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Two gifs (pronounced…)

by Matthew Cobb It’s Saturday, England whupped the Aussies in the Third Test yesterday, and I’ve just been out and bought a load of fiction to read on my holiday in a week’s time. To celebrate all that, here are two GIFs, both from science folk on Twitter. The first, via Ed Yong, shows the aurora […]

Think positive: how could we get to a good 2100?

by Matthew Cobb On Tw*tter the @realscientists account just posted an interesting challenge. So here's something I've been pondering a lot lately: what will the world look like in 2100? What do you think? — realscientists (@realscientists) July 27, 2015 I came back with what I think is probably going to be the correct answer: […]

My dinner last night

From RJ Bar-B-Que in San Angelo, a highly rated establishment. It was very good, and authentic, but better specimens are available in my favorite places, notably the City Market in Luling, Texas. I also had their homemade peach cobbler, which can’t be shown because it’s in my belly. Combo plate: brisket/ribs, potato salad, beans, jalapenos, […]

Infinite Monkey Cage and a Cobb/Coynecidence

by Matthew Cobb Jerry’s appearance on the BBC Radio 4 programme The Infinite Monkey Cage has just been broadcast. You can listen to it, anywhere in the world, by going here (NB this is the podcast version, so is a bit longer than the broadcast version – 46 minutes! And you can download it as an MP3, […]

Here’s Baihu!

Everybody (including staff Ben Goren) has been clamoring to see Ben’s cat Baihu. I managed to take one picture of the moggie when we trapped him in the laundry room; otherwise he hides when strangers arrive. So here, for your delectation, is Baihu, whose name means “white tiger”: He looks affronted.

WEIT turned into videos

The MassComrehension site has begun making videos of WEIT, which I think is a distillation of my words from the book.  There are two videos put up so far at the WEIT Videobook site.  The makers are eager for feeback, so if you’ve watched either or both of these, please put your comments below. Part I: […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Readers keep saving my tuchus by sending me wildlife photos when I have no backlog on my laptop. Today’s photos and comments come from reader Rick Wayne: Inspired by the excellent velvet-antlered deer, I offer the following from our just-concluded American West vacation. Like the fisherman bemoaning the one that got away, I skipped the out-of-focus shot […]

Vale, the Grateful Dead after 50 years: a global version of ‘Ripple’

by Matthew Cobb I suspect a fair number of readers are, or were, Dead-heads. And it’s also probable that many of you will never have knowingly heard a Grateful Dead song. Either way, here’s a treat. The Dead have just completed their final concert, 50 years on. In the words of one of their best-known […]

Smart crow opens pizza box

We all know that corvids are really smart, and able to solve complex problems. Here a wild crow figures out how to open a pizza box. The YouTube notes. Crow figures out how to open a pizza box. The Ferrari is not mine :( Filmed in Vancouver on a Samsung Note 3 on the 27th […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

I arrived in Idaho yesterday at 4:30 pm—after a grueling twelve-hour drive through northern Colorado and much of Utah. And indeed, Stephen Barnard’s place is paradise: backed by a gorgeous stream with views of the mountains, and teeming with wildlife. Today we’re going on a canoe trip, followed by a pig roast held by his fishing […]


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