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Chelsea Clinton accused of causing New Zealand mosque shootings because she criticized Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism

What really saddens me about the killing of 49 Muslims worshiping at a mosque—beyond of course the slaughter of innocent Kiwis and the pain of their relatives, friends, and loved ones—is the immediate reaction of those who want to politicize the event. Some politicization is of course inevitable, as we don’t want this to happen […]

Titania McGrath outed!

There’s nothing that can debunk stupidity or irrationality more strongly than satire. And that’s why, as “wokeness” floods across college campuses then spills into the workplace as members of the Offense Culture graduate, Titania McGrath, through her tweets and now in an upcoming book, has shown up the craziness of that culture. And she’s done […]

Sarah Lawrence College on the road to Evergreen State: entitled students demand to review the tenure of a conservative tenured professor, issue many other ludicrous demands

Well, two previously highly-reputed and well respected colleges are going down the drain as they cave in to unconscionable student demands. The first is Williams College in Massachusetts, where an unhinged gender-studies professor is basically determining college policy with the help of an invertebrate President. I’ll have more on that sad situation later. The second […]

More about Ronald Sullivan and his unfair treatment by Harvard University

Yesterday I described the situation of Ronald Sullivan, a professor of law at Harvard University who is also resident head (“faculty dean”) of Winthrop House, an undergraduate residence hall where students live for their first three years in college. Like many law professors, Sullivan has a private practice, as well as a long history of social-activist […]

Saturday Night Live mocks Twitter mobs

This was on Saturday Night Live last night, and it’s pretty relevant to some things we’ve discussed on this website. I need say no more; have a gander: h/t: Greg Mayer

Jonathan Pie on the Will Smith “colorism” flap

I wasn’t aware of this controversy, which borders on the risible. It turns out, as reported by the BBC, that actor Will Smith is set to play Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, in a movie about their lives (dad coached his two daughters). Although Will Smith is black, he’s […]

VICE is more concerned about “white savior” optics than helping impoverished Africans

About 25 years ago, while waiting for an infrequent bus in a rural area of northern India, I became surrounded by a group of children who were intrigued by the camera-toting foreigner. I talked to them for a long time, as they wanted to practice their rudimentary English, and I even pretended that my name […]

An interview with Titania McGrath

Not everyone yet knows that Titania McGrath is a spoof, which only goes to show how extreme the Woke Left is: you can’t tell satire from reality. This week’s Spectator has an “interview” with McGrath by Tanya Gold (click on screenshot below to read it). Nobody knows who McGrath really is (that photo isn’t her, […]