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Ideologically motivated teachers indoctrinate students into thinking that science and religion are compatible

UPDATE: I forgot to include the blurb from the ASU news office summarizing the accommodationist study discussed in this post. It says this: Then, the class discussed that science can answer certain questions and religion can answer other questions. According to Brownell [one of the study’s authors], evolution and science in general are excellent when […]

Let accommodationism blossom: Mayim Bialik reconciles science and religion

If you’re my age, you might remember Mayim Bialik as the star of the 1990s television show “Blossom.” Now, I’m told, she plays the role of a neuroscientist on another t.v. show I haven’t watched, “The Big Bang Theory.” But she really is trained in neuroscience: she got her Ph.D. in that field from UCLA, […]

Krista Tippett talks for an hour, says nothing

In case there aren’t enough self-help books on the market, the unctuous Krista Tippett has decided to contribute her own. Out April 5, it bears the portentous title Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living. This was brought to my attention by reader Jane, who heard Tippett interviewed by Michael Krasny on […]


A question I’m often asked is this: “What do you think about ‘spirituality’?” My response is this: the term is so elastic that it can stretch to cover everything from traditional religious belief to simple awe before the beauty of landscapes, music, or great art. Since the word has been so often co-opted—most notoriously by the Rice University […]

PuffHo tries accommodationism, but can’t quite get it right

PuffHo has a “Religion and Science” section, but virtually every post therein is accommodationist; there’s never anyone claimingthat science and religion are at odds or incompatible. (When he was alive, Victor Stenger used to write such posts.) Here’s a sampling of what’s on that page now (posts are fairly infrequent): Yep, and here’s Professional Accommodationist Elaine Ecklund: […]

Krista Tippett annoys me again

The one disadvantage of shopping very early on Saturday morning is that, if I’m unlucky enough to be driving after 7 a.m., I’ll have to listen to Krista Tippett’s “On Being” show on National Public Radio. The show was formerly called “On Faith,” but, probably realizing that the religious overtones might cost her listeners, Tippett changed the name. […]

The correlation between rejection of evolution and rejection of environmental regulation: what does it mean?

I was sent the following Washington Post tw**t, which refers to an article by Chris Mooney, an accommodationist who now works for that paper. Of course I was intrigued, so I went to both Mooney’s article and the source of that graph, an analysis of Pew-poll data and a post by Josh Rosenau, another accommodationist who works for […]

Tanya Luhrmann and the decline of the New York Times

As newspapers throughout the U.S. go belly up, there are only a few—actually one—that still represent high-quality journalism. And that one is The New York Times. Yes, it is still the go-to paper if you want substance and intellectual viands, but it seems to me to be on the decline as well. The science pages […]

More dubious claims that science and religion are compatible

Elaine Ecklund’s incessant discussion of the compatibility of science and religion (funded, of course, by the John Templeton Foundation), and her frequent spinning of the data to emphasize that comity—even when the data don’t really show it—are getting very tiresome. I’ve posted about this often before, but the distortions just keeps on coming. That’s because […]

Templeton funds climate-change denialist groups

UPDATE: I forgot that I posted 2.5 years ago on the connection between Templeton and some organizations that are either explicitly climate-denialist or anti-government-regulation in nature, like the Mercatus Center and the Heartland Institute, as well as those with looser connections like the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. See my earlier post for details. Since Templeton […]