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A farewell for the nonce (and requests for readers)

As many of you know, I’ll be out of Chicago for five weeks beginning Monday afternoon. During that time I will have only sporadic access to email, but will try to post if I can from time to time. Matthew will be putting up just the cat portion of the Hili dialogues, which Malgorzata and […]

Housekeeping matters (and tips for new readers)

Between writing lectures for Antarctica, tweaking a lecture on free will for another university in the Northeast (stay tuned), writing an article on Intelligent Design, and taking care of ducks, I haven’t lately had a lot of free time to post on this site. But the lack of substantial posts over the last week comes […]

Photos of readers

Well, here’s a new feature: photos of readers as they go about their everyday lives. If you want to be part of it—and this will hopefully be ongoing—just send me a photo of yourself doing something interesting, even if it’s just you at work, petting your cats (you do have one, don’t you?), or just […]

Website matters (i.e., read the Roolz)

There are a few issues I’d like to bring up, most dealing with people who haven’t read the website posting protocol, otherwise known as “Da Roolz” (h/t: Mike Ditka). You can find them on the left sidebar, or at this link.  If you are a new commenter, please read them. Two posting matters and an […]

Some comments have been “moderated” due to a screwup

Last weekend I noticed that first-time comments on this website were not appearing in my email. As you may know, when someone comments here for the first time, and I approve that comment, all further comments using the same name and email address will go through without moderation. (This is a tactic designed to prevent […]

Now: WEIT with 60K subscribers

I just noticed, at 5:10 Chicago time, that we had attained this goal: Technically, it’s 60.001, since I’m following it, too, but I don’t count. Over 10 years, this means about 6,000 subscribers a year. I can’t hope for that pace to maintain itself, but if it does, in 7 more years (if I’m still […]

Grania died

This is very hard to write, and is written through tears. Grania Spingies, a very good friend—though I never met her in person—and someone who, as you probably know, did an enormous amount for this website, passed away yesterday in Cork, Ireland. She was only 49, and would have turned 50 on the 23rd of […]

We have a million comments!

Well, it’s taken ten years, but as of a few minutes ago, the number of comments on this site passed a million. I noticed a few days ago that we were close to the Golden Number, and, if I was awake, I wanted to watch as it happened. But the comments accumulated faster than I […]

Website housekeeping

Two points, as per the Roolz and my previous requests. 1.) If you want to email me, please do so no more than once a day, as my volume of email is getting out of control. If you have more than one item to email me, please wait and combine them into a single email. […]

I am not posting anonymous comments

Sadly, there are a fair amount of comments that arrive here, and are held in moderation, without either a name or an email address. They are innocuous comments that would be posted if they bore a name and an email address (the latter is never shown on the site). As I said before, I’ve started […]