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More on Evergreen State: Disruptive students actually get punished, and ex-professor Heather Heying writes about the Left’s anti-science stand

The Olympian, the local paper of the town where The Evergreen State College (TESC) resides, reports that that College and its invertebrate president, George “I Need to Pee” Bridges, has actually punished some of the disruptive students who ran amok at the College last spring. I’m bowled over: About 80 students were sanctioned for breaking the […]

Internal emails at Evergreen State reveal climate of racial hostility

An article by Jillian Kay Meolchior in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, “Inside the madness at Evergreen State” (behind a paywall, but I thank a kind reader for sending me the text), reveals that, contrary to the college’s claims, The Evergreen State College (TESC) had a toxic atmosphere of authoritarianism, so that accusations of racism were […]

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying settle with Evergreen State for $500K, then resign

As I reported many times this year, biology professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (a married couple) were tormented and demonized by students, faculty, and the administration at The Evergreen State College after Weinstein refused to leave campus along with other white people on the “Day of Absence” in April. There’s not much question about […]

Bret Weinstein prepares to sue Evergreen State for $3.8 million

Until early this morning, the only place this item appeared was the right-wing site Campus Reform, but I sincerely doubt that this is a hoax because I have other information substantiating it, and because they produce documents. [Also, several sites now substantiate the story, including The Washington Times.] And those documents (some are below) show […]

Enrollment plummets at the University of Missouri; is Evergreen State next?

Most of us are familiar with the troubles that started at the University of Missouri in Columbia in 2015, which included accusations of institutional racism, of anti-Semitism, and incidents like the football team refusing to play unless the college President resigned, the kicking off campus of an Asian reporter who was trying to cover racial […]

An ex-Provost spills the beans on The Evergreen State College

Michael Zimmerman was provost and vice-president for academic affairs of The Evergreen State College (TESC) from 2011-2016, but when the cowardly invertebrate George Bridges was hired as President, he summarily downgraded Zimmerman’s job, i.e., fired him from it. Zimmerman left TESC on July 1 of this year (2 days ago), and the very next day […]

In which the University of Chicago becomes Evergreen State College

I can’t even. . . .  More information is here.

More on the Evergreen State situation

In the video below, Benjamin Boyce, a “nontraditional student” who started his studies at The Evergreen State College at age 36, discusses the College’s method of indoctrinating students. It apparently begins at the very outset of studies with a series of “anti-oppression” workshops for first-years that allow no debate. These workshops seem to be involve […]

Evergreen State College spokesperson lies about Bret Weinstein, faculty says he should shut up

This is worth only a short mention, but I add it here to keep a record. If you’ve been following the Demonization of Bret Weinstein by the Assembled Authoritarians of The Evergreen State College (TESC) you’ll know that after being threatened and told by campus police that they couldn’t protect him, biology professor Bret Weinstein […]

More craziness at Evergreen State College: Jewish students write a letter saying that Bret Weinstein’s own Jewish background makes him even more racist

Just when you think Bret Weinstein’s demonization at The Evergreen State College couldn’t get any worse, it does. Now a group of cowardly and presumably Jewish students have written  “A letter to Bret Weinstein from some Jews bent on the destruction of White Supremacy“. They sign the letter “Some Jewish students at Evergreen bent on the […]