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Pecksniffery #1: National Geographic veers full control-Left over space “colonization”

Today, before I’m up to speed and have recovered from my gastronomic adventures in France, I’ll just pick two pieces of low-hanging fruit. You needn’t remind me that Trumpism is a greater threat to American welfare than Authoritarian Leftism, as I fully agree. But there are plenty of people decrying Trump in the mainstream press, […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ certainty

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “mate”, came with a note that the author is “Fairly certain this is a new one.” Well, the author can’t be blamed given that in nine days the strip will celebrate its 13th birthday—that’s a lot of strips (and a lot of outraged religionists). You can become a patron […]

Groped again—in Munich

I got to the Paris airport so early (5:15 a.m.) that I was able to get a much earlier flight to Munich than I’d reserved, which was good since my waiting time in Germany was only scheduled to be an hour, and the Munich airport is big and the walks are long (plus one has […]

Two meals in Paris

Wednesday lunch was at a rare venue for me: a Moroccan restaurant. Le Sirocco, near the Gobelins Métro stop, was highly rated, but I haven’t been to a non-French restaurant in Paris since 1990. Feeling a jones for tagine and perhaps a break from heavy French food, this was the place to go. It turned […]

Weigh in on the elections

I just woke up in Paris to find out that the Democrats have won fairly big in the House, now controlling that chamber, but that the GOP has retained control of the Senate. The governors’ races seem to be a toss-up, with no resolution yet, though I’m not sure why those aren’t as settled as […]

Note to commenters about vitriol and frequency of commenting

Although I’m in Paris, I am reading comments, and have noticed two things: 1.) Certain people are dominating threads in posts, and doing it repeatedly. As I said in Da Roolz (rule 9): Try not to dominate threads, particularly in a one-on-one argument. I’ve found that those are rarely informative, and the participants never reach […]

Paris: Lunch

In Paris I always eat my first and last meals at the venerable old bistro Chez Denise, also known as the Tour de Montlhéry. I’ve been eating here since 1986, when it was open 24 hours a day (it’s now open only for lunch and dinner). Located in the center of the city, in Les […]

United Airlines screws up again

So I was sitting in my extra-legroom seat on the plane at O’Hare (I got a “premier” upgrade for having big mileage) shortly before departure at 7:30 pm. Five minutes after the scheduled departure time, the captain comes on the intercom to announce that there’s a mechanical problem. Another hour passes and we’re asked to […]

It’s National Cat Day!

How could I have missed this? As the tweet below (h/t: Grania) indicates, it’s NATIONAL CAT DAY!  And the hashtag #NationalCatDay is full of swell pictures. In honor of this day, the first five readers who send me a photo of their cat, along with two sentences giving its name and some salient facts, will […]

Sinéad O’Connor finds Allah

Given the vagaries of her behavior, I suppose it’s not surprising that erstwhile singer Sinéad O’Connor has become a Muslim, taking the new name Shuhada’ Davitt. (The name on her Wikipedia entry has already been changed.) This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim. This is the natural conclusion of […]