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A Twi**er exchange about woo

Grania sent me this Tw**er exchange with Jim Al-Khalili, a physicist and popular science writer/broadcaster in the UK, and one other person. Al-Khalili recounts a phenomenon that I’m well familiar with: kooks sending us crazy papers and asking for our opinion. I get several of these a month, all in manila envelopes with scrawled handwriting. […]

A Woo Cruise—not a joke!

At first I thought this Conspira-Sea cruise, whose passengers are subjected to every form of woo and denialism that exists, was a joke, but it’s not. Click on the screenshot to go to the site: The topics (have they missed ANY woo?): And here are some of the “tentative speakers” (there are more!). Note the […]

Esquire’s debunking of the “Proof of Heaven” doctor is again available for free

This is just a note to let readers know that Luke Dittrich’s critique of Eben Alexander’s “proof of heaven” experience (and book) is back online at Esquire, and is no longer behind a paywall. For a while you had to pay to see it, which, given its importance, was annoying. You may recall that Dittrich wrote a […]

Overheard at Whole Foods. . .

I really don’t like Whole Foods. It’s snobby, overpriced, and, worst of all, sells homeopathic remedies and alt-medicine magazines. If they’re serious about health, they wouldn’t sell ineffectual—and therefore harmful to the afflicted—”remedies.” But I digress. I became aware from this tw**t of a hilarious Facebook page, “Overheard at Whole Foods“. That page is as packed with woo […]

Well sprayed!

Yes, the act was illegal, but don’t you think it’s appropriate? Imagine: a pro-science vandal! p.s. This is post # 11,111 on this site. h/t: Bruce T.

More woo from HuffPo: Reiki

The therapy of reiki (pronounced “ray-kee”) is based on the nonsensical notion of qi, or life force, and of chakras, or centers of energy, which must be balanced. It’s all pure woo. There’s been no scientific evidence that it works; it’s been decried by most reputable medical associations; and it appears to be no more effective than […]

Adam Rutherford’s article on epigenetics invokes profusion of angry tw**ts from Deepak Chopra and his minions

Since I started this website, I’ve written many posts on epigenetics, a term that now refers to modification of the nucleotide base composition of DNA by the environment or by other genes. Such modification—usually involving attachment of methyl groups to two of the four bases that make up DNA—may have significant effects on the organism, ranging from changed behavior to […]

Cecil the Lion: The Séance

by Grania Most of you will already know of this story, an American tourist hunted and killed a lion in Zimbabwe and is now being investigated because the lion he shot happened to be a beloved tourist attraction at Zimbabwe’s largest game reserve, Hwange National Park. Walter Palmer is now under investigation as this hunt was clearly not […]

Clarification: EU didn’t just now pass a rule requiring animals on organic farms be given homeopathic remedies first (but there is such a rule)

When I wrote about the Torygraph article indicating that new European Union regulations mandated that animals on British organic farms now be treated first with homeopathy, I had a few reservations. As I could find no confirmation of that bizarre story on other sites, I said this: Now let me give a caveat here: the […]

More nonsense at NPR about God

I am frankly amazed that National Public Radio (NPR) would publish this mushy reconception of religion, for it’s worse than that purveyed by apophatists like Karen Armstrong. In fact, Nancy Ellen Abrams, who is flogging her new book A God that Could Be Real: Sprirituality, Science, and the Future of our Planet, was given two mini-essays in […]


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