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Can I use Venus Fly Traps to get rid of garden pests?

by Matthew Cobb — Science (@scienmag) March 18, 2017 Betteridge’s law of headlines strikes again.

A surprise

by Matthew Cobb ok — Freezy (@Calfreezy) March 11, 2017

The Lost Mariner: a short video inspired by Oliver Sacks

Well, I confess that I’ve taken something from Brainpickings, but only because it was tweeted approvingly by Jennifer Ouellette. “The Lost Mariner” is a 6-minute film centered on a patient described in Oliver Sacks’s popular book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. You can find more information about the personnel involved, and all the prizes […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard is still fishing and traveling in New Zealand (sadly, our visits won’t overlap). He’s now moved to the North Island, and sent back a photo and a movie of the aquatic inhabitants. Had an excellent  first day fishing in North Island — caught about a dozen rainbow trout  (Oncorhynchus mykiss) this size, and lost a […]

Attenborough does “What a wonderful world”

I’m a sucker for anything David Attenborough touches: he’s the real deal. One would think that his recitation of the old Louis Armstrong song “What a wonderful world” would be cheesy, but not for a second—not when it’s accompanied by clips from his BBC videos. The BBC One put this together, and it almost makes […]

Readers’ wildlife video and photos

Tara Tanaka (Vimeo site here, Flickr site here), has sent us yet another lovely 2 ½-minute  video, this time of a Great Egret (Aredea alba) displaying.  Be sure to watch it on the Vimeo site, enlarged and in high definition. Her notes: For the first time I’ve tried shooting photos from our Gheenoe [a boat], and as […]

Readers’ wildlife video: Valentine’s Day special

Today we have a special Valentine’s Day video from Tara Tanaka (Flickr page here, Vimeo page here); it’s culled “Black Vulture Romance: Just one look. . . “, and shows that you don’t have to be pretty to find love. Tara’s notes: I was culling videos from my last birding trip around Florida, and realized […]

Why is the goose cooked?

In preparation for my trip to New Zealand, I’ve been watching some of their famous commercials, including their safety demonstrations, like this one having a Lord of the Rings theme: or this one, featuring the beloved All Blacks rugby team: This one features the entire crew wearing nothing but body paint: And here’s an ad, also funny, […]

Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) on The Rubin Report

Eight days ago, I did a taping of The Rubin Report in Los Angeles, and had a great time. I told Dave beforehand that I wasn’t all that politically astute, and might want to talk more about evolution than politics, which is what we wound up doing. It was a pleasant and relaxed conversation, and I think […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Tara Tanaka (flickr site here; Vimeo channel here) has provided us with two new wildlife videos; please be sure to watch them at the Vimeo sites (click on the word “vimeo” at the bottom right) and  high definition (click on “HD” at the site). Her notes for each are indented. The first video, “Biggun’,” shows a giant […]