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Readers’ wildlife photos (and art)

Today, lest any reader be overlooked because their photos were posted on a holiday, I’ll put some of my own up: photos of both wild mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) from France as well as French art depicting mallards. Here are the fat ducks of Chartres. The river runs fast, and the mallards position themselves in the […]

Comedy wildlife photo awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography awards are a reliable source of animal LOLs (I posted last year’s winners here). Now this year’s awards are out, and D|Y Photography presents the finalists. Here seven to whet your appetite, but I’m sure I’ll miss some of your favorites. Go over and see the rest.       You […]

A passionate argument by Van Jones for free speech on campus

In this clip from the University of Chicago’s continuing Institute of Politics (IOP) discussions, CNN commenter Van Jones gives one of the best and most stirring arguments for free speech on college campuses that I’ve seen. Really stirring, especially for an extemporaneous answer to a question.  My favorite bit is this: “My parents, and Monica […]

My podcast with the Secular Jihadists

Earlier this year I did a podcast with the “Secular Jihadists,” namely Ali Rizvi and Armin Navabi. It was behind a paywall for a while, and I forgot about it until someone reminded me of a tweet by Navabi advertising it. I found the podcast on YouTube (just audio), and so I’ll put it up […]

Why is everyone down on Nancy Pelosi?

Today’s political post takes up two issues. The first is the widespread calls I’ve seen for Nancy Pelosi, likely at least the interim Speaker of the House (of Representatives) to recuse herself or resign, as she’s been on the job too long and “fresh blood” is needed. Even some Democratic representatives have signed a letter […]

Pecksniffery #1: National Geographic veers full control-Left over space “colonization”

Today, before I’m up to speed and have recovered from my gastronomic adventures in France, I’ll just pick two pieces of low-hanging fruit. You needn’t remind me that Trumpism is a greater threat to American welfare than Authoritarian Leftism, as I fully agree. But there are plenty of people decrying Trump in the mainstream press, […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ certainty

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “mate”, came with a note that the author is “Fairly certain this is a new one.” Well, the author can’t be blamed given that in nine days the strip will celebrate its 13th birthday—that’s a lot of strips (and a lot of outraged religionists). You can become a patron […]

Groped again—in Munich

I got to the Paris airport so early (5:15 a.m.) that I was able to get a much earlier flight to Munich than I’d reserved, which was good since my waiting time in Germany was only scheduled to be an hour, and the Munich airport is big and the walks are long (plus one has […]

Two meals in Paris

Wednesday lunch was at a rare venue for me: a Moroccan restaurant. Le Sirocco, near the Gobelins Métro stop, was highly rated, but I haven’t been to a non-French restaurant in Paris since 1990. Feeling a jones for tagine and perhaps a break from heavy French food, this was the place to go. It turned […]

Weigh in on the elections

I just woke up in Paris to find out that the Democrats have won fairly big in the House, now controlling that chamber, but that the GOP has retained control of the Senate. The governors’ races seem to be a toss-up, with no resolution yet, though I’m not sure why those aren’t as settled as […]