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Racism, sexism and ageism in HuffPo

In their new mission to be as inclusive as possible, PuffHo seems to have marginalized some groups. The piece (click on screenshot if you want to read it) is about Jeff Sessions and his new policy, approved by Trump, to increase the penalties for drug offenders, reimposing mandatory minimum sentences. This is a rollback of the […]

Should research funded by the public be patented?

It is now legal for scientists who have created new biotechnology products or methods based on research funded by the public to patent what they’ve devised, and to start companies selling their method/product—enriching themselves (and their universities) immensely. This is a relatively new thing to do with publicly-funded work (see below), but it seems unethical. If […]

What’s the matter with this frog?

by Matthew Cobb I am tempted to post a blistering rant about the 171 job losses that my employer, the University of Manchester, has just decided to impose – including 65 academics in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, where I work. It’ll be like that United flight – if they don’t get enough volunteers, […]

No comments on Jesus and Mo

Nobody left a single comment on today’s Jesus and Mo post. That cannot stand—no such thing has happened since I started this website. Please go over and say whatever is on your mind, tell a joke, or whatever. Just one or a few comments would suffice.

Preliminary report: Was the March for Science successful?

Although I didn’t feel compelled to participate in the March for Science on April 22, I still hoped it would change the minds of science denialists and perhaps spur further and ongoing action.  There were more than 600 marches and estimates of between 300,000 and 500,000 participants worldwide. As far as what’s still happening, each week the […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

Well, we’ve nearly made it through another work week, and this was a tough one. It’s now Friday, May 5, 2017:  Cinco de Mayo, a day celebrated in Mexico from the day in 1862 when Mexican Army’s beat the French at the Battle of Puebla, a lovely town that I’ll revisit in November. Because of that, it’s also […]

National Post: Atheism is hurting the West

Conrad Black is an ex-con who once owned a newspaper empire (including the Torygraph) and then spent three years in prison for mail fraud and obstruction of justice. He apparently found religion in jail and has engaged in bashing atheists ever since, We met him in the atheist-bashing mode in 2015, and he hasn’t gotten any better. He […]

The TLS on Plantinga and me

I recently published my take on the award of the Templeton Prize to Alvin Plantinga, a “religious philosopher” (read: “theologian”) whose work consists of untenable arguments couched in unreadable prose.  Rupert Shortt, religion editor of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS), writes about it in a short piece, “Alvin Plantinga and the Templeton Prize“. Google adds that Shortt […]

The religiosity of National Public Radio

One of our readers, Thomas, has a website called Airbag Moments, which seems to be devoted to cogent critical review of the U.S.’s National Public Radio (NPR). For years I’ve been harping about the organization’s pro-religious stance (see some of the posts at this search), and not just from unctuous Krista Tippett, either. In his latest […]

Drink a Heineken, save the world

by Grania Spingies You’d think that after the Pepsi fiasco a few weeks ago, any advertising agency – or any product producer about to launch a new campaign – would consider the mockery and derision aimed at the soft drink purveyor and demand that any similar campaign in the works suggesting that their own product […]