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The Sluggard

’Tis the voice of the Sluggard: I heard him complain, ‘You have waked me too soon! I must slumber again!’ —Isaac Watts (1715) h/t: Matthew Cobb  

National Geographic publishes article on atheism and secularism, but descends into Authoritarian Leftism and slanders against Harris and Dawkins

Well, it’s time to cancel your subscription to National Geographic—if you still have one. For a while it’s been turning into a religously-infused tabloid rather than the educational nature/anthropology magazine that I loved of yore. In several posts I’ve documented its increasing tendency to coddle religion (see here), and it’s only going to get worse since […]

Readers’ beefs

The bit below was not a comment or attempted comment on the site, but an email sent directly to me.  The article to which it refers, one I wrote for John Brockman’s annual Edge Question book This Idea Must Die, was about how we should dispense with the idea of free will. As I recall (I don’t […]

Caturday felid trifecta: British Foreign Office hires Chief Mouser, lynx pwns wolf in rare encounter, puking cat salsa/gravy dispenser

As usual, we have three cat-releated items today, the first including the announcement from the BBC that the foreign office has employed a Chief Mouser named Palmerston. (There’s already a Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, Larry, at 10 Downing Street, but his mousing abilities are horrible. He is cute, though. As with Larry, Palmerston […]

I have landed. . .

. . . in Portland that is, where I’m in the capable hands of philosopher Peter Boghossian at Portland State University, host for half of my visit. We’ve already dined at one of the famous “food trucks” (stalls, really) that fill this food-loving city, and had a great Thai lunch. The evidence is below. Portland is, […]

“Frog saves fishes” life? Not really

A reader sent me this recently-published YouTube video titled, “Frog saves fishes life.” (It’s in Spanish, but you can see what’s going on.) The reader asked a reasonable question: why would a frog do this for fish, since they’re unrelated, unless it wanted to eat the fish later? Well, as you can see, they’re not […]

Double victims: Churches refuse to hire the sexually abused

According to The Daily Beast, some American Protestant Churches are refusing to hire individuals who were sexually abused as children. The rationale is that such individuals are likely to become abusers themselves. But the real rationale is that insurance companies are reducing the amount they’ll indemnify churches for sexual abuse, so churches have to protect their own […]

The mythicist conference in Milwaukee

I spoke yesterday of a possible debate between Robert Price and Bart Ehrman about the historicity of Jesus. One or two readers gave the details in comments, but I thought I’d put it above the fold if you’re anywhere near Milwaukee. The details of the “Mythinformation Conference” (subtitle: “Is Faith Rooted in Fiction”) are here, and […]

Amy: “All My Loving”

I’ve been spending a bit of time listening to Amy Winehouse on YouTube and iTunes (thanks to a friend for sending me files). She’s an interesting and tragic figure, but a lot of her music is splendid. One thing I’ve noticed is the nature of the comments on her YouTube videos. In contrast to comments for […]

April 18: Hili dialogue

To the best of my information, it’s April 18. I leave for Portland on Wednesday (back Sunday evening), and it will be a busy week. On this day in 1775, Paul Revere made his famous Ride, warning of the British advance. The Great San Francisco Earthquake occurred in 1906. In 1954, Nasser took over in […]


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