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PuffHo tries to whitewash Islam again (yawn)

PuffHo is on a crusade to stamp out “Islamophobia,” by which it apparently means not just bigotry against Muslims themselves, which is reprehensible, but criticism of the religion. To the latter end, it repeatedly asserts that Islam is not a divisive, xenophobic, or particularly hateful faith—and it’s not, so long as you’re a Muslim of […]

An ITV movie on apostate Muslims

I’ve arrived in Pittsburgh for the FFRF convention and, unlike Chicago, it’s sunny and warm. Reader Dom sent me this link along with a note that “it’s a ‘must watch’ for UK viewers.” Sadly, it won’t be viewable from outside Old Blighty. Mark your calendar for October 13 and lay in a few bottles of Sam […]

Hurricane CATegories

With strong hurricanes in the Caribbean, and the possibility that they’ll strike the U.S., it behooves us to review the various CATegories of storm: h/t: From Instagram via reader jsp  

Nobel Prize in Physics goes to three Brits

(Anthony Grayling pointed out to me that all three recipients, though working in America, were actually born in Britain, so I have corrected the earlier headline characterizing them as “Americans”). The Nobel Prize organization announced this morning that the Big Prize for Physics has been awarded to three scientists, all born in Britain but working in […]

Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman on politics, especially Gary Johnson

From Bill Maher’s show, here’s the host talking about the Presidential candidates with The Divine Sarah. Special opprobrium is reserved for Gary “Aleppo” Johnson. It’s a fun verbal fencing match between two (generally) like-minded people, both with quick wits. I love the way Sarah greets Maher like an old Jewish grandmother.

Readers’ wildlife photographs (and Spot the caimans!)

Reader Lou Jost sent me a multipart series of photographs from a recent trip he took to the Tambopata National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. This is the last set of photographs, but because I’m at home, leaving early to go downtown, this is the only one I have, so I’ll put it up today. […]

Monday: HuffPo stupidity

I can’t refrain from looking at PuffHo. I no longer derive anything useful from that dreadful aggregator site, but I look anyway:  the same way rubberneckers look at a traffic accident as they drive by. I’m fascinated by their obsession with hijabis, and by theircomplete abandonment of objective political reporting. And so this week I’ll […]

CoyneFest schedule, October 14-15

A while back I announced that there would be a symposium at the University of Chicago to celebrate—if that’s the right word—my retirement. The time and place, announced before, are the same: Friday, October 14, 2016 – 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Saturday, October 15, 2016 – 9:30 am until 11:00 am Location:  Gordon Center […]

Geek humor of the week

Reader Thomas called my attention to this product on Amazon, where you can buy anything, as well as the top comment about it. (If you must have it, and it costs $39.95, click on the screenshot.) Some of the other comments are also funny.

A New York Times debate on trigger warnings

Five days ago, the New York Times had one of its occasional debates in which several people write short pieces on a controversial issue. This one was called “Do Trigger Warnings Work?“, and there were two people on the “yes” side and one on the “no” side, so it’s not balanced. Nor are there data adduced (though […]