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I am not posting anonymous comments

Sadly, there are a fair amount of comments that arrive here, and are held in moderation, without either a name or an email address. They are innocuous comments that would be posted if they bore a name and an email address (the latter is never shown on the site). As I said before, I’ve started […]

No more comments with “Anonymous” authors

As of today, I’m no longer allowing comments to be posted whose authors are “Anonymous”, which is what the website does by default if you don’t fill in your name. As I’ve said before, while I don’t require that people give their real names (or their real email addresses in the submitted comments, addresses that […]

Website housekeeping

I’ve had a number of posts from people who post as “anonymous,” presumably because they haven’t filled in their names (and often not an email address, either, though that never appears to other commenters). This may be a WordPress problem, but I think that it’s simply because people post hastily or expect autofill to fill […]

Having trouble commenting? Read below

I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the last week from readers saying that they are having trouble commenting, with the most common complaint being that the “autofill”—your name and email address being automatically filled in when commenting on this site—no longer works. I’m working on this issue, but here’s one thing you can try. […]

Roolz reminder

I remind readers of Rule #9, which is sometimes being broken in a big way. If you’re in a one-on-one comment war, do not let it go on too long unless it’s informative. And if you simply want to comment again and again after a given post, think twice: 9.) Try not to dominate threads, […]

Refresher on the rules for posting comments

There are a lot of people who are new to this site, and who apparently haven’t read the guidelines for posting: “Da Roolz” on the left side of the site, which are here. (I don’t call attention to them often, which may be why newbies miss them.) There are people who dominate threads (not a […]

It’s the 10th anniversary of this site

The first post on this site was put up on January, 14, 2009, exactly ten years ago today. Here it is, under the URL As I’ve recounted before, I started this website at the request of WEIT’s publisher, Viking/Penguin. The model I envisioned was Neil Shubin’s “Your Inner Fish” website, meant to publicize and […]

A creationist writes in

Although over the years I’ve become largely inured to the invective I get from creationists as well as Woke Leftists, it takes an effort of (nonfree) will to not react to mushbrained emails like the one I got yesterday. I enclose the email address since it appears to be fake. (I’m not sure which post […]

Website stuff

Even Professor Ceiling Cat must take a break sometimes, and so I’m celebrating the first day of Coynezaa by taking most of the day off.  I’ll put up a few stats on the website as I may not be posting on December 31 or January 1, the traditional time to review the data. I will […]

Voting on this site

Just a note: I’m always surprised at the low number of people who respond to our polls. You don’t have to comment, but what’s the harm in voting? Grania suggested that some people may think that someone (i.e., me) might be able identify who voted which way, but I’m here to tell you that this […]