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Krauss versus Chopra: No contest

How about a bit of Twi**er humor this morning to wake us up? And who better to tickle our funnybone than the inimitable Deepakity? Here Chopra tries to engage Lawrence Krauss, a move that, for a man of Chopra’s temperament and knowledge, is always a mistake. The last tw**t is a zinger! h/t: Barry

Google doodle celebrates the Year of the Sheep—or is it the Goat?

Today’s animated Google doodle (click on screenshot below to see it go) celebrates the beginning of the lunar new year with a cute sheep whose head-butting sets off fireworks that spell “Google.” In China it’s the Year of the Sheep, ergo the ram, but some say it’s the year of the goat. This has led […]

An anti-vaccination takedown by Elizabeth Warren

It’s pretty certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016, and it’s pretty certain that she’ll win, though a lot can happen in the next twenty months. The Republicans don’t seem to have a credible candidate, though I do worry about Jeb Bush, who I predict will get the GOP […]

Medical news: Vaccination kerfuffle and a U. S. Senator who says that Big Gubbment shouldn’t require restaurant employees to wash their hands after bathroom breaks

I haven’t said much about the latest measles outbreak or about the many ignoramuses who refuse to vaccinate their children on dubious grounds, for I take for granted that most of the readers here are smart and acquainted with the evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccination. I will, however, just mention two bits of vaccinaton-related lunacy […]

Monday: Fun with Deepak!

Sometimes I actually feel sorry for Chopra. He’s afflicted with a terrible case of Chronic Maru’s Syndrome, and simply can’t brush off criticism. What that means, with respect to our debate about his HIV/AIDS denialism and Chopra’s deeply misguided views about where the disease comes from, is that he’s insecure about his position, and about […]

A reader’s cartoon

Apropos our recent discussion of the Deepakity, reader Pliny the in Between pointed me to a cartoon on his/her website Evolving Perspectives:  

Chopra responds about HIV/AIDS

Someone whom I think is Deepak Chopra (the email address makes me a bit unsure) has responded to my criticisms of his earlier interview, an interview in which he stated, among other dubious claims, that the HIV virus is not the cause of AIDS. He now seems have retracted tha claim t without actually doing so. […]

Should there be a “Third Way” of evolution? I think not.

Someone just called a fairly new “Evolution-Needs-a-New-Paradigm” website to my attention, and I wish they hadn’t. The site, “The Third Way of Evolution,” has been going for some time and, according to the its notes, was created last May by two biologists, James Shapiro (here at the University of Chicago) and Dennis Noble, a renowed physiologist who was formerly a […]

Should you vaccinate?

The new measles outbreak in the U.S. has made many parents rethink their opposition to vaccination. To help them, The Nib provides a convenient flowchart (well, the bottom part doesn’t seem to go anywhere):   h/t: jsp

Morning LOL with Deepak

When reader Ant sent me a link to this tw**t by Deepak, I realized that I had no choice but to post it, for, like all of us, I lack free will. But if I need to confabulate, I have no choice but to add that Deepak’s lucubrations are a very reliable source of amusement. Check out […]


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