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The Saint Paul Saints turn, for one night, into an atheist team: “The Mr. Paul Aints”

The Minnesota Atheists have once again miraculously persuaded a minor-league baseball team, the St. Paul (Minnesota) Saints, to become, for one brief shining game, the “Mr. Paul Aints”.  Yes, on Saturday, July 16, it will be “Atheist Night” at CHS Field, where the team will be wearing “Mr. Paul Aints” jerseys during their game.  You can also […]

Here’s the badger!

I hope you spotted the badger in this morning’s photo, which I’ll put below again. The location of the badger among the zebras is given in the reveal (click “read more” at bottom): Reveal:

I need a word

I’m writing a piece (not for here), and am trying to remember the synonym, which I think is slightly pejorative, for the word “overqualified”. That is, when someone’s education or background is far more than needed for a job, they’re said to be _______________. I’m racking my brain to remember that word, so I’ll try […]

Ark Park: a meme

The Ark Park is open for business, and yes, the Ark contains dinosaurs (baby ones, of course!). Bill Nye visited, and was prayed for by Ken Ham.  I’m hoping the enterprise will fail, for it’s all about lies and propagandizing children. I, for one, don’t feel inclined to spend the $40—that’s right, forty bucks—to see the Ship of […]

My last pair of boots. 11. Cleaning up and shipping: they’re done!

Well, my boots, made by Lee Miller of Austin, Texas, arrived yesterday, and they fit very well.  They’re a wee bit snug, but that’s normal since the leather has to stretch a bit on my feet. And they’re gorgeous: by far my favorite pair of boots. For those who want the whole sequence of photos from beginning […]

Matcha: A good afternoon pickup

For some time I’ve been having an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of matcha, or powdered Japanese green tea. Although when prepared in the ceremonial manner (I don’t do the ceremony proper) it makes only three sips of tea, I find it energizing, stimulating, and, most of all, tasty. (There are said to be numerous health […]

The compassionate Catholic church: Divorced people can take Holy Communion so long as they don’t ever have sex, and gays should try to be heterosexual

In its continuing attempt to stem the hemorrhage of people out of Catholicism, the church, under Pope Francis’s guidance, is trying to be more “Catholic friendly,” pretending to make its doctrines more liberal. But often that just makes the Church look dumber, as in a list of guidelines published by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to try […]

HuffPo: Coverage of Istanbul terror attack shows that America doesn’t care about Muslim lives

As we all know, PuffHo is having a big campaign to not only make Islam seem like a Wonderful Religion of Peace, but (and more admirably) to show that not all Muslims are terrorists. But they repeatedly conflate criticism of the religion with criticism of its adherents, lumping both under the rubric of “Islamophobia”—a word […]

Why is red nail polish so popular?

Walking to the store the other day, I found myself bored and unable to brain. Then a woman passed me wearing sandals (it’s summer up here, after all) and bright red toenail polish. That gave me something to do: I decided to count the colors on the feet of all the women who passed me […]

NBC news touts the Ark Park

Well, the NBC News that I watch nightly finished up its broadcast with a segment on the Ark Encounter (Kentucky’s “Ark Park”), with lots of shots of the Ark and an interview with Ken Ham. It was touted as the largest man-made timber-frame structure on Earth and was nothing less than an advertisement for this execrable creationist […]


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