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Penguin video!

I have a lot of videos from Antarctica, including one I didn’t think I had. I’ll show that one today, even though it’s short.  As I mentioned in a post on November 20, on a day when we couldn’t do a “landing” on the continent or an island, the captain of the Roald Amundsen plowed […]

Reader’s wildlife videos

Reader Rick Longworth sent in three videos and an illustrative photo (not his). Rick’s notes are indented: At the end of August, I was involved as a volunteer with some research being done on the western grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis) on Lowell Lake in Idaho. The project involved keeping a running count of the number of […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

Today’s photos come from a trip to the Tetons by reader Charlie Jones, whose notes are indented (photos are by his daughter Hannah): The following are from the Tetons area this past July 8 and 9.  I’ll do my best with the identifications. This was one of several American White Pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) hanging out on […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

We have a real treat for you today: four great animal videos taken by reader Rick Longworth. His captions are indented. About 30 young Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) crossed the Snake River accompanied by adults. They are not able to fly yet (early June), but they are approaching adult size. One young one panics when […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and videos)

I implore you once again to send me your wildlife photos (or videos). Within a week or so I may have to stop posting here due to lack of material. Reader Garry VanGelderen sent a sea-loving odonate, and weigh in if you can identify it. Not at all sure  what kind of dragonfly this is. […]

A soprano duck

We have a special treat this afternoon: Tara Tanaka, after immense labor (true!), put together this video of a black-bellied whistling duck with a penchant for classical music. Be sure to turn the sound up and make the screen big. Tara’s Vimeo page is here; her Flickr site is here, and the duck is Dendrocygna autumnalis. Tara says, “Nothing to say […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

UPDATE: Kit sent in some Facebook videos for your further edification: Kit introduces you to a female Amegilla dawsoni Kit introducing a “minor” male Amegilla dawsoni Kit introducing a “major” male Amegilla dawsoni. ______________________ Reader Kit Prendergast, a bee researcher from Australia. sent me some nice bee photos and a teaser: I didn’t know why […]

Michael Jackson reincarnated as a duck

I was going to write at least one substantive post today, but I’m too sad about Frank (and others recently departed) to do that. Tomorrow is time enough. Here, to cheer us up, is a video called to my attention by reader Norm, who gave it this caption: The Tibetan Lama Council has recently proclaimed […]

A lovely video about Arctic animals

As reader Michael notes, this 11-minute National Geographic video on Arctic animals (released just today) gives too much time to the cameraman, but is well worth watching to see the polar bears, arctic hares, lemming, snowy owls, ptarmigans, and—my personal favorite—the adorable, cat-sized Arctic fox. The fox does its famous acoustically-oriented snow dive (note its […]

Readers’ wildlife video

Tara Tanaka has a lovely video of parent and offspring of the Wood Stork (Mycteria americana), a colonial nester living in subtropical America.  (Tara’s Vimeo page is here; her Flickr site is here). Here are Tara’s notes on the video: Every February I keep looking for the first Wood Stork scouts to return to our swamp where they’ll soon begin gathering […]