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Minister Creflo Dollar asked parishioners to buy him a $65 million dollar jet for Jesus

Creflo Augustus Dollar (supposedly his real name) is one of the more notorious scam-evangelists in the United States. Founder of The World Changers Ministry Christian Center, and head of Creflo Dollar Ministries, he is one of many advocates of the “prosperity gospel,” which preys on poor people, often blacks, by assuring them that with sufficient faith—and sufficient […]

Barn Cat: a love story

As you read this, I will be at the dentist’s getting the long-delayed root canal (it was touch and go for a while, but they decided to drill out the nerve.) So please enjoy a cat story in the absence of Professor Ceiling Cat, knowing that at this very moment one of my nerves is […]

Peter Singer on why we should call Islamic extremism “Islamic”

The philosopher Peter Singer is a thoughtful man, and isn’t given to shooting from the hip. So when he criticizes the U.S. government for failing to call Islamic extremism something that’s truly based on religion, we’d best listen up. In a piece at Project Syndicate called “Countering Islamic extremism,” Singer argues that, for several reasons, we can’t deal […]

Long diverged fern species hybridize: dumb creationists say it violates theory of evolution

A new paper in The American Naturalist by Carl Rothfels and his colleagues (reference and free download below) shows that fern species that diverged in the very distant past can still form hybrids. That’s an interesting result, but I’m not sure about the authors’ conclusion that this revises our notion about how fast species can form […]

Baby mantis jumps for its life

UPDATE: Cambridge University has a longer but very lucid description of these results on its research publicity page. __________ I always read the original paper before reporting on a new scientific finding, but this time I didn’t, for I just want to show a cool video of a Great Leap by a Small Mantis filmed by […]

A gustatory interlude

If you’re hungry (or want to be), read the vignettes of memorable seafood meals contributed by different writers to the New York Times: “In Asia, tastes of the sea.” The photos are fantastic, as are the meals. Here’s a Bengali fish curry, a dish with which I’m well familiar:  

Philomena tells the story of Lady Godiva while drunk

There’s a series of videos on British Comedy Central called “Drunk History,” in which various comedians tell historical or quasi-historical tales when they’ve already taken plenty of booze on board. The series was created by Derek Walters in 2013, and here’s the story: I made these animations for Tiger Aspect and Comedy Central UK. Based on the Comedy […]

Avian dinosaurs – 2, Mammals – 1

by Matthew Cobb The amazing weasel-woodpecker photo (the mostincredibleanimalphotointhehistoryoftheEarth™), which became a world-wide media phenomenon nearly on a par with The Dress, could be characterised in soccerball terms as a 1-1 draw. Both the weasel and the bird survived, it appeared. Nature is not always so charitable, as demonstrated by a series of photos that […]

Brian Cox proves Galileo right

Speaking of the Infinite Monkey Cage, Matthew contributed this related post—about Cox’s BBC show last year: by Matthew Cobb For reasons that will eventually become clear, I’m reading about Galileo right now, and I thought readers would like to see this great reconstruction of Galileo’s law that objects fall at the same speed, irrespective of […]

Infinite Monkey Cage Chicago: now with more celebrity

I’ve been told that although tonight’s show in New York is sold out, there are still some seats left at the Chicago performance of the Infinite Monkey Cage this Saturday (8 p.m. at the Athenaeum Theater, tickets available here). The hosts are physicists Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, the scientists are paleobiologist Paul Sereno and […]


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