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Here’s the timber rattlesnake!

by Matthew Cobb The answer to James Green’s timber rattlesnake quiz was posted on Twitter by Asia Murphy (@am_anatiala) who studies mammals in Madagascar using camera traps. Here you go:

A mis-misconception about evolution

I may have written about this this before, but reader Ivar just called it to my attention, so it’s worth going over again. The “Understanding Evolution” website produced by the University of California at Berkeley is an excellent resource, and is especially good for its list of “misconceptions about evolution” page. There are eight categories […]

Spot the timber rattlesnake!

by Matthew Cobb This was posted on Tw*tter by James Green (@jameskelangreen), who’s from Texas and describes himself as “Nature Fanatic. Tree Guy. Mediator between man and nature. Polyamorous. Godless.” Somewhere in James’s pic is a timber rattlesnake… I’ll post the answer in a couple of hours.

Readers’ wildlife (and astronomy) photos

I’m in Las Cruces, New Mexico, staying with old friends, and I have had, beside convivial conversation, a fajita fix and a cat fix (there are two: one is a calico and the other a feisty tuxedo tom). Photos later. I see from a very brief scan of the news that talks with North Korea […]

Videos and a photo from Tara Tanaka

Earlier today my travelogue included a meeting with Tara Tanaka, a reader who’s contributed lots of videos to this site (her Vimeo page is here; her Flickr site is here).  While chatting, she asked me if I’d seen her two videos from earlier this year. I hadn’t, so am putting them up here. Her notes are indented; be […]

City of Manchester are the soccerball champs!

by A. Lone Chipmunk* In the weird world of UK soccerball, the First League champions are the City of Manchester team – often known as Man City, because all the players are men. The City play in light blue shirts, except when the shirts are dark red or a kind of muddy grey-green. They are […]

Apalachicola: Day 1a

Apalachicola is a small town (population 2,231 in 2010) on the Florida panhandle on the eponymous bay, part of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s famous for fishing, oysters, and tupelo honey. Here’s where it is: It’s a beautiful town with many old houses. I haven’t yet photographed a lot of them, but here’s one, and […]

How soon we forget!

Well, we attacked Syria last night, and The Donald is crowing about our military “victory”. Note the last sentence, recalling another conflict of yore. And somehow I don’t think our mission is accomplished. A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their […]

Poll: Is Trump toast?

What with the unprecedented FBI raids on the office, home, and hotel room of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen (see here and here for good analyses)—raids that wouldn’t have been authorized unless there was some suspicion of illegal activity—things are looking worse than ever for the First Moron. The raids are apparently in connection with the […]

How you can tell if your Facebook data were given to Cambridge Analytica

Now there’s not much you can do about it now if your Facebook data was given to Cambridge Analytica. If you’re on FB, an icon will eventually appear at the top of your screen (it isn’t yet on mine). Here’s the skinny according to CNN Tech: On Monday, the social media giant began rolling out […]