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Amy: Back to Black

I’ve already posted one of Amy’s versions of this song, but this lively rendition, from the Isle of Wight concert, is better; in fact, that gig is one of her best live performances (I haven’t seen the one at Dingle yet). She appears bright eyed and bushy-haired, not drugged out at all—although she’s swilling something […]

Researchers criticize the Mukherjee piece on epigenetics: Part 2

Trigger warning: Long science post! Yesterday I provided a bunch of scientists’ reactions—and these were big names in the field of gene regulation—to Siddhartha Mukherjee’s ill-informed piece in The New Yorker, “Same but different” (subtitle: “How epigenetics can blur the line between nature and nurture”). Today, in part 2, I provide a sentence-by-sentence analysis and reaction […]

The New Yorker screws up big time with science: researchers criticize the Mukherjee piece on epigenetics

Abstract: This is a two part-post about a science piece on gene regulation that just appeared in the New Yorker. Today I give quotes from scientists criticizing that piece; tomorrow I’ll present a semi-formal critique of the piece by two experts in the field. ________ Yesterday I gave readers an assignment: read the new New Yorker piece by […]

The rising anti-Semitism of the Left

I’ve harped on this for a while, so I don’t need to do it again. Instead, I’ll let someone else do it for me. Most of you, if you’ve read the news, know that the Labour Party in Britain is in trouble, having expelled several members for anti-Semitic comments, some of those comments pretty vile.  In […]

Plagiarism update

Yesterday I reported a possible case of plagiarism of a story that involved my botfly affliction of many years ago. I’ve reported this case to Princeton University Press and the Nautilus site, which published or will publish the passage in question, as well as to Scribner’s (now part of Simon and Schuster) and to RadioLab, purveyors […]

While my ukelele gently weeps

It’s been a long and hectic day, and I want to go home. I had a lot of stuff to say today, but got sidetracked by the plagiarism issue and trying to suss it out. Here’s a nice ukelele rendition of George Harrison’s “While my guitar gently weeps.” Jake Shimabukuro is the musician. I guess […]

The Great Hijab Debate

On Saturday I went to The Great Hijab Debate, more formally known as “Politics and Clothing: The Hijab,” held at the Art Institute of Chicago; it was part of the Chicago Humanities Festival under its rubric of “fashion.” (See my pre-debate post here.) Below is the announcement, which is now gone from the Web (the Festival […]

Here’s the scorpionfish!

From the post earlier today, here’s the cryptic scorpionfish photographed by Gayle Ferguson. I’m ready for my closeup, Dr. Ferguson!

Daniel Berrigan, antiwar priest of the sixties, dies at 94

If you didn’t live through the antiwar protests of the Sixties, you may well not have heard of Daniel Berrigan or his brother Philip, activist Catholic priests (the former a Jesuit, the latter a Josephite). But to my generation they were heroes of a sort. Passionately antiwar and devoted to social causes like civil rights and […]

Student demonstrators disrupt talk, demonstrate immaturity

Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor of the right-wing website Breitbart, is a professional provocateur. He’s a gay man who goes around criticizing not only the student “offense culture,” which is a good thing to do, but also feminism, which is a bad thing to do. He doesn’t distinguish between different brands of feminism, but simply dismisses […]


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