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Purdue student called to meet Dean over Facebook post criticizing Black Lives Matter

UPDATE:  I sent an email to the Dean, as well as to the President of Purdue. I reproduce both my email and the President’s response below. President Daniels denies there were any threats, but calling a student into an administrative meeting to “explore possible ways to establish a dialogue” seems to me like intimidation. Well, read […]

The University of Wisconsin to require “cultural competency” training for all incoming students

It looks as if the University Follies aren’t over, even though the academic year of 2015-2016 has ended. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, a previously respected school—the University of Wisconsin at Madison—is going to require 1000 of its entering students to receive “cultural compentency training” this fall, and then for all its first years (over […]

Harvard faculty fights back against University’s penalizing freedom of association

On May 13 I reported that, after a report by Dean Rakesh Khurana, Harvard’s President Drew Faust instituted a new University policy: students who belonged to non-University single-sex organizations, like fraternities, sororities, and “final clubs,” would be subject to sanctions by Harvard. Those sanctions included Harvard’s denial of any leadership positions in student organizations to members […]

Wesleyan University student government slashes funding for their paper in retribution for publishing “offensive” editorial

On September 14, the Wesleyan University student newspaper, the Wesleyan Argus, ran an editorial written by one of its staff, Bryan Stascavage. Called “Why Black Lives Matter isn’t what you think,” the piece argued that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, created in reaction to fatal shootings of black citizens like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, […]

Oxford University bans free speech magazine as “offensive”

The Torygraph and The Independent report further restriction of free speech (not a “constitutional” guarantee in the UK)—this time at Oxford. And once again, it involves a student union, the OUSU, which has banned a magazine called “No Offence” from the Freshers’ Fair. The grounds? Because the magazine is offensive. From The Independent: The magazine aims […]

Nick Cohen on Britain’s hypocritical students

This is just to call your attention to another article defending free speech by the wonderful Nick Cohen: a Spectator piece called “Britain’s hypocritical universities are naked before their enemies“. It was written after Cohen participated in a Guardian-sponsored debate on free speech at King’s College London. The audience was apparently outraged by the British government’s […]

Ex-Muslim Maryam Namazie refused platform at Warwick University because criticizing Islam is “hate speech”

Well, British universities are up to their usual anti-free-thought shenanigans again. This time it took the form of Warwick University’s Student Union refusing to allow Maryam Namazie to speak. Namazie, an Iranian-born ex-Muslim who runs or is active in several organizations that promote human rights and offer resources for ex-Muslims, was invited to talk by the University’s Atheist […]

Youngstown State University joins the no-free-speech Hall of Shame

Once again an American university (Youngstown State University in Pennsylvania Ohio) appears to have suppressed free speech on its campus because the speech constituted unpopular “hate speech”. And this time it’s the college administration, not the students, who are responsible, though the students participated in the “banning,” which involved removing posters deemed offensive. What happened is that a group […]

More Snowflakes at American universities: MIT students claim that celebration of Israeli independence makes them feel “unsafe”

This seems to be becoming a regular feature here: students playing the “safe spaces” card to try to get events or talks cancelled that offend them. This time it’s at a redoubt of academic excellence—the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)—and this time the university didn’t give in to the students with hurt feelings. And once […]

More college madness: White people (and men) banned from an “anti-racist” event at University of London

As the Brits would say, “Sir, this is too damn much!” (Well, I don’t know if they’d say that, but it sounds like something they’d say.) And it shows, as reader Pyers said when he sent me the link, “You just cannot, I repeat cannot, make this up….” Indeed. According to Laura Predergast at today’s […]