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Note to readers

This policy has been up on “Da Roolz” site for some time, but I have been a bit lax in enforcing it. Please be aware of it, and, if you want people to see your website, connect your real name to that site. This is note #18. If you post a link to your website, […]

Note to readers

The increasing volume of email is making it hard for me to keep up with correspondence, and is even making me forget emails which need to be answered. I’d like to ask readers to please send me no more than one email per day, unless it involves correcting an error I made in a post, […]

Where our readers stand politically

Yesterday I took the “political compass” test to find out where I stood on the left/right and authoritarian/libertarian spectrum. I turned out to be halfway between neutral and extreme liberal, and halfway between libertarian and neutral. Here are the results of the poll (there were a lot more votes than usual). It’s not surprising that […]

A question for women readers

Reader Neil Wolfe (yes, a male), sent me an email, and gave me permission to post it here and to use his name. I don’t want to put up a poll, or compile statistics, but I have noticed that fewer women seem to chime in on gender-related posts, though I’m not sure about “controversial” posts. […]

Science posts go unread. . .

I’ve kvetched before about how readers seem to ignore science posts, which started out as the heart of this website and are still dear to my own heart. In response, readers often say that they do read them but simply can’t comment because they don’t have the expertise. That’s fair enough and isn’t a problem for […]

Note to readers

I’ll be traveling in India from tomorrow through January 5, and will probably have only sporadic access to internet. I’ll do my best to post from time to time, and of course will take plenty of photos (I’m promised lots of good local meals, so stay tuned). In the meantime, please refrain from emailing me […]

Website matters: comment glitch

All of a sudden I find myself approving a lot of comment from readers who haven’t been put on moderation (“moderation” means that I must approve every comment they make). I’m not sure why this has happened, and it may be a glitch in WordPress. All I can say for now is make sure you […]

Note to readers about emails

I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the volume of email from readers, and this will become even more difficult as I travel during the rest of this year. Therefore, I ask readers to follow this protocol until informed otherwise: please do not email me more than once every three or four […]

Set your clocks back tonight!

We get an extra hour of sleep tonight (or, if you’re a workaholic, an extra hour of work tomorrow). Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow in the U.S. (at 2 a.m. to be precise), so set your clocks back an hour before you go to sleep:

I get spam

Every day I get dozens and dozens of spam comments, which, fortunately, WordPress has an algorithm for dumping. Virtually all of them are made by people trying to comment simply as a way tout their website—usually one that sells something. I pulled out this comment, by “Stefani”, to show you how devious but funny their […]