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I hate TSA and customs

Well, I wasn’t groped this time, but it was still a nightmare getting into my own country. The flight from Puebla to Houston was fine: I got to the airport early (about 6:00 am) and had breakfast with two physicists, Mario Livio and Adam Riess  (yes, a Nobelist at the impossibly young age of 41) […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s the last day of the year—December 31, 2016, and within a month we’ll have to refer to “President Trump”—a phrase that sticks in my craw. But such are the laws of physics. Today is National Champagne Day, but also National Vinegar Day: a strange pairing. Koynezaa is now over (though not technically, since I was […]

A photo book of biological marvels (and my own take on two of them)

I can’t brain today, which is lucky because there’s nothing substantive to write about—and I have other work to do. So enjoy these photographs from Robert Clark’s new photo book: Evolution: A Visual Record. I’ve selected a few photographs from a longer selection in the December 8 Washington Post. The notes at flush left are mine but are […]

Lazy days in Dobrzyn

Tomorrow, Sunday, is my last day in Dobrzyn: on Monday I take the train to Warsaw, and then a cab to the airport hotel, across the street from where I’m leaving Tuesday morning. I’ll be sad to leave my friends, my adopted cat, and, of course, the pies. I’ve relaxed a lot, written my children’s […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today have our first contribution from Official Website Artist™ Kelly Houle, who, after six years of waiting, was finally able to see a night-blooming cereus, a sporadically-blooming flower on a cactus native to northern Mexico and the American Southwest. There are noms in the report, too. Kelly’s words are indented: Here are some photos I took last night […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (and Leon lagniappe)

It’s May 6! On this day in 1757, Christopher Smart was put into the lunatic asylum in London, where he wrote the best cat poem ever, “For I will consider my cat Jeoffry,” part of a larger poem called “Jubilate Agno.” Read it! And, on this day in 1937, the Hindenberg disaster occurred, killing 37 […]

Arizona, part deux

The first of the Arizona travelogues was yesterday’s post on Kelly Houle’s art, which I saw when we visited the home she shares with her husband Ken and her son Benny in Mesa. After looking at the art, we took the short drive to Tempe to pick up Ben Goren.  The thermometer in the car gave […]

PSA and some more peregrinations

by Grania Jerry will be leaving Arizona and is then on to New Mexico in a couple of days and will then be traveling through to Texas, specifically Austin and afterwards to Louisiana. If you are in the area and want to meet up or visit with him, either leave a comment or drop him […]

Peregrinations & Pluto

by Grania Jerry sent all these on to me using his phone. God only knows what his bill is going to look like when he gets home. Anyway, yesterday was the day when New Horizons swung by Pluto on its historic voyage to the Kuiper Belt. Jerry and friends of the website Kelly Houle and […]

Trump your cat: Submission #1

Professor Ceiling Cat has halted for the day in Indio, California, where the current temperature is 106°F  (41.1°C). I’m within striking distance of Mesa, Arizona, home of Official Website Artist™ Kelly Houle—only 3.5 hours away (today was a relatively easy 8.5-hour drive, though the freeways around Los Angeles were daunting, even though it’s Sunday and I […]