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Note to readers (again): fill in your blanks

Most people have already become aware of a WordPress glitch that has removed the autofill feature of comments, so if you make a comment, please be sure that your name and email address is filled in before you post it. I’m still getting way too many comments from “Anonymous”.  I am in touch with WordPress […]

WordPress wants information

As I’ve mentioned twice, I am getting quite a few comments that post as “Anonymous” because people aren’t filling in (or their device isn’t auto-filling-in) their names and email addresses. If you’re one of these, could you answer the WordPress person’s questions below? (Just put the info in a comment.) Thanks. If you’re still having this […]

Glitch: comments posting as by “anonymous”

For reasons I don’t understand, some (but not all) readers’ comments are being posted as by “anonymous,” even when they’ve filled in their names. I’m not sure why this is happening, but I’ve contacted WordPress about the problem. In the meantime, if you’ve had this problem, for the time being please put the name use […]

Note to readers

So as not to overload my email when I’m gone, please try to refrain from emailing me too often, though, as always, I welcome “readers’ wildlife” contributions and other items of great interest, for I get most of my good leads from readers. And bear with me if posting is light for the next few […]

We got ’em all! (Well, almost . . . .)

UPDATE: In the comments reader George analyzed the data on a per capita view basis, and sent me an Excel file, which I reproduce below. I was surprised to find out that the US is actually fourth in views per capita, with New Zealand heading the list, and Canada and the UK still above the US. […]

Thanks to Grania!

You’ve doubtless noticed that the vast majority of all the posts on this site since I’ve left Chicago have been put up not by me, but by Grania, who has kept the website ticking along—nay, flourishing—in my partial absence.  This past week she’s been on “holiday,” but much of her time during that week has […]

Important note to readers and contributors

If you’ve been in Alma Ata or something, you may not know that I’m going on the big Road Trip tomorrow, returning about August 8. Along the way I hope to see some of you—as well as your cats. Posting will be light, but we hope to keep things puttering away at some level. In the […]

Note to readers

We now have several readers who are posting under the name “Anonymous.” Please don’t use that name, as we cannot distinguish one “Anonymous” from another. From now on, anybody using “Anonymous” as their name will not have their comments posted.  Just choose a name—any name. And let me remind new readers to read the rules for posting (“Da Roolz!”) on […]

Jerry’s Nose

Well, I’ve been accused of having a hypertrophied proboscis, especially by some anti-Semites who delight in that sort of thing, but I’m pleased that there’s a landmark in Newfoundland named after my schnoz. It’s part of a series of colorful place names in Newfoundland and Labrador (series list here). Here’s the notes on “Jerrys nose” […]

We almost got ’em all. . .

From time to time I check the geographical location of the readers. When do, I find that we’re read pretty widely: in fact, the only three places where I almost never get hits are Mongolia, North Korea (only the elite have Internet there) and several countries smack in the center of Africa. Well, I checked again yesterday, […]


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