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On internet anonymity

I always post under my own name, and also use my name when commenting on other sites. As I’ve written before, I think this should be standard practice on the Internet. It not only tells people who is commenting, but dampens the sort of nastiness, trolling, and name-calling that has caused so many websites to become toxic […]

Another cat named Jerry Coyne

I’ve lost track of exactly how many cats have been named after me, but most of them were so named at my instigation, usually accompanied by begging and pleading on my part. I see these cats as my legacy, for I’ve passed on none of my genes, and—aside from my (so far) non-reproducing nephew—I’ve reached a genetic […]

Less than 3000 to go!

When we reach 50,000, I can die a happy man (though I’d rather see a kakapo first):

Note to readers: travel hiatus

I’ll be in New Zealand for a month starting Wednesday, but as of tomorrow (Tuesday), posting will start becoming lighter.  As I’ll be traveling a lot, and am not yet sure where I’ll be at what time, I’m not certain how often I can post updates on my travels. What I can say is that I’ll try. […]

Two announcements

First, I’d like to call attention to a new website produced by one of our readers, classical scholar Laurie Sidoni from London. Her new site is called A Classicist Writes. . . , and deals both with classical life and literature as well as more quotidian matters (like groundhogs). If you’re a reader and have a website […]

Slight hiatus due to illness: discussion thread

What I thought was a mild cold has developed into a bad cold, and though it didn’t reach the flu stage, I suspect I’ve got one of those viruses that’s on the spectrum. (I did get my flu shot last fall, as all of you should have.) At any rate, after a day in bed I’m on the […]

A short history of this site for Cell

A while back, the molecular biology journal Cell asked several scientists who run their own websites to contribute a short precis about why they do it.  Besides me, there were Derek Lowe (In the Pipeline, a site about drugs and the pharma industry published by Science Translational Medicine), Kate Felhaber from UCLA (Knowing Neurons, a neuroscience education […]

Quillette has a Patreon site

I’ve mentioned the site Quillette before, describing it “as a site you should be bookmarking. Think of it as Slate, but more serious, more intellectual, and without any Regressive Leftism.” (The editor in fact quotes that in her appeal for funds that I’m highlighting here.) It’s a true progressivist site, but it’s growing and needs money. Unlike […]

How not to write a comment on this site

Re this morning’s discussion of grammar and words that irk the readers, the number of comments surprised me. Note, though, that my post was mainly about usages that disturb me and my readers, not whether they are taken by grammarians as correct. Ergo lots of people corrected me about the use of the word “hopefully” to mean […]

Website matters

  Just a few notes to keep this site tidy: Let me remind new readers here (or regulars who haven’t seen these guidelines) to read “Da Roolz” (the website posting rules) before you wade in and begin posting. You can find them on the sidebar, or at this link.  There are entirely too many people coming here […]