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My interview with Matt Dillahunty in Austin

When I visited Matt Dillahunty in Austin, he suggested that we do a one-on-one interview not only about Faith versus Fact, but also about science in general and evolution in particular. This video was one of his productions for his Patreon contributors (you can find it here), but is also posted on YouTube, and I […]

Filmmakers seek feedback on video version of WEIT

Treat Paine and Matthew Metcalf, who run the Youtube Channel MassComprehension, are making a video out of the first chapter of WEIT. I put up an earlier version before, but this one is now fairly complete and longer.  They don’t intend to do the whole thing as a “videobook; ” as Treat noted: My thinking was that […]

The fly emerges

by Matthew Cobb This brief macro video from Ammonite Films shows a fly emerging from its pupa. Some of you might find it NSFL, but I think it’s pretty cool. Put it on full screen and freak out your housemates/partners/officemates. Things to note 1: The fly emerges from a circular hole at the end of the pupal […]

Epic rap battle: Newton vs. Bill Nye

This kind of science humor usually falls flat, but this one’s pretty good. A Neil DeGrasse Tyson rapper also appears: Newton wins. h/t: Miss May

Life in the slow lane: time-lapse video of corals and sponges

This video was on Daniel Stoupin’s Photography Blog (he made it), and gives us a nice biology break before today’s final Easter post, in which believers take the opportunity of this holiday to stomp on atheists. In the meantime, look at some wonderful marine animals in slow motion. Stroupin’s site has a nice long explanation of and rationale […]

Readers’ wildlife videos: two honking woodpeckers

This is one of the first wildlife videos that have been filmed and sent in by readers, and in this case it shows two showy woodpeckers from South America. It’s a lovely video and comes from reader Pablo Flores, who writes: I’m just back from a trip to southern Patagonia and caught [he means on […]

Two nice animal videos: The most happiest elephant in the world and a lion whisperer

I may have posted this first video before, but I couldn’t find it by searching for “elephant.” At any rate, I don’t have much information except that it purports to show a baby elephant encountering the ocean for the first time. And that seems pretty accurate. It will raise your spirits unless you’re one of […]

Jesus visits Sarah Silverman

Everyone’s favorite Saviour pays a call on the very Jewish Sarah Silverman. They discuss women’s reproductive rights, and Sarah disses Texas’s insane anti-abortion restrictions.  Then, at the end, Jesus and Sarah appear to canoodle a bit—such blasphemy! This is a new video, but in the 5 days since its first posting it’s gotten 750,000 hits. […]

Sam Harris mashup

I usually don’t like mash-ups but this one appeals to me.  About three weeks ago, Sam Harris made two audio excepts of his talks available to his readers who wanted to mix them into videos.  volunteers to remix one of his audio clips into a video. The first one has just appeared, and I’ll post […]

Discussion in Cracow

You probably won’t want to watch this, as it’s long, the lights are dim, and half of it is in Polish, but I’m putting it up for the record. This is a series of four videos (I’ll embed one and give links to the other three) of a discussion I had in a coffee shop […]


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