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Readers’ wildlife photos

We have some diverse photos today, but the tank is running a little low, so please send your good wildlife photos. First, a bittersweet wildlife story (and lovely photo) from reader Sylvain Duford: This Red-legged Honeycreeper [Cyanerpes cyaneus] was flying around with his all-green female and they both hit a window pane. Unfortunately the female died half-hour later […]

Dave Rubin’s choice for U.S. President

For some reason—and it may just be my advancing curmudgeonhood—I’ve gotten peeved at the proliferation of anti-Trump posts on my Facebook feed.  As I’ve said repeatedly, I despise what Trump stands for and consider the man not only unqualified to be President, but deeply egocentric, ignorant about governance, and even unbalanced. If you don’t believe that, […]

Spot Jones!

by Matthew Cobb This tw**t by Chetham’s Library popped up in my feed. Can you spot Jones? [JAC: You can see Jones below the fold: click on “read more” at the bottom.] Fantastic new ephemera acquisition. Manchester Ship Canal puzzle card. Can you solve the puzzle? — Chetham's Library (@chethamslibrary) August 12, 2016 Chetham’s […]

HuffPo headline contest ends tomorrow

Three days ago I announced a contest in which readers were asked to make up two satirical Huffington Post headlines, with the prize being an autographed copy of Faith Versus Fact (or an audiobook) with a cat drawn on it. The deadline for the contest is tomorrow at 5 p.m. Chicago time, so this is […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Moe

The latest Jesus and Mo, called “ugly,” is a good one, with the Jewish “Mo” (Moe) making a cameo appearance. The strip came with this note: A new one today, on the rise of antisemitism. Here’s an interesting essay on the topic. An excerpt from the Commentary piece by Ben Cohen: Now, it appears, anti-Semites are being […]

Poland: Dobrzyn and Poznań

There will be no “Readers’ Wildlife” today, for I have many pictures from Dobrzyn and my trip to Poznan. First, some cherries, as I am still getting my daily pie (another one will be made today). These ones are ready for cooking: Not yet ripe, but soon. . . The apples are ripe, too, but […]

Dilbert on free will

People don’t like Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, but I can’t remember why, and can’t be arsed to look it up. But we should judge a comic strip not by the artist’s personality, but by the strip. I like this one, but, as I’m on the train to Poznan (first class! Internet!), I’m not going […]

Heather Hastie on Islamist terrorism versus the IRA

It’s fortunate that, over at Heather’s Homilies, Heather Hastie has posted a substantive piece that you can read instead of looking for one here. Her article, “More delusions about religion,” is a reaction to a letter in an Aussie newspaper that was reposted by George Takei (“Sulu” of Star Trek fame) on his Facebook page. […]

二つの同じ箱とまる。Two same boxes and Maru.

What a cruel thing Maru’s owner, mugumogu, has done to him! As we all know, Maru loves to climb into Too Small Boxes, even when he can’t even fit in them. But what happens when he’s forced to choose between TWO Too Small Boxes? Does he choose the smallest one? You won’t believe what he […]

The Bourne Again Identity

“The Bourne Identity,” a 2002 film in which Matt Damon plays an intelligence operative who’s lost most of his memory, is one of the few thrillers I’ve ever watched. (I liked it.) If you didn’t see it, or don’t remember the plot, you can review it here. But you don’t really have to know the plot […]


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