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Cecil the Lion: The Séance

by Grania Most of you will already know of this story, an American tourist hunted and killed a lion in Zimbabwe and is now being investigated because the lion he shot happened to be a beloved tourist attraction at Zimbabwe’s largest game reserve, Hwange National Park. Walter Palmer is now under investigation as this hunt was clearly not […]

Clarification: EU didn’t just now pass a rule requiring animals on organic farms be given homeopathic remedies first (but there is such a rule)

When I wrote about the Torygraph article indicating that new European Union regulations mandated that animals on British organic farms now be treated first with homeopathy, I had a few reservations. As I could find no confirmation of that bizarre story on other sites, I said this: Now let me give a caveat here: the […]

More nonsense at NPR about God

I am frankly amazed that National Public Radio (NPR) would publish this mushy reconception of religion, for it’s worse than that purveyed by apophatists like Karen Armstrong. In fact, Nancy Ellen Abrams, who is flogging her new book A God that Could Be Real: Sprirituality, Science, and the Future of our Planet, was given two mini-essays in […]

EU mandates homeopathy for sick animals on British organic farms

Since Europe is less soaked in religion than is the U.S., I always think of Across the Pond as a more rational and humane place than my own country. And yet I’m repeatedly disappointed. They may be less religious over there, but they have their own special forms of woo, and one of them is […]

Canadian court comes to its senses, mandates chemotherapy for leukemia-afflicted child

The long story of the Canadian courts allowing First Nations children to die out of respect for their useless “traditional healing practices” has had a happy resolution—at least in one case. When 11-year-old Makayla Sault was dying of leukemia after abandoning chemotherapy for “traditional medicine” (including a bout of “nontraditional” treatment at the quackish Hippocrates Institute in […]

CBS goes soft on homeopathy, but gives atheism a fair shake

Reader Howie Neufeld sent me a note about two CBS television segments I missed (readers can assume I miss every show except for “60 Minutes” and the NBC Evening News): This morning CBS News had Dr. Holly Phillips (internist) discuss homeopathy.  When the anchor asked her if it was pseudoscience, she sidestepped the question, referring mainly to the […]

The Daily Kos publishes an anti-vax cartoon

Here it is, by Keith Knight, who has the chutzpah to title this cartoon “The New McCarthyism”. He also adds below it these words: “I am NOT anti-vax.  I am PRO-choice.” What a mushhead! When it comes to public health (or children’s welfare), there is no choice. Should Typhoid Mary have had a “choice” about whether she was […]

Mae-Wan Ho and Suzan Mazur: the blind leading the blind about evolution

Mae-Wan Ho is a scientist known, to me at least, for unproductive work: dissing GMOs and biotechnology and, especially, relentlessly attacking “neo-Darwinism”, the modern theory of evolution. Ho is also head of an unfortunately named organization; as Wikipedia notes: Ho is the director of the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), an interest group that campaigns […]

Michael Shermer responds to me: There’s no such thing as “the supernatural”

After Tanya Luhrmann published an egregious op-ed in the New York Times claiming that she melted a bicycle light with her mind (mentioning Michael Shermer’s experience with a dead radio that mysteriously played music on his wedding day), I first posted my own critique of Luhrmann’s woo and then wrote Shermer to let him know he was mentioned. […]

Measles-virus denialist issues 100K Euro challenge to prove viral causation, scientist wins the dough after court hearing

I’ve never heard of woomeisters or denialists who solicit “scientific” challenges to their woo—and this happens occasionally when a creationist offers big bucks to anyone who can “prove” evolution—ever paying off. But this time it happened—after the courts intervened. According to the BBC News, the Guardian, and the English language The, which provides news about Germany, Stefan Lanka, […]


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