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Dramatic video: North Korean soldier defects to the South

As you surely have heard, eleven days ago a North Korean soldier defected to the south, driving a jeep up to the DMZ between North and South Korea, jumping out when it ran into a ditch, and then sprinting for the South, successfully crossing the border but also getting shot five times by DPRK soldiers. […]

New UC Berkeley Chancellor and new Berkeley mayor clash over “Free Speech Week”

As I predicted, things are shaping up for a big confrontation at the University of California at Berkeley between three invited speakers on the one hand and on the other Antifa-inspired protestors who, I suspect, are going to create a melee when those speakers show up. As I mentioned recently, groups at the University have […]

Peter Singer decries the use of violence against racists

I’m still horrified that more than one commenter on my site has said (or implied) that “first-strike” violence is justifiable for odious people like white supremacists and Nazis. I simply can’t fathom the desire to hurt another person because of their speech, or think that such tactics could accomplish any worthwhile aims. Yes, white supremacists […]

Antifa: a handicap for the Left

Antifa, the loosely-organized network of “antifascists” that comprises largely anarchists and socialists, has never appealed to me.  The problem is that while I like some of its aims: to oppose the Trump administration, to demonstrate against racism, to provide counterspeech in the face of odious speech, and so on, I nevertheless decry Antifa’s methods. Those […]

Charlottesville 3

Just an update: The driver of the car that plowed into the anti-racist protestors in Charlottesville, killing one woman and injuring 19 other people, driver James Fields, Jr., has been identified as one of the white supremacist demonstrators. I suspected as much. The Daily News has a photograph of him brandishing a “Vanguard America” shield before […]