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Psychiatrist, a “man of science,” claims to exorcise real demons

As I’ve noted before, Pope Francis is a big believer in devils and demonic possession. The Vatican has an Official Exorcist, and there are hundreds of Catholic priests holding the equivalent of Exorcism Licenses. Not many people know this (and the Church, for obvious reasons, tries to keep that under wraps), but it’s information easily accessible with […]

Researchers: Saying the name of “Allah” while killing a chicken changes its liver and muscles

If this paper is right, and it surely isn’t, it would be evidence not only for God, but for the Islamic god—Allah. What we have, courtesy of reader S. Krishna, is a paper from the 2013 volume of International Journal of Poultry Science (reference and link to abstract below) claiming that chickens slaughtered in halal […]

PuffHo touts the afterlife

Read and weep: science says we live on! Click the screenshot: What science tells us: Here is a brief list of the advantages we can expect if we as a global society begin to pay more attention to these sources. • Our lives would be seen as “going somewhere” or “adding up to something.” We […]

Tw**t of the day: “Epigenetic poetry”

Antonio Regalado is the Senior Editor for Biomedicine at MIT Technology Review. Sadly, given his position he seems unable to distinguish between reality and well-written but incorrect descriptions of reality. “Epigenetic poetry” indeed. If you want lyrical science, first be sure it’s good science. UPDATE: In the comments, reader suggested that Regalado was being sarcastic here, and, if […]

Prince Charles uses homeopathy on his cows

Hey, Brits—you know that your next King is a woomeister, right? He’s long been an advocate of homeopathy, and has supported its use by the National Health Service. If you have two neurons to rub together, you’ll know that homeopathy is bunk: its “principles” (infinite dilution of molecules out of existence) mean that it couldn’t possibly […]

Science magazine’s piece on the Giant Templeton Evolution Grant, and my response

About two weeks ago I was interviewed by Elizabeth Pennisi, a reporter for Science magazine, about the big grant (about $8 million, it seems—I was apparently wrong in claiming $11 million in my previous article) that the John Templeton Foundation gave to a group of researchers to “rethink” the modern theory of evolution and come […]

Does the beauty and effectiveness of math in understanding the world prove anything?

One of the disadvantages of shopping for food early Sunday morning is that Krista Tippett’s “On Being” program is on National Public Radio at 7 a.m. And, of course, I have to listen, cursing to myself for an entire hour. Why do I do it, you ask? I could say that I need to keep […]

Krista Tippett talks for an hour, says nothing

In case there aren’t enough self-help books on the market, the unctuous Krista Tippett has decided to contribute her own. Out April 5, it bears the portentous title Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living. This was brought to my attention by reader Jane, who heard Tippett interviewed by Michael Krasny on […]

De Niro pulls his anti-vaxxer film and explains why

As Greg and I posted yesterday, Robert De Niro pushed to have Andrew Wakefield’s new film, ““Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” included in the Tribeca Film Festival. He and his wife have an autistic child, which might explain why he was so gung-ho on showing a film that paints Wakefield as a hero and the […]

A disgraceful movie, but a good newspaper article

by Greg Mayer Update: The Tribeca Film Festival has pulled the film, apparently in response to widespread criticism. Details at Jezebel. Thanks to reader horrabin for the alert.   Jerry has taken note of the upcoming showing at the Tribeca Film Festival of a ‘documentary’ by the disgraced and de-licensed British physician Andrew Wakefield.(And  Orac […]


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