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1,387 subscribers to go

We’re ticking down at a decent pace toward the 50,000 subscriber mark, and though some readers have had the hauteur to tell me that that’s a meaningless figure, it means something to me. 1387 subscribers to go, so we’re more than 97% of the way there. Then I can die a happy man, and no, […]

1720 to go!

I’m very stoked, as I’m approaching my Life Goal of 50,000 subscribers to this site. As of this morning, we have this: At this rate, it won’t be long (perhaps by the end of the year), and then I can die a happy man. BTW, I’m not responsible for that odious word bl*g above.

Note to readers

Tomorrow I’m going to the Imagine No Religion meeting in Toronto (iteration 7), and will be back Monday morning.  The lineup is good, featuring not only people I know, like Richard Dawkins, Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews, Chris DiCarlo, and Lawrence Krauss, but those I’d like to meet, including Kelly Carlin and Rob Penczak. INR is […]

It is Grania’s birthday!

I just realized that today is Grania’s birthday. I know she’ll hate my posting this (and she didn’t mention it in the Hili Dialogue she wrote this morning), but it’s a chance for me and the readers to thank her for her service to this website. She has never refused to keep the site going during […]

Less than 2000 to go!

When we reach 50,000 I will be a happy man, for I had no idea this site (not a blog!) would grow this large. If you haven’t subscribed, swell the ranks and make Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) less dolorous than usual.

On internet anonymity

I always post under my own name, and also use my name when commenting on other sites. As I’ve written before, I think this should be standard practice on the Internet. It not only tells people who is commenting, but dampens the sort of nastiness, trolling, and name-calling that has caused so many websites to become toxic […]

Another cat named Jerry Coyne

I’ve lost track of exactly how many cats have been named after me, but most of them were so named at my instigation, usually accompanied by begging and pleading on my part. I see these cats as my legacy, for I’ve passed on none of my genes, and—aside from my (so far) non-reproducing nephew—I’ve reached a genetic […]

Less than 3000 to go!

When we reach 50,000, I can die a happy man (though I’d rather see a kakapo first):

Note to readers: travel hiatus

I’ll be in New Zealand for a month starting Wednesday, but as of tomorrow (Tuesday), posting will start becoming lighter.  As I’ll be traveling a lot, and am not yet sure where I’ll be at what time, I’m not certain how often I can post updates on my travels. What I can say is that I’ll try. […]

Two announcements

First, I’d like to call attention to a new website produced by one of our readers, classical scholar Laurie Sidoni from London. Her new site is called A Classicist Writes. . . , and deals both with classical life and literature as well as more quotidian matters (like groundhogs). If you’re a reader and have a website […]