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More snow in Chicago

It snowed till late evening here last night, though we don’t have the ten inches originally predicted. There is enough, though, to cause cancellation of flights at O’Hare and Midway. And enough for students at my University to make a cool snowman (snowperson?). The mohawk hairdo is made from coffee stirrers purloined from the dining hall. […]

Snow in Chicago!

The weather people report that it snowed about six inches here last night, and it’s started again. We didn’t get that much in Hyde Park, being next to Lake Michigan, but it’s still enough to beautify the campus. Before. This is the arch that connects my building with the Anatomy Building (home of Neil Shubin […]

Yesterday in Montreal

The first snowfall in the city found it unprepared. This wouldn’t happen in Chicago; what’s with the Montrealers? The story of this accident (nobody was hurt) appears on the CBC News; the accident was witnessed by Colin Creado, who works in an office on. . . well, you read the story.  A snippet: One by […]

Roll cloud over Chicago!

Reader Michael sent me this gif from Colossal, showing a “roll cloud” that came over Chicago with the cold front last evening: Roll clouds are also called “arcus clouds,” and Wikipedia tells how they form. It’s too complicated to summarize, so just click the link if you want to learn about them and their relatives […]

A spandrel for the panda

Everything in D.C., so I hear, has been shut down by The Big Storm.  But at least one creature is enjoying the weather: h/t: Matthew Cobb for tw**t

It’s cold!

When I was a wee kid, my father used to tell me one of his patented jokes, always at bedtime. Here’s how it went: Floyd: Jerry, did you ever hear about the kee-kee bird? It lives at the North Pole! Little Jerry:  No, dad. Why do they call it the kee-kee bird? Floyd: Because it sits […]

A microburst in Arizona

A burst is a column of cool air that, being heavier than warm air, sinks to the ground rapidly and dissipates, causing high winds. When a small portion of such air is laden with water from a storm, and drops to the ground, you get the famous microbursts. (We had one in Chicago about a […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

First, some more weather pictures from the recent Midwest storm system. These were send by reader Tom Czarny in an email called “Some photos from the End of the World”. His notes: Or so it seemed as this storm (since termed a mesocyclone) swept into my hometown of Traverse City in northwestern Michigan yesterday about 4 […]

It’s snowing again!

And before some wiseass says, “It’s always snowing somewhere in the world” (the same wiseass who, wanting a drink before 5 p.m., says, “It’s 5 p.m. somewhere in the world), I mean here, in Chicago. Here are the flurries on my way to work, with the Robie House again pictured for lagnaippe.  (The snowflakes make […]

Damn, more snow here!

Imagine my surprise when, not having looked out the window, I checked the weather report on my laptop to find this: HEAVY snow! And indeed, it’s snowing—and heavily indeed. It’s predicted to taper off this afternoon, but there’s already an accumulation, and I was frosted like a cake when I arrived at work. This is a surprise: we […]