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Missing reader alert: Stephen John Williams

I have been alerted that one of our British readers, Mr. Stephen John Williams, has gone missing as of Thursday, May 14. His disappearance has been reported to the police, and his siblings Ann and Clive are terribly worried. I’m told that Mr. Williams is a fan of this website and reads it often. And so, I’m […]

Jerry’s Nose

Well, I’ve been accused of having a hypertrophied proboscis, especially by some anti-Semites who delight in that sort of thing, but I’m pleased that there’s a landmark in Newfoundland named after my schnoz. It’s part of a series of colorful place names in Newfoundland and Labrador (series list here). Here’s the notes on “Jerrys nose” […]

WEIT book price escalates even moar (plus answers to “Name the apologist” contest)

I’m very pleased to see that the price of the autographed and Houle-illuminated copy of WEIT has gone even higher: it’s over $4K, and there’s still a week to go: Meanwhile, over at Sean Carroll’s site, Preposterous Universe, various sourpusses (sourpodes?) predicted it wouldn’t sell for much: as one of them said, “I’m going to […]

Professor Ceiling Cat is pleased

The auction for the illuminated, illustrated, and autographed copy of WEIT, which runs for 8 more days on eBay, has already succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Artist Kelly Houle and I (she set up the eBay page and is managing the auction) decided to start the bidding at $995, hoping to get at least $1000.  (Two years ago, […]

Hili announces my 10,000th post (and a further announcement)

First, to prove it: here’s a screenshot of the data from the last post: And, the Big Announcement, which has to come from Hili, of course (I’m told she had to be dragged inside to perform her duty): A: Hili, in a moment there will be 10,000th post on Jerry’s website. Hili: 10,000 is less important […]

A note to readers

I’ve mentioned this once before, but some people have either missed it or disregarded it. I get a huge volume of emails from readers giving me feedback, suggested topics or links, and even errors or typos in my posts (please do let me know if there’s a typo or howler). I welcome that, as I like to […]

The 10,000th post: what shall it be?

In only 145 more posts (144 after this one goes up), we’ll hit 10,000, and at the rate I post that will be in less than a month. Given that it’s a landmark (granted, an artificial one), and that we don’t know if I’ll get up to 20,000 (I could get sick of it all–or […]

Website upgrade and other matters

If you look to the right of this site’s main page, you’ll see that the links have been revamped, to reflect my new book. (The name of the website will, of course, stay the same.)  The margin now looks like this: (Thanks again to Kalliopi Monoyios for doing this update; I’m completely useless at website design.) A […]

Website tweaking

Or, as the signs say, “A temporary inconvenience—a permanent improvement.” Actually, I don’t think there will be any inconvenience, but I wanted to let people know that we (and by “we,” I mean Kalliopi “Kapi” Monoyios, the artist who designed this website, illustrated both WEIT and Neil Shubin’s Your Inner Fish, and co-runs Symbiartic,  a scientific-illustration website at […]

Dennis Markuze to be sentenced for online harassment

According to the Montreal Gazette, a figure known to many of us, Dennis Markuze, (aka “David Mabus”) is to be sentenced Thursday for violating his probation, which involved a conviction for making violent threats against many atheist writers and bloggers. I wasn’t Markuze’s biggest target, but I got the threats often enough to be a tad […]


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