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Hili dialogue and some morning tweets

by Matthew Cobb Some cat cotigation: Hili: I’m thinking. A: What about? Hili: About hypocrites who pretend to be righteous. . . Hili: Myślę. Ja: O czym? Hili: O hipokrytach, którzy udają sprawiedliwych. And here are some tweets to set you up for the day: Our pooch was resolutely unimpressed this morning by nature showing […]

Ridiculous Offense of the Week

As if society couldn’t be any more censorious about things that aren’t hurtful, have a look at this HuffPo article about a “thoughtless use of a racial slur”. That could be bad, but when you read what actor Gina Rodriguez actually did, it’s ridiculous to cast opprobrium on her. (Click on the screenshot.) Rodriguez, by […]

Photos of readers

Today we have another Man and his Toy: reader Garry VanGelderen. Garry’s notes are indented: Here is a picture of me sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat. This is my summer residence. Marina at Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada I do go out sailing frequently in the North Channell of Lake Huron. […]

Kid describes sounds coming from his parents’ room

I’m not sure whether those who put this on YouTube were thinking clearly, but it’s pretty funny.  Still, the interlocutors of this little kid shouldn’t have been egging him on; after all they surely knew what was gong on.  Still, ten to one the parents go buy a television set immediately!

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Good morning on Thursday, October 17, 2019—National Pasta Day. It’s also Wear Something Gaudy Day (probably too late for you, as you may be at work) and World Trauma Day and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Stuff that happened on October 17 includes: 1604 – Kepler’s Supernova is observed in the constellation of Ophiuchus. This was the […]

Tonight’s Democratic debate

I didn’t think I’d learn anything, and I really haven’t. The only change in my attitudes is that I like Elizabeth Warren less and Pete Buttigieg more, and everyone else pretty much the same as before. Even though “Mayor Pete” seems to have little chance to be the Democratic nominee, Warren’s evasion of questions grates […]

The Woke get hold of SpongeBob with predictable results: he’s deemed racist, colonialist, pro-nukes, an eraser of women, and a normalizer of colonial and military violence

This article is not a joke: it was published in the journal The Contemporary Pacific (a University of Hawaii journal) and was written by Holly Barker, a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington. By now the article, which is all over the media, will surely drive Dr. Barker into hiding, […]

After screwing up in Syria, Trump now announces sanctions on Turkey

Trump’s boneheaded move of withdrawing American troops from Syria, and abandoning our Kurdish allies to ethnic cleansing, with the consequence of incarcerated ISIS fighters going free, has now engendered the predictable reaction: Trump, after allowing this all of this to take place, has announced new sanctions on Turkey! As the New York Times reports: Faced […]

Nathaniel Comfort redux: Science doesn’t progress (or does it?)

Oy, my kishkas! Science historian Nathaniel Comfort has now emitted at least 65 tweets either doing down Pinker for Steve’s one tweet criticizing Comfort’s dreadful Nature article, or promoting Comfort’s own article. This includes a series of 25 tweets that duplicate what Comfort said on his own website about Pinker.  Talk about overkill! Having read […]

Our SOULS make us equal?

David Brooks’s new op-ed in the New York Times says exactly nothing. So why am I writing about it? Because of his thesis, squeezed into the last three paragraphs (see below). First, read his piece—if you can stand the sanctimonious attitude—by clicking on the screenshot below: I’m not sure whether Brooks is really religious. He […]