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My conversation with Gad Saad

On Gad Saad‘s new videocast, “The Saad Truth” on Larry King’s network (, I talked with the affable Lebanese/Canadian psychologist for about 75 minutes. The original video is here, but it’s also on YouTube, which I’ve embedded. As always, I can’t stand to watch it; maybe you can. Saad, as I’ve noted before, is a […]

Many miss the boat on cultural appropriation of bagels

I was very surprised at the number of readers who read yesterday’s post on the cultural appropriation of bagels as a serious critique, and taking me to task for not seeing that cultural appropriation was mostly beneficial. The fact is, the piece was clearly satirical, and if you didn’t know that from the “satire” tag at the […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Happy Tuesday: the cruelest day of the week. On this day in 1614, the native American woman Pocahontas married English colonist John Rolfe. On April 5, 1922, the The American Birth Control League, was incorporated; it later became Planned Parenthood. And, on this day in 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Notables born on this day include Joseph […]

Stephen Fry on the Rubin Report: the “deep infantilism of our culture”

Dave Rubin, a comedian and now video podcast host, produces some of the best interviews around, and you should keep abreast of his YouTube channel, “The Rubin Report.”  His secular-themed show gets some of the most interesting guests around, and Rubin is a thorough and often combative (but always affable) interviewer. In his latest segment, only eleven minutes long, […]

Spot the cat

I’m pretty much a jet-lagged wreck right now, having not gone to bed since arriving in Chicago at 1 a.m. after a two-day attempt to get here from Delhi. But all is well: the stone Ganesha that I was given by the Institute of Life Sciences in Bhubaneswar survived in one piece (it has my […]

Your names for tadpoles

by Matthew Cobb A chat on Tw*tter today raised the issue of folk names for tadpoles – very appropriate for this time of year in the northern hemisphere, as they are all busy hatching out of their jelly. A tweep, @sammtank, said her son called tadpoles pollywogs. I had never heard of this term, but […]

Caturday bonus

by Matthew Cobb Excuse the bad language in the title of the post and the poster. As @adamrutherford put it “There are many, many Hollywood directors who will never command a shot as good as this.” well shit — Internet of Shit (@internetofshit) April 1, 2016  

Amy Winehouse: “Me and Mr. Jones”

Things are gonna be sparse on this site till I get back to the states on Sunday morning, but I didn’t do all that badly, right? And we’ll even had a Caturday Felid today. In the meantime, enjoy “Me & Mr Jones,” by the late Amy Winehouse. This is a live version from the Isle of […]

CVS pharmacies sell homeopathic “remedies”

CVS is the second largest chain of pharmacies in the US, and became famous (and lauded) in 2014, when the company decided, on grounds of public health, to stop selling cigarettes to the public. That was a good thing. But there’s a bad thing, too, and one injurious to health. As reader Chris reports, the chain sells […]

Muslim Society of the LSE holds another gender-segegated event

Let’s see if the regressive left will write about this, decrying sex-segregation by a university society. After all, that noxious strain of Leftism already decries sex-segregation in restrooms (let me hasten to add that I’m in favor of having some unisex bathrooms), so clearly the same group would object to gender segregation at social events, right? But I wouldn’t […]


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