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Multiply-autographed and illustrated copy of WEIT finally up for auction, proceeds to charity

In October of 2012 I was invited to the “Moving Naturalism Forward” conference, a small group of people charged with discussing how we could promote naturalism in today’s world. It was organized by Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll, funded by the generosity of Nick Pritzker (we paid for our own lodgings and food), and held at […]

Dumb Kickstarter project on potato salad nets a guy nearly 11 grand. I want in!

We already knew that although Patreon and Kickstarter can fund some valuable projects (e.g., Kelly Houle’s Illuminated Origin of Species project and the Jesus and Mo artist), there’s a lot of people getting a lot of dough for stupid stuff. I won’t name names, but you can probably think of some. But here’s one you may […]

Kamloops: Day 2

Yesterday was the first full day of the meeting (Imagine No Religion 4; schedule here), and I have to say that this is among the top secular meetings I’ve ever attended. The talks are good, the people are friendly, and, of critical importance, they serve great noms. The meeting began early, with a continental breakfast (a […]

Crow snowboards on mayonnaise lid (?)

This video, from deathandtaxes via reader Kelly Houle, shows a crow apparently using a mayonnaise lid to snowboard down a roof. But after watching it a few times, I wonder if the bird is really trying to have fun, even though we know that some animals do play, and that crows are wicked smart. But […]

Cat flummoxed by streaming bird cam

Reader and artist Kelly Houle called my attention to a short but hilarious video of a cat going nuts while watching the live stream from a Cornell Lab Bird Cam on a flat-screen t.v. I’ve put a screenshot below, but to see the video, complete with frustrated paw-strikes and meows, go over to the original […]

Pah-tee with Pinkah, and a new symbol of secularism

As I noted yesterday, Steve Pinker was here on campus giving a talk on his new book: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence has Declined.  It was the George and Marie Andros Lecture, a fancy endowed gig, and the Adroses (Androsi?) were both in attendance; George is a cardiovascular surgeon who was once […]

“Pah-tee with the Pinkah!”

The title above is how one friend reacted, using a mock Boston accent, when I mentioned that Steve Pinker will be lecturing on campus today, and I’ll be dining and quaffing with him afterwards. If you’re on campus, or in the area, come by, as the lecture is free. (It’s in the room where I […]

A book up for auction

The Northern Ohio Freethought Society, a brand-new chapter of The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is having a fundraiser in Akron on October 19  in conjunction with the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Akron. Part of the money will go to put up an atheist billboard to make the locals ponder and to […]

Atheism makes some gains: humanist “prayer” in Arizona legislature invokes religious counter-prayer

Over at MSNBC there’s a video and an article called: “Atheism makes headway in two surprising places“. The places include the Vatican and the Arizona legislature. We already know about the Pope’s admission that atheists can do good, with the implication that those good atheists might be able to meet the Catholics in heaven. More […]

Dawkins Foundation site hacked by Muslims

If you go there, you’ll see this. The tab says “hacked by Angelz Co. for Islam.” (This page apparently does not show up in the UK, but it does in the U.S.) Let’s hope they fix it soon. The English: Say : O ye that reject Faith! [1] I worship not that which ye worship, [2] […]