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Marvel introduces two new woke superheroes: “Safespace” and “Snowflake”, and the names aren’t mockery

Yes, this is from the Daily Fail, but it’s also verified by Marvel themselves in the video below. Yes, along with the rest of journalism, comic strips are getting woker and woker. And the new characters, twins called “Snowflake” and “Safespace”, aren’t mocking the outrage brigade, but are serious names of approbation (they also have […]

VICE claims that coronavirus is transphobic

I heard about this article in a tweet from Titania (below), and while the issue she mentions is concerning to some, it’s not sufficiently serious to be immune from mockery. At any rate, you can read the article on VICE by clicking on the link in Titania’s tweet or on the screenshot of the VICE […]

A new “anti-woke” site

There’s a new site called New Discourses that has content similar in style and content to Quillette, but most of the articles, at least so far, appear to be written by the “grievance studies” scholars Helen Pluckrose, Peter Boghossian, and James Lindsay, liberal scholars who have been demonized for criticizing the excesses of the academic Left. […]

Two pieces and a book on wokeness

Well, Her Highness has a short summary of the worst aspects of 2019 in The Critic (click on screenshot). By “worst”, of course, I mean that the year was packed with incidents that offended the faux wokeness of Ms. McGrath (if that’s her right pronoun). An excerpt from her litany of 2019’s outrages: We all […]

White women pay $2500 to learn how racist they are (and an alternative)

I’ve written a bit before about the “race and gender penitentes“: those people, generally white, who publicly confess how racist/sexist/transphobic they are, while at the same time asserting that every white person, or every male, or every straight person, partakes in that kind of bigotry. Even if you think you’re not bigoted in these ways, […]

Lee Jussim finds a home for his “Orwelexicon”

About two weeks ago I reported on a mini-kerfuffle at the Psychology Today website. Respected social psychologist Lee Jussim at Rutgers, responding to a piece in the British Medical Journal that created a number of Woke Neologisms, created his own piece listing anti-Woke neologisms. Here’s the original BMJ article, now publicly available (click on screenshot): […]

An example of opinion polluting journalism in the NYT

UPDATE: As evidence that the Times knew it was infecting its journalism with opinion, they’ve changed the headline in the last two hours. Here it is now:   ____________________ Opening my New York Times website this morning., I found this article as the banner headline, which isn’t supposed to be opinion but news (click on […]

Anti-woke spoof censored in Psychology Today

Yesterday at Psychology Today, a website that can be pretty dire, Lee Jussim, a professor and social psychologist who happens to be chair of the Psychology Department at Rutgers, published an “Orwelexicon”:  a spoof of a genuine Woke Lexicon published by another journal. For spoofing wokeness, Jussim had his piece taken down by the Psychology […]

Another interview with Titania McGrath

Titania McGrath, who is actually comedian Andrew Doyle, goes on Fox News—who else would have him?—to talk for 26 minutes about Titania McGrath, Her Wokeness. You can hear the show by clicking on the screenshot below Some of the stuff you might know from the talk by Doyle I posted before, but there’s also new […]

Standup comedy by Titania McGrath!

Apparently Andrew Doyle has recruited someone who looks and acts like Titania McGrath to do standup comedy.  So here is a seven-minute excerpt from her gig in a London comedy club. My verdict is mixed. Some of her jokes fall a bit flat, and some go past me because the references are British, but a […]