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A critic “analyzes” my dream: I am Pol Pot!

Yesterday I recounted a dream in which I witnessed the torture of people by the Khmer Rouge, but I had no idea what it meant.  Well, two people took it upon themselves to analyze the dream for me in emails, except that they seemed to be using their analysis as a way to to go after […]

Manchester – This Is The Place

by Matthew Cobb After the terrible events of last night, there was a vigil in the centre of Manchester tonight, with thousands of people crammed into Albert Square in front of the Town Hall, there to express their defiance against the bombers, and their solidarity with the dead, the injured, and their families. It was a […]

At least 19 killed, 50 injured in Manchester explosion

Apparently some kind of explosion, possibly with nail bombs, happened this evening in Manchester following an Ariana Grande concert. The New York Times reports at least 19 killed and 50 injured so far, with the police treating it as a “terrorist incident” until they know otherwise. What a horror, and many of these would have […]

If God really existed, this is what the Bible would have said

While we’re waiting for the Big News, here’s a nice pair of tw**ts (is that obscene?): I say unto you, pestilence comes not from evil spirits or sin but creatures too small for man to see & numbering more than the desert sands. — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) May 19, 2017 "Washeth thou thine hands after thee […]

What’s the goal of “women’s studies”?

Let two feminist scholars of them tell you, via this tweet from The New Real Peer Review: The goal of women's studies is to train students to become human viruses that infect and disrupt other fields — New Real Peer Review (@RealPeerReview) March 14, 2017 A quote: When envisioning the future priorities for women’s studies—ones […]

Would you (and will you) adopt this “bastard of a cat”?

When PuffHo sticks to animals, it can be tolerable, and it does have the story of Mr. Biggles, an Utter Bastard of a Cat: Pet adoption agency Cats of Melbourne, located in Melbourne, Australia, posted a darkly hilarious memo about Mr. Biggles (also known as Lord Bigglesworth) on its website this week, practically daring a future owner […]

Car plows into crowd in Times Square; 1 dead, 13 injured

UPDATE:  As two commenters said, this appears to be the work of a drunk driver. I can’t say I’m glad to hear that, as one is dead and 13 hurt, but at least it’s an isolated incident: Times Square crash driver who killed 1 & injured 12+ named as 26 year-old Richard Rojas of New […]

Quote of the month: the scientist

I’m writing a piece that involves describing some accidental byproducts of pure scientific research that are enormously beneficial for our species, something which often happens and is used to justify funding pure science (it is one justification, but I prefer the notion that scientific knowledge enriches our species intellectually).  I may include this quote from H. L. […]

Harvard has first “blacks only” graduation ceremony

As The Independent reports, Harvard University, my alma mater (Ph.D) will hold a “blacks-only” graduation ceremony in six days. It won’t replace an existing ceremony, but is an add-0n: Harvard University will host a graduation ceremony exclusively for black students, organisers have announced. More than 170 students and 530 guests have signed up to attend […]

Comey’s memo leaked!

And it was released on Twitter! Here it is, courtesy of the eagle-eyed Matthew Cobb.  Even if l’affaire Flynn doesn’t get Trump impeached, the way he eats steak surely will.