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Can we trust Wikipedia on “controversial” scientific topics?

Greg Mayer, who posts here from time to time, has been working for several years on a post called “What’s the matter with Wikipedia?”. I see the drafts on the site’s dashboard, and occasionally he updates them a bit. But I fear that his post, which claims that the online encyclopedia is full of errors, will never see […]

About time!

It’s been 54 years, and it’s bloody time: Chalk this up to Obama and Kerry (standing at right), and it surely won’t help the Republicans in next year’s election.

Correction: Dubai drowning incident apparently happened two decades ago

I recently posted a story, taken from Emirates 24/7 News and other sources, that a father in Dubai let his daughter drown because he prevented male lifeguards from touching her lest they besmirch her honor. However, reader Sean contacted me, pointing me to a piece on My Secret Atheist Blog—a piece that suggests that if […]

A new book for secular parents: how to tell your kids about God and religion

This book, which came out in March, may be useful for secular parents. It’s by author and journalist Wendy Thomas Russell, and called  Relax, It’s Just God: How and Why to Talk To Your KidsWhen You’re Not Religious. If you click on the secreenshot below, you’ll go to an interview on PBS between Russell and Jeffrey Brown: […]

Japanese children learn about their digestive system

I got nothing today, and am feeling a bit wonky, so you’ll have to settle for entertainment. Here’s a video associated with a current children’s exhibit on The Great Adventure of the Body in Japan. Object: teach kids interactively about their alimentary canal and other parts of the body. As you’ll see, the makers have no […]

Surprised by cucumber

Wake up! Here’s a feline homage to that old windbag who duped so many religionists, C. S. Lewis: I think this is probably an evolved and instinctive reaction to something that looks like a snake. h/t: Tom Chivers

Monday: Hili dialogue

Another week has arrived, but at least it won’t be hot; temperatures are predicted to be in the low 80s for several days. And I’m grateful to no longer be in Indio, California! It’ll be a busy week with four radio interviews, one of which involves a four-hour trip to Evanston. (You can hear me this […]

GOP God-Off: Candidates vie to express their faith

I just want to highlight one aspect of the Republican Presidential-candidate debate that I missed—because I missed the whole thing. (Really, they’re such a pack of morons that I have zero interest in hearing them go at each other.) But what is a Republic debate without the candidates trying to out-God each other, proving that their faith is […]

Humans are so weird

by Matthew Cobb A Japanese orchestra playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on theremins concealed inside Russian dolls. That’s it really. Eat your hearts out, space aliens – this is why we will control the universe. Who/what/where/when: “Symphony No.9 and No.9 Boogie” by Matryomin ensemble “Da” (274 players) and Masaki Matsui (Piano) at Create Hamamatsu in […]

Mormons release photos of Joseph Smith’s magical “seer stones”

Well, although the religious often say they don’t need empirical evidence to support their beliefs, they get really excited when such evidence turns up, and tout it widely. Here’s one case: according to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Mormon church has released a photo of one of the “seer stones” (also called “peepstones”) used by church founder […]


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