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Hurricane Dorian from space

Here’s an almost real-time view of Hurricane Dorian (just an hour from before I posted this) from the International Space Station. The storm, now a Category 5, is battering the hell out of the Bahamas. It looks peaceful from up there, but on the ground the winds are fierce. Here’s part of the YouTube summary […]

Hurricane Florence

by Grania If this is likely to be in your path, please do everything you can to get to safety. It’s estimated it could make U.S. landfall late Thursday or early Friday, but might in the Carolinas as early as Wednesday night. From Space, Florence looks like a beast – Category 4 Hurricane – PREPARE NOW […]

Multitasking to the max: Weather reporter solves Rubik’s cube while giving the forecast

This woman has got it going on. Look how well she delivers the weather report while solving a Rubik’s cube. I am sure that even if I could solve the puzzle (and I haven’t tried), I couldn’t do it while delivering a coherent report. The YouTube notes say this: Reporter Lauren Olesky with Florida news […]

Sundogs and halos!

Here’s a lovely Sun halo from December 1 sent to me by Matthew Cobb (be sure to click on the arrow to see the video). You can see why such phenomena were once taken to be evidence for God or the supernatural. Spectacular Sun halo display, with a 22° halo, parhelic circle, sundogs and a […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a two-part post today. The first is not about wildlife, but about Hurricane Ophelia that is besieging the west coast of Ireland. Its effects are being felt all over the UK, though. Matthew reported that the skies in Manchester were dark and the sun looked red.  Here’s a report from London by reader […]

More sprites, as well as blue jets and elves

This lovely four-minute video was posted by NASA just today, and was found by reader Vera. It shows not only the red sprites described in the previous post, but also “blue jets” and “elves’. These “transient luminous events”, or TLEs, appear to be a mystery. They’re defined by as given below; they’re clearly very […]

Red sprites!

A red sprite is a type of lightning that’s produced very high in the atmosphere, and very different from “hot” lightning. I’ve never been lucky enough to see one, but here’s a photo sent by reader Hempenstein from FB. The caption was with the original photograph: Here’s what Wikipedia says about sprites: Sprites are large-scale electrical discharges that […]

More snow in Chicago

It snowed till late evening here last night, though we don’t have the ten inches originally predicted. There is enough, though, to cause cancellation of flights at O’Hare and Midway. And enough for students at my University to make a cool snowman (snowperson?). The mohawk hairdo is made from coffee stirrers purloined from the dining hall. […]

Snow in Chicago!

The weather people report that it snowed about six inches here last night, and it’s started again. We didn’t get that much in Hyde Park, being next to Lake Michigan, but it’s still enough to beautify the campus. Before. This is the arch that connects my building with the Anatomy Building (home of Neil Shubin […]

Yesterday in Montreal

The first snowfall in the city found it unprepared. This wouldn’t happen in Chicago; what’s with the Montrealers? The story of this accident (nobody was hurt) appears on the CBC News; the accident was witnessed by Colin Creado, who works in an office on. . . well, you read the story.  A snippet: One by […]