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Andrew Sullivan on the New York Times’s wokeness

I told you! I told you! I told you that the New York Times was becoming woke, and few believed me. Maybe more will now that Andrew Sullivan, in his latest New York Magazine “Interesting Times” piece (click on screenshot below) has decided that the NYT has decided to engage in social engineering more than […]

Washington Post: Why the pumpkin spice latte is a white supremacist drink

The real reason you should feel guilty for drinking one of these vile concoctions is that it’s terrible, and also full of calories—380 if made with 2% milk (that’s the equivalent of eight tablespoons of sugar). But to each their own. But Gillian Brockell, staff writer for the Washington Post‘s history section, thinks that you need to be […]

Unitarian Universalist ministers flagellate themselves and the church for one bad apple, assert that logic and reason are tools of white supremacy

Of all existing religions that claim to be religions, Unitarian Universalism (UU) seems to be the least dogmatic and therefore the least harmful—and perhaps the most liberal and tolerant. It adheres to no scripture, and although many members believe in God, others are atheists or agnostics. I’ve even been to a UU service, where to […]

Andrew Sullivan on campus extremism

When I put up one of my frequent posts about the ideological follies on American campuses—and yes, these often involve the Left—I’m sometimes told that these follies are irrelevant, and I should pay them no attention. It’s only a fringe element, people say, and the students will grow out of their Wokeness when they graduate. […]

San Francisco promotes use of criminal-justice euphemisms—in a ludicrous way

How far can the sanitizing of language go in the name of social justice? Well, sometimes the sanitizing is salubrious, but often it’s not. From the San Francisco Chronicle (click on screenshot) we have a particularly ludicrous example: changing the words used to characterize offenders in the criminal justice system. These guidelines were just adopted […]

Harvard gets legal setback in its “ban” on single-sex organizations not affiliated with the University

Over three years ago, I reported (see also here: 1, 2, 3) how Harvard University, under the aegis and urging of then President Drew Faust, had proposed punishing students who join single-sex (or rather, single-“gender”) social organizations that aren’t affiliated with the University. These include the famous “finals clubs,” which include all-male and all-female as well as co-ed […]

British police becoming too woke for their own good

Reader barriejohn called my attention to this article from the BBC (click on the screenshot), which shows about how far the British police and the British law are going in suppressing speech. The pictured suspect, 21, is wanted for “breaching his license conditions” (I guess that means violating the conditions for his parole) after serving […]

Convention rules for the Democratic Socialists of America

Here are two videos from last weekend’s Atlanta, Georgia convention of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a group whose members include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and which has endorsed (and worked for) the election of Bernie Sanders. The organization is pretty much what it says it is,—a group that favors liberal democracy but with significant socialistic […]

Misguided accusations of cultural appropriation: The Big Nightcap Kerfuffle

I’lll be out of the office much of today, so posting will be light. In fact, this may be the only piece of the day. So it goes. We’ve seen many bogus accusations of cultural appropriation, all meant to lay claim to some item or food or behavior supposedly the property of one “culture” or […]

Judge orders Oberlin College to pay Gibson’s Bakery $6.5 million in fees and expenses on top of the $25 million award for damages

I won’t go into detail about the lawsuit against Oberlin College filed by Gibson Bakery and Market for defamation, slander and libel; you can read the details in my previous posts. In short, after the local market detained three Oberlin students for shoplifting and assault (they later pleaded guilty), both the students and Oberlin went […]