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Anti-woke spoof censored in Psychology Today

Yesterday at Psychology Today, a website that can be pretty dire, Lee Jussim, a professor and social psychologist who happens to be chair of the Psychology Department at Rutgers, published an “Orwelexicon”:  a spoof of a genuine Woke Lexicon published by another journal. For spoofing wokeness, Jussim had his piece taken down by the Psychology […]

Another interview with Titania McGrath

Titania McGrath, who is actually comedian Andrew Doyle, goes on Fox News—who else would have him?—to talk for 26 minutes about Titania McGrath, Her Wokeness. You can hear the show by clicking on the screenshot below Some of the stuff you might know from the talk by Doyle I posted before, but there’s also new […]

Standup comedy by Titania McGrath!

Apparently Andrew Doyle has recruited someone who looks and acts like Titania McGrath to do standup comedy.  So here is a seven-minute excerpt from her gig in a London comedy club. My verdict is mixed. Some of her jokes fall a bit flat, and some go past me because the references are British, but a […]

Harvard students demand ethnic studies department

On December 17 I reported about Harvard’s denial of tenure to Lorgia García Peña, an associate professor of Romance Languages and Literature and of History and Literature. The denial was approved by President Lawrence Bacow, who has never overturned a faculty recommendation. Why García Peña was denied tenure is unclear, and we’ll never know for […]

More on authoritarian diversity statements at the University of California

Last month I reported on a controversial essay written by Abigail Thompson, chair of mathematics at the University of California at Davis. In that essay, posted in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society (NAMS), Thompson, while favoring initiatives to increase diversity in her field, decried the mandatory “diversity statements” that the University of California […]

Scott Aaronson and Steve Pinker decry language policing

On December 12 I reported on what has to get the award for Dumbest Pecksniffery of 2019. A group of 16 computer scientists wrote a letter to Nature saying that their colleagues (and everyone) should stop using the phrase “quantum supremacy”, a term that refers to the ability of a quantum-computing device to do what […]

J. K. Rowling demonized for defending another woman who considers trans-women different from “biological women”

Well, it finally happened: writer J. K. Rowling, who’s been vocally progressive in her politics since she became famous, has now become demonized for being a “transphobe”. What that means is that she gave support, on Twitter, to another woman who was fired from her job (a charity) because she refused to recognize transsexual females […]

Andrew Doyle, creator of Titania McGrath, discusses satire and hoaxes

This is a very good talk (it’s 25 minutes long), and I highly recommend you listen to it, as it’s a powerful justification for Leftists mocking the excesses of the Left—one of the themes of this site.  Further, it’s an incisive analysis and indictment of “the Woke movement.” Finally, it’s sporadically hilarious. We all know […]

Letter to Nature denounces the term “quantum supremacy” as racist

Yesterday, in a comment on this site, reader Invisible Airwaves called attention to a letter to the editor in Nature about an innocuous phrase used in computer lingo. It’s unbelievable what things will offend people these days—even innocuous phrases—and it’s starting to get me down as I see no corrective in the future. So, a […]

Titania McGrath pwns The Independent

This Independent article by Liam Evans (click on screenshot below; I’ve also saved it in the Wayback Machine here), is a strongly worded piece by an apparently woke person of color offended by “reactionary comedy”, with the tirade supposedly triggered by a Fin Taylor show that included an anti-#MeToo sketch called “When Harassy Met Sally”.  […]