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Talk to Siri now

If you have Siri enabled, say “I see a little silhouetto of a man.” Then listen to the response.

Bret Weinstein prepares to sue Evergreen State for $3.8 million

Until early this morning, the only place this item appeared was the right-wing site Campus Reform, but I sincerely doubt that this is a hoax because I have other information substantiating it, and because they produce documents. [Also, several sites now substantiate the story, including The Washington Times.] And those documents (some are below) show […]

School named after Lynch family to be renamed because of racial connotations

Let’s start off today with a short news item from OregonLive. A Portland-area school named after the family who donated the school’s land (as well as two other schools with the family’s name) will be renamed because that name, “Lynch”, has racial connotations: The national movement to change racially offensive names of buildings, sports teams and landmarks […]

TrumpCare revived in close Senate vote

Our relief at the failure of the Republican Senate to kill ObamaCare was short lived. With terminally ill John McCain returning to D.C. to shame himself one last time, and with Vice-President Pence casting the deciding vote on a 50-50 tie, the Senate voted to proceed with debating the issue. As CNN reports: The next […]

Morning reading: Jeff Tayler on Islam; Godless Spellchecker on Dawkins

While I’m busy downtown, why don’t you have a look at the following two articles? The first is at Quillette by Jeff Tayler : “Leftist hypocrisy about Islam: setting the stage for violence“. For the first time (I think) Tayler takes apart a piece in Huffington Post, a tree whose fruit all hangs low. The […]

One duck left

Several days ago, two of the three drakes in my brood of four left the pond for good, and yesterday the mother and other drake flew the coop. That leaves me with one duck—the lonely (and lately bullied) hen. The good news is that I can feed her without worrying about the others beating her […]

What is Zionism?

After I wrote the previous post, I was curious to see how “Zionism” was defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, which I use as my standard source of definitions. Here’s the total entry from the online version from the University of Chicago Library (I’ve left out the examples of usage, which don’t add anything): But […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

Reader Jonathan Wallace sent some swell cicada photos from France, and included a short video. His notes are indented; These are Cicada orni, a common cicada from the Mediterranean region. Like other cicadas they spend most of their life cycle underground as nymphs, where they feed on tree roots (several years for this species). I have […]

Note to readers

As readership grows (thank Ceiling Cat), I am being inundated with emails from readers (as well as from nutcases who want to call me a racist, alt-rightist, misogynist, or someone bound for hell). I appreciate the readers’ emails, as I depend on these to direct me to many news items and other juicy things to […]

Here’s the toad!

Did you spot it in today’s earlier post? Here’s the original photo: And here’s Mr. Toad: Now we need some assistance here. Stephen thinks it’s “either a Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas) or maybe Woodhouse’s Toad (Anaxyrus woodhousii).” Do readers know?