understanding of evolution. Mooney also characterized anti-accommodationists as “uncivil.”  Since then, the arguments […]

Quote of the day, and more

“The only reliable basis for knowledge, the only route from subjectivity to objectivity, is to relentlessly subject a belief to doubt, then to allay the doubt (or confirm it) by gathering evidence that’s independent of one’s commitment to the belief.  To the extent that worldviews, however widely held, fail to test their factual claims using […]

A defense of accommodationism and a misunderstanding

Over at the Guardian website, James Hannam has appeared from the woodwork to argue that by critiquing the philosophical accommodation of faith with science, I am explicitly rejecting an alliance with the enlightened faithful to go after creationism: It’s popularly imagined that the history of science and religion is one of violent conflict, but the […]

Blackford 10, NOMA 0

Over at his website,  Metamagician and the Hellfire Club, philosopher Russell Blackford (who has been out of town), finally weighs in on the debate about accommodationism. His tactic is to take on Steve Gould’s concept of NOMA, or religion and science as “nonoverlapping magisteria.” There is more to be said about this, but I’d like […]

Does religion have greater “epistemic authority” than science in some areas?

Take a look at this article by Tom Clark at; it’s about the misguided notion that in some areas faith can give us genuine answers to questions before which science is impotent.   This is the NOMA (“nonoverlapping magisteria”) refrain that we hear constantly from organizations like the National Academy of Sciences, the National Center […]

More on Mooney and accommodationism (with a note on Rosenhouse)

Over at EvolutionBlog, Jason Rosenhouse has again taken on Chris Mooney’s critique of accommodationism.   Jason has done such a good job that I have little to add.  However, lest Mooney accuse me of hiding behind Rosenhouse, or of avoiding debate, let me briefly respond. Mooney’s latest beef is that I have somehow confused methodological naturalism […]

Now. . . “Erratic Synapse” vs. Mooney

I am so glad I don’t have to do the work that others are doing for me.  Over at The Daily Kos, blogger “Erratic Synapse” takes on Chris Mooney’s accommodationism.  A sample: . . . The whole notion that religion is a private matter is horseshit. It has always been horseshit. If religion were a […]

Rosenhouse vs. Mooney

Over at EvolutionBlog, Jason Rosenhouse has responded to Mooney’s “part two” critique of my views on accommodationism.  It’s a superb analysis, and, as before, I couldn’t have written it better myself.  If you’ve been following these debates, this is required reading. As I said yesterday, I’ll wait until Mooney finishes his posts before I reply […]

Did Chris Mooney tell me to shut up?

Well, Chris Mooney has decided to continue the discussion about the compatibility of science and faith that he and Barbara Forrest began on his Discover blog.  If you’ve followed all this, they criticized me for my “divisiveness” in going after the idea that science and faith are compatible.  I responded to this, saying that since […]