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C. S. Lewis: Evolution denialist?

It’s extremely painful working my way through C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity: I still can get through 20 pages at most before I have to stop in disgust. Fortunately, I have only about 100 pages to go, and the pages are small. My revulsion may be due to having been crammed to the maw with theology when […]

God proven in one minute!

It’s the Cosmological Argument, but with a special personal touch.  I love the bit where they “prove” that whatever created the universe had to be something like a person. I hereby define the Universe as that which did not need a cause (our present universe might well be only one of an eternal multiverse), therefore […]

Blessed are the cheesemakers

Reader M.L. called my attention to the website and comic strip The Atheist Pig, a collection of writings and cartoons that, as in this this strip from October of last year, can be quite amusing—and on the mark:

Why we don’t see miracles

A very exercised religious reader sent this comment, complete with name, which I am putting above the fold. It explains clearly why we don’t see miracles these days, a question raised by Robert Ingersoll in the previous post (my emphasis in  the quote). It also shows the power of the religious mind to believe things […]

Apparently I don’t understand Jesus

I knew this would happen: amateur theologians come along after I give my reactions to the Bible and instruct me that I am interpreting it rong.  Here’s a comment I got from one “Steve” which I decided to put above the fold; it refers to my post about the beginning of the New Testament. He’s […]