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Holiday snaps: India

Instead of readers’ wildlife photos, I thought I’d post some of the pictures I took in India. But readers should continue to send me their good plant and animal snaps. (Make sure they’re good ones, okay? I hate to not put up what readers offer.) Today we have some people pictures. You can click on […]

Stingray says “Oh, hai!”

  In my conversations with Dr. Cobb today, he highlighted this video of a stingray saying “hello,” and I demanded that he find the gif. He did, and so this should be credited to him.  Would you pet this guy?

Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons weren’t racist

From what I know about the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (CH), and from what I’ve recently read about it, it appears to be a left-wing, pro-immigrant publication that is not racist, anti-immigrant, or anti-Muslim. It takes the mickey out of everyone, and while people may find it offensive, its purpose is not, as some claim, […]

Favorite books of 2014

Sadly, I spent so much time reading theology books for The Albatross that my “fun” reading this year was severely reduced.  I thus had to think hard, when deciding for this post which books I most enjoyed in 2014. The purpose, of course, is not to parade my reading, but to get readers to give their […]

Troy University chancellor issues notapology for promoting religion to students and faculty

On January 2 I wrote a short piece about how Jack Hawkins, the chancellor (i.e., president) of Troy University, a public university in Alabama, sent a 90-second video (below) to all the students and faculty of his university. As the Telegraph reported, the email was meant to be . . . a “reminder” of what […]

‘Tu’ or ‘Vous’?

by Matthew Cobb Anyone who’s spent any time speaking French in a Francophone country will have come across the social minefield that is the choice of which second person pronoun to use –’tu’ (singular) or ‘vous’ (plural) – when referring to a single person. I lived in Paris for 18 years, and was initially worried about my […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

The good Professor Ceiling Cat is sitting in Charles DeGaulle Aeroport, drinking an overpriced latte (more than 3 euros for a measly small cup—I’m back in the First World) and enjoying free internet. Nine hours of my actual flying time have passed and I mostly slept but also watched two movies: “The Last Samurai” (lots of action […]

Crick writes to Schrödinger, 1953

by Matthew Cobb This letter from Francis Crick was just retw**ted by a pal, @rmathematicus. It was originally tw**ted by the Royal Irish Academy (yes, it does exist, even though it is the Republic of Ireland) last August: Scientists and historians argue over whether Schrödinger’s 1944 book, What Is Life?, which referred to genes containing […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

Good morning, Grania here. I’m having a morning of computer woes so this is late and I really feel exactly as Cyrus does right about now. Hili: You were barking in your sleep. Cyrus: And if I hadn’t woken up I would have bitten him. Hili: Who? Cyrus: That’s what I don’t remember. In Polish: Hili: […]

A New Year’s Resolution for Jerry

by Matthew Cobb Jerry is in India, one the countries in the world that is most obsessed with cricket. Jerry’s New Year’s Challenge is to learn the names of all the fielding positions. Who said cricket was complicated? NB The red positions are for a right-handed batsman. If he (or she) were to score a […]


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