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Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s hard to believe that there’s only one more day left in July! Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) will be on us before we know, and then  .  . . degeneration and extinction. But I am still sentient, typing this with Hili lying beside me on the couch, furry and purring. It’s July 30, 2016: International Friendship Day—a […]

“I’ll follow the sun”

Reader Su called my attention to this lovely time-lapse video of cats following sunlight. Two hypotheses arise: 1. Cats like sitting in the sun, or 2. Cats require solar power to live. Which is it? Unlike the music accompanying most cat videos, I like this music. And if I’ve posted this before, which is entirely possible […]

Sarah Silverman at the Democratic Convention

My affection for Sarah Silverman is no secret, but at least I don’t follow her (or anyone) on Twitter, as do Dan Dennett and Sam Harris! That said, I’ve always thought that this funny, dark, depressive secular Jew would be a perfect mate. Sadly, La Silverman is not the marrying kind, so we must admire […]

Today only: DemoCATic convention—post your cat and its vote

I am so terribly bored with the political conventions; I’m not going to watch any convention live this year, though (as you’ll see), I’ll watch YouTube videos of some good speeches.  I already know who I’m going to vote for, I already know that Donald Trump is a bigoted ignoramus, and I don’t need to hear any […]

Another nightclub shooting in Florida kills two, injures 14

Is there going to be a day when I wake up and don’t hear of some mass shooting? The latest is in Fort Myers, Floriday, at yet another Floriday nightclub (no indication that the club is gay). NBC reports: Two people are dead and at least 14 others injured after a shooting at a Fort Myers, […]

An explosion in Germany kills 1, injures 10

This is the third such event I’ve reported on in the last day, and the second in Germany. All I know is what my CNN news feed tells me: An explosion occurred in Ansbach, Germany, Sunday evening, according to German media. At least one person is dead and as many as 10 others are wounded, […]

Forty-five years in jail is too long: Leslie Van Houten, the Manson murders, free will, and retributive justice

On August 8, 1969, five people, including actress Sharon Tate, were murdered at a record producer’s house in Los Angeles. This was the second killing by Charles Manson’s “Family”; Manson wasn’t there but had ordered the killings. On the next night, with Manson in attendance, his gang murdered grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary. One of […]

17 more killed in Baghdad; ISIS claims responsibility

ISIS is going after the Shiites again, this time in a suicide attack at an entrance to a Shiite area in Baghdad. The New York Times reports: A suicide bomber attacked a security check point in northern Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 14 people, Iraqi officials said. The bomber, who was on foot, detonated […]

Why I hate the PuffHo

Why do I hate PuffHo? Let me count the ways. One is that they don’t even pretend to look at the news objectively, so all their “news” articles are really opinion pieces. They have an agenda, presumably dictated by Arianna, and they hew to it religiously (word intended, since one of their briefs is to […]

Turkey’s purge continues

Not to compare Turkish President Recep Erdogan to Hitler, but he’s proceeding in remarkably similar ways: using the coup to arrest his opponents—not just the military, but judges as well—to call for reinstatement of the death penalty, and in general to take every chance to become a full-blown autocrat. Although I’m not convinced the coup was […]