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Media distorts Tlaib decision to not visit Israel after all

I’ve now watched two national news programs, with both reporting on Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s decision not to visit her aged grandmother in Israel after all. You probably know the details. Originally Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were going to visit Israel (“Palestine,” they called it, in the usual let’s-get-rid-of-Israel way), and Israel said okay. After a […]

Biden in NYT: Ban assault weapons

Uncle Joe has a leading op-ed in today’s New York Times: A quote: In Dayton, where the police responded immediately and neutralized the shooter within about 30 seconds, he was still able to massacre nine people and injure more than two dozen others because he carried an AR-style weapon with a magazine capable of holding 100 rounds. […]

Santana at Woodstock: An interview

If you’re of a certain age, and know what Woodstock is, then you’ll know that 2019 was the 50th anniversary of the iconic music festival. And to my delight, I found the following article in today’s New York Times. Though I wasn’t at Woodstock, I’ve heard the album and, of course, watched the wonderful movie […]

What identity politics did to Rosanna Arquette

The actor Rosanna Arquette, who has become a woke activist, tweeted this out yesterday. When I went back to retrieve it, I found that she had “protected” her Twitter feed so that I couldn’t embed the tweet. Fortunately, someone took a screenshot: Her feed now (note that “silence is complicity”): I was a big fan […]


A few of Daphne’s brood, now starting to look like big ducks but still with some spiky down. Their little wings, however, are fully feathered.  All the ducks are doing well, plump and lively. Click to enlarge.

New study involving returning lost wallets: people in the world are more honest than you think, but a reader calculates that honesty is greater in less religious countries

Reader Neil called my attention to a new paper in Science that tests honesty around the globe in a time-honored way: do people return lost wallets? You can access the paper by clicking on the screenshot below  (pdf here, reference at bottom): Rather than describe the results myself, I’ll just take a snippet from a […]

Language policing goes crazy (excuse the last word)

Things are getting a bit out of hand regarding the policing of language by the Woke. From SFGate we hear that The People’s Republic of Berkeley has passed a new ordinance prohibiting gendered language (click on screenshot): Here’s an example of verboten terms and their suggested replacements. I agree with nearly all of these changes […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Ilhan Omar, lobbying, and hatred

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, like Ilhan Omar, is from Somalia.  Hirsi Ali underwent extensive Islamist brainwashing to make her hate Jews, which she describes in the article below from the Wall Street Journal. (It’s paywalled, but judicious inquiry might yield a copy.) Hirsi Ali’s description of the Jew-hatred endemic in Islam, and how it’s drilled into […]

Fortress Around Your Heart

Saturdays are slow days for both me and readership, and I use the time to buy groceries, hang out with my ducks and work on non-website stuff. While doing the latter, this song suddenly came into my head, so I thought I’d put it up. It’s Sting, of course, singing one of my favorite songs […]

Here’s the camouflaged fish!

Did you spot it? It might have been pretty easy, being in the middle of the photo and all, but I was still impressed by how well it matched the white-speckled lava rock in its tide pool. Had I been in full possession of my scientific acumen, I would have chased it a meter away […]