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Mother squirrel rescues baby with help of kindly man

This appears to take place in India, and, from its five stripes, this appears to be a Northern palm squirrel (Funambulus pennantii), common in northern India. But what a nice guy to take care of it, and what a lovely rescue by the mother! I’m giving my ducks extra food today: the mallard hen may […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to throw shade on cats; shut down by perfect response

The headline is ripped from the pages of HuffPo, though the article is on Bored Panda. Tyson may know his astrophysics, but he doesn’t know jack about cats. Here’s the exchange that proves it: I’ll be here all week, folks!

Welcome to America: Execution of terminally ill patient fails miserably (as expected)

What’s the point of executing a terminally ill inmate, especially one who has no decent veins to receive the fatal injection? After all, the person is going to die soon anyway, so why the public murder? So the victims can actually see the guy die, and thereby achieve some degree of “closure”? That’s the type of […]

Bill Gates can’t guess grocery prices

Here’s Bill Gates being a good sport on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. I’m a big fan of Bill Gates, as he’s giving away most of his fortune to improve the world, not the lot of his kids. So I’m not trying to make fun of him here—just showing how insulated really rich people are from how […]

Free speech: what we’re up against

This comment appeared in the remarks following my letter to the Chicago Maroon (our student newspaper) asking the paper to take a stand on free speech. Nearly all of the comments were pro-free speech, which is good, but this one stood out in contrast: Becker’s link at the end is to the faculty letter opposing Bannon’s […]

Speech is not violence

You may have heard that Ryan Spector, a Dartmouth student, got into big trouble for writing an op-ed in his college paper (The Dartmouth) questioning why 15 of the 19 directors of the student program “The Trips” (it runs summer excursions for incoming first-years) were female.  Claiming that this unbalanced sex ratio reflected an exercise […]

The shame of public education in Oklahoma (and America)

Over the years, having dealt with students coming out of public schools, having lectured at public schools, and having talked to many teachers (usually science teachers), I’ve come to really admire these people. They slave away for a pittance, often using their own funds to buy school materials, and they are vitally important to the […]

Sweet Ceiling Cat: Not another shooting!

It’s been just a few days since the Florida shooting occurred, and now this breaking news (click on screenshot): There are no reports save that the school is locked down and the police are setting up a perimeter. Let’s hope it’s a false report, or that nobody was hurt if it was a real attack, […]

Immigration: Senate fails to pass anything

The “compromise” in the Senate between Democrats and Republicans on immigration has failed miserably. The bill, which would continue the DACA program, went down by a vote of 54-45, presumably because of Trump’s vehement opposition. (For chrissake, can’t we give those people a future in the US?). But then Trump’s alternative bill, which “would have […]

A correction

Yesterday I wrote about a talk at Cornell given by Middle East scholar Dr. Yunus Telliel. The report of his talk in the Cornell Sun was confusing, but could have been interpreted to say that Dr. Telliel endorsed the prescience of the Qur’an in predicting scientific advances to come. Telliel wrote me privately and told […]