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Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s Saturday, August 24, 2019, and I survived my surgery. The video below shows the kind of surgery I had, except that I had no initial symptoms beyond a bulge (and no pain).  In fact, the surgeon said it was my choice whether or not to elect surgery. But because I’m going to Antarctica, I […]

Mainstream and social media report that a depressed Dutch rape victim was legally euthanized. They were all wrong.

UPDATE: I now have a copy of the Washington Post article, which says that Noa was turned away from euthanasia consultation because she was too young.  Further, we learn again, as I mentioned in Faith Versus Fact,  that the most vocal opponents of euthanasia are religionists.  Here, for example, is what Pope Francis said, the cluless […]

An appeal: Please donate to Feline Friends . . . for the cats

I never ask readers for money for myself, as I have all that I need. But there are others who need it, and some of those others are cats.  So this is an appeal for you to kick in a few bucks (or pounds, if you’re a Brit) to a charity of which I am […]

Psychology professor and her two cats write po-mo article on “multispecies inquiry”

This is just for grins: I don’t know whether the journal Qualitative Inquiry, where this travesty was published, is taken seriously (it is, however, a SAGE journal); but I am pretty sure this article is NOT a joke or a hoax. The article is free, and may not even require the legal unpaywall app; click […]

Thought for the day: On mental illness and assisted suicide

The suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have made me realize again how strongly the media and society regard every suicide as in some sense a failure: a failure of the deceased to get help, a failure of the caregivers to give proper help, or a failure of friends and family to notice a […]

Caturday felids: Foujita, artists of cats; Bengal cat and otter are BFFs; Cat who walked 12 miles to find his staff, who then wanted him killed, finds a loving home

Until July 15, the Musée Malliol in Paris is hosting an exhibit of artwork by the Japanese artist Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968), who acquired French nationality and a French first name. At the Great Cat site, a gold mine for feline-themed art, you can read about him and his work, which centered largely on cats. […]

My profile in the Chicago Maroon

Well, I’m informed by the writer, Lee Harris, that the Chicago Maroon has just posted her profile of me, and you can see it by clicking on the screenshot below. I suspect it will be controversial since I repeat my support of euthanasia for terminally afflicted newborns, call out the Identitarian Left for its shenanigans, and […]

The life and death of a reader’s cat

Reader Amy reports the death of her beloved cat, “Kitten”, but also sent some pictures of his long and happy life. This post is Amy’s memorial to Kitten. Her words are indented, and do read and pay attention to Amy’s final remark: I seem recall a recent post where a WEIT reader’s cat died of […]

The UK goes secular, too

Yesterday I wrote about how religiosity was declining in the U.S., especially among Protestants, while the “nones”—those who claim no formal religious affiliation—were growing quickly. We all know this is happening even faster in the UK, where for the first time this year, more British people reported themselves to as “not religious” than “Christian”. The […]

A California doctor ponders assisted suicide

California is now the fifth state in the U.S. that allows doctor-assisted voluntary suicide (the others are Delaware, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon), but apparently the details of the procedure have not been worked out, nor how it should be paid for. In the article below, in today’s New York Times, Dr. Jessica Zitter shows the […]