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Website upgrade and other matters

If you look to the right of this site’s main page, you’ll see that the links have been revamped, to reflect my new book. (The name of the website will, of course, stay the same.)  The margin now looks like this: (Thanks again to Kalliopi Monoyios for doing this update; I’m completely useless at website design.) A […]

Website tweaking

Or, as the signs say, “A temporary inconvenience—a permanent improvement.” Actually, I don’t think there will be any inconvenience, but I wanted to let people know that we (and by “we,” I mean Kalliopi “Kapi” Monoyios, the artist who designed this website, illustrated both WEIT and Neil Shubin’s Your Inner Fish, and co-runs Symbiartic,  a scientific-illustration website at […]

Dennis Markuze to be sentenced for online harassment

According to the Montreal Gazette, a figure known to many of us, Dennis Markuze, (aka “David Mabus”) is to be sentenced Thursday for violating his probation, which involved a conviction for making violent threats against many atheist writers and bloggers. I wasn’t Markuze’s biggest target, but I got the threats often enough to be a tad […]

Year end statistics for this site

WordPress has sent me the summary statistics for this year’s postings, and I thought I’d share some of them.  First, the total views: That “no conflict” post, sadly, does not reflect anything good I wrote; it’s this post that shows this sign: As always, the most popular posts are those picked up by reddit, and […]

My decision about joining Patheos

The short answer: I’m staying here. A few hours ago I sent this email to Leo Brunnick, the founder of Patheos, and to Dale McGowan, who runs the “atheist channel” at the site: Hi guys, I’m sorry to say that, after a ton of consideration when I was in India, I decided to remain independent and not join […]

Reader’s beef of the week

There’s only one beef this week, as I have a friend moderating the site and I am blissfully left unaware of the beefs (this one is actually a tiny filet)  I woke up this morning to find this nugget of sunshine from a clueless reader who will remain unnamed: If you move to Patheos, I will […]

Should I join Patheos?

The people who run Patheos and its atheist channel have asked me to join that channel. I haven’t made any decision, nor am I yet even leaning one way or another. I thought, then, that I’d ask the readers how they feel about this, both to see if people might abscond (I don’t want to […]

A note to my readers from Pharyngula

In a post in which I beefed about readers’ lack of comments on my science pieces (you remember that, right?), I said this: The lack of comments on science posts, leads me to wonder if people even read them, or read them but have nothing to say, or just skip them as seeming “too hard”…If […]

A milestone

Subscriptions have risen quickly over the last few days, and we reached this figure last night: I’m chuffed, but, sadly, am unable to identify person number 30,000.

Proprietor’s beef of the week

It takes several hours to write a science post, for when I’m reporting on a paper like the one about the cat genome yesterday, I read the paper twice, and then go over it again before summarizing it. In toto, that post probably involved four hours of effort, most of it in the evening. About […]


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