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Guess the creature

Reader Barry sent this tw**t, and readers can have fun guessing what it is. (I have no idea.) I’m off to the Museum in Wellington. Strange Creature Found On The Sea Floor In Bali — Nature is Scary (@TheScaryNature) March 28, 2017

Are religious people a bit thick?

I had a discussion a few days ago with someone who told me that many very smart people he knew were also religious. I thought about that for a minute, and after reflection I just couldn’t agree. I don’t think one can be really smart and religious at the same time. Yes, I know that some […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Welcome to Wednesday. Today is New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless‘s birthday (1968) famous for playing Xena, Warrior Princess and unlike many “action” women of the time, actually looked like she could kick the living daylights out of  the baddies du jour.   Eric Idle (1943) is celebrating his birthday as well. Long time […]

Two tweets

by Matthew Cobb Readers are invited to explain the first one, which involves calculus of some kind, I believe. When the shortest path is not the shortest path — Matt Lieberman (@social_brains) March 21, 2017 And this might amuse you Aliens is a reasonable idea… — David Bressan (@David_Bressan) March 21, 2017

Cincinnati Zoo fails to answer my query about chiropractic given to tiger cub

Well, by now I’ve written three times to the Cincinnati Zoo about their reprehensible use of a (human-trained) chiropractor to adjust the cervical vertebrae of a tiger cub who wasn’t “thriving.”  I asked for a response and I didn’t get one. I also wrote to Thane Maynard, the head of the zoo: no response. (Note […]

Feathers aren’t scary, Mr Spielberg?

by Matthew Cobb That's a velociraptor — Aokiji (@DukeOfZamunda) March 19, 2017 In fact, it’s a Brahma Chicken, but it’s still pretty scary!

A surprise

by Matthew Cobb ok — Freezy (@Calfreezy) March 11, 2017

Unusual stripes

by Greg Mayer Matthew sent me the following tw**t from Bryan D. Hughes, the rattlesnakeguy: Here's a cool picture sent to us by Susan Harnage. It's a longnosed snake with a partial stripe – an error in the pattern. Pretty cool! — Bryan D. Hughes (@rattlesnakeguy) March 15, 2017 The tw**t doesn’t say where […]

Eiynah on criticizing Islam under Trump

Reader Mike sent me this podcast by Eiynah (“Nice Mangos“) on “The complexity of criticizing Islam under Trump.” He added that it is a discussion that needs to be had, was worth every moment of his attention to the 12-minute podcast, and wanted to know the readers’ feedback. So by all means, proffer some feedback in the comments. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today’s photos come from reader John Conoboy, and from Africa. His notes are indented: February is the time of the great migration. I am told that the Serengeti ecosystem is defined by the wildebeest migration patterns. It is hard to get a single photo at eye level that gives the amazing scope of the animal […]