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Matthew Cobb and others on BBC: “Do insects feel pain?”

Have a listen to this 26-minute BBC show (click on screenshot to go to the show, which should be accessible worldwide). It’s the second part of a show about whether it’s moral to kill or hurt insects. A personal note: I avoid killing insects, or any animal, whenever possible. I may swat a mosquito, but […]

Southern Poverty Law Center apologizes to Maajid Nawaz, pays out a $3.4 million settlement for labeling him an “anti-Muslim extremist”

We’ve talked before about how the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has abandoned its historically useful mission, now taking after “hate speech” and including among the purveyors of said speech—on a list of “anti-Muslim extremists”—both Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Nawaz is a practicing Muslim, and Hirsi Ali a former Muslim and now a […]

Mexico defeats Germany in World Cup; our contest re-opens

If you click on the screenshot below, you’ll see a short video from FIFA showing highlights of yesterday’s game in which Mexico defeated the present World Cup champions, Germany, 1-0. A great pass and a great goal. The German papers are already analyzing the sociological meaning of their defeat. Contest Boss George has persuaded me […]

Andrew Sullivan is mad as hell at the Republicans

. . . and he has every reason to be. I know many people around here don’t trust Sullivan in view of his conservative past and stands on several issues, but about Trump and his misdeeds he’s been unsparing. In today’s column at New York Magazine, he’s also angry at the American people (and the […]

Indian chess star pulls out of Asian chess championship, refusing to wear a hijab

Our hero of the week is Soumya Swaminathan, a woman grandmaster chess champion from India (she’s 29). She was also the former World Girls’ Junior Chess Champion. Now she’s deliberately hurt her career in the cause of women’s rights—and her own rights—by pulling out the Indian National Team that will play at the Asian Nations […]

Disappearing mother duck?

For the first time ever, I can’t find Honey in the pond. Her brood of eight was huddled together on the bank, peeping pathetically, and mom didn’t come to my whistle. I can’t imagine her leaving her offspring, and the drakes chased the ducklings around in the water when I tried to feed them.  I’m […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ literacy

Posting will be light today as I’m a bit under the weather and can’t brain. In the meantime, enjoy the latest edition of Jesus and Mo, called “fail”:   Well, I’ve often wondered, because Hitchens proclaimed it repeatedly, whether Muhammad really was illiterate.  One counterargument is provided by the website Radical Truth (the “T” in “Truth” […]

Just sayin’

From today’s New York Times (click on screenshot): JERUSALEM — Gaza militants fired at least 28 mortar shells into southern Israel on Tuesday morning, setting off sirens, activating Israel’s air defenses and sharply raising the stakes after weeks of deadly protests, arson attacks and clashes along the border. The barrage was the heaviest to be […]

Sick duckling

This little guy was called to my attention by a guy at the pond; the mother had eight babies following her and I wondered where the other one was. The guy said there was one duckling languishing on the bank, and not in good shape. I brought the little guy (or girl) to my office, […]

Note to readers

Several readers who comment regularly have told me that their comments didn’t appear. I found the comments in the “spam” file, and have no idea why they went there. I restored the ones I found that weren’t real spam. If you’ve made a comment and haven’t seen it, email me with your posting name and […]