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Note to readers

It’s time for my sporadic reminder about posting rules and other issues. First, if you’re new here, or haven’t read the commenting guidelines, endearingly called “Da Roolz!”, please do so.  The link will take you there, or you can see a link on the left sidebar. Violations of these guidelines can be punished by warnings, […]

Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law by 5-3 vote

Here’s a long-awaited decision, and we won. I’ve heard the vote is 5-3, making the court even more liberal now that Scalia is gone, but this was just announced and I haven’t seen either the decision or details. All I can say is that the three who voted against it are undoubtedly Thomas, Roberts, and […]

Report from the chaotic UK

Posting will be sparse today, as I’m working hard on a book review and also must make plane reservations to Singapore and Hong Kong and also Poland. Fortunately, our British correspondent on the ground, Matthew Cobb, sent a short report on the tumoil that is the UK since the Brexit vote: It is complete madness over […]

Friday consolation

Sometimes on a #FossilFriday, like ones with Brexit and Trump, you just want to wrap yourself in kittens & dinosaurs — WitmerLab (@WitmerLab) June 24, 2016 h/t: Gethyn

NYT education section: lots of good stuff

There was  a special Education section in Wednesday’s New York Times, and you can get there by clicking on the screenshots below. If you’ve already used up your ten free NYT articles for the month, as I have, you can always access any article by simply typing its title into the search box, and maybe adding “NYT’ […]

Professors hounded by their university for encouraging debate

We all know that some universities, when they espouse an allegiance to free speech and open debate, really mean they want only speech that doesn’t offend anyone, and only want debate about issues that aren’t controversial (but then why have a debate?). Fortunately, that’s not true of all universities—my own is a welcome exception. But […]

Mass shooting in Germany

UPDATE: A whole bunch of news from CNN: Multiple breaking and developing stories are underway in the U.S. and around the world. Here is a special breaking newsletter with the latest: GERMANY THEATER ATTACK: An assailant who attacked a German cinema has been killed, a German official said. Authorities said police responded to an early […]

The intellectual vacuity of theistic evolution: a new book from BioLogos

I’m not sure what I think of the new book How I Changed My Mind about Evolution: Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and Science, put out by BioLogos (and edited by Kathryn Applegate and J. B. Stump) in the group’s continuing effort to gather evangelical Christians into the Darwinian fold without endangering their faith. (Note: I haven’t […]

An Art Deco building in London—guarded by two moggies

Just some lagniappe from reader Jonathan, who sent me this photo today with the note: Thought the attached might appeal to you.  It is of the cats guarding theentrance to the Carreras Cigarette Factory Building at Mornington Crescent in London.  The building, which is now used for other purposes, was built in the 1920s in Egyptian-themed […]

Fancy academics discuss campus unrest: Harvard Law school prof says that the Enlightenment created white supremacy

Here we have a discussion, a “HigherEd Leaders Forum,” organized by The New York Times. The précis: College campuses are struggling to balance respectful discussions about race and diversity with holding open conversations on controversial topics. Nicholas Christakis of Yale University, Annette Gordon-Reed of Harvard Law School and Marvin Krislov, president of Oberlin College, are […]


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