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The world’s smallest copy of WEIT

I defy any other writer on evolution to have their book presented in this way! In a comment on a recent open thread, reader Mark R. said this: I like to build dioramas, and last week I finally published my latest that features the smallest WEIT in the world. It’s on top of the gear-pile […]

WEIT book price escalates even moar (plus answers to “Name the apologist” contest)

I’m very pleased to see that the price of the autographed and Houle-illuminated copy of WEIT has gone even higher: it’s over $4K, and there’s still a week to go: Meanwhile, over at Sean Carroll’s site, Preposterous Universe, various sourpusses (sourpodes?) predicted it wouldn’t sell for much: as one of them said, “I’m going to […]

Website upgrade and other matters

If you look to the right of this site’s main page, you’ll see that the links have been revamped, to reflect my new book. (The name of the website will, of course, stay the same.)  The margin now looks like this: (Thanks again to Kalliopi Monoyios for doing this update; I’m completely useless at website design.) A […]

Website tweaking

Or, as the signs say, “A temporary inconvenience—a permanent improvement.” Actually, I don’t think there will be any inconvenience, but I wanted to let people know that we (and by “we,” I mean Kalliopi “Kapi” Monoyios, the artist who designed this website, illustrated both WEIT and Neil Shubin’s Your Inner Fish, and co-runs Symbiartic,  a scientific-illustration website at […]

Filmmakers seek feedback on video version of WEIT

Treat Paine and Matthew Metcalf, who run the Youtube Channel MassComprehension, are making a video out of the first chapter of WEIT. I put up an earlier version before, but this one is now fairly complete and longer.  They don’t intend to do the whole thing as a “videobook; ” as Treat noted: My thinking was that […]

Should WEIT be a “videobook”?

I’m flattered by this, but also a tad dubious, so I told the creators of this video—the brothers Treat Metcalf and Matthew Metcalf, who run the Youtube Channel, MassComprehension—that I’d put it on the website and see what people think. The video came with a note: I have read through Why Evolution is True several times, and recommend […]

Bedtime reading for Gus the Cat: WEIT

To finish off the work week, what better thing could we have than Gus the Earless Canadian Cat being read a bedtime chapter on speciation from WEIT? Here reader Taskin takes a few liberties with the text in my chapter on speciation (Chapter 7, “The Origin of Species,” p. 168), a chapter that I’m quite proud of. […]

World’s smallest copy of WEIT

I can’t believe it: it’s quarter of an inch (6.1 mm) across! You can spot it below on the back of the vehicle, part of a military load. It was produced by reader Mark, who explains: I build dioramas when I’m not reading WEIT. And I eat when I get the chance. This diorama is far from […]

Gato a mano, with added WEIT

I gotta teach, so this will have to hold you over, and anyway I’m dispirited at the number of apologists for bad Islamic behavior infesting my home. Apparently this video was made by reader Kevin: it’s a cat video with a special book surprise at 1:41. It’s heartening to see that my authorial efforts can help […]

My book in a strange tongue

Last Friday I received a copy of WEIT that had been translated into a foreign tongue. I didn’t recognize it at all, and couldn’t remember all the languages into which it’s been translated (there are fifteen now). Pretty weird cover, eh? Opening up the book, I found pages that looked like the one below.  Well, […]


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