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Accommodationists stoop to new low

The title and photo were provided by reader James H. This is what you must do when reader Diana MacPherson is around, and even then she might turn the “wrong” roll around:

I for one welcome our new avian overlords

by Matthew Cobb This is absolutely extraordinary. — India Knight (@indiaknight) February 9, 2016 I think this from The Times of London. We’ll have to await the paper that’s promised (if you can squint your eyes to see that bit) before evaluating what it means.

The great cat escape!

by Matthew Cobb 💛🐶💕🐹 The Great Escape 💛🐹💕🐶 — Capt.Harry (@Captgorowara) February 8, 2016 I don’t care if it’s a fix, or from a film, or anything.      

How to photograph cats!

JAC: As I said, posting will be light this week, though Grania might start some discussion threads, and I expect people to PARTICIPATE! In the meantime, today is shaping up to be a cat-post day. I am in the small village of Denton, near Olney, visiting friends. Some spectacular wines on tap for dinner tonight. […]

Don’t they use candles any more?

Click on the screenshot below to go to the Guardian article: Isn’t the Pope supposed to be environment friendly? h/t: Steve

I have landed

It was a long and tiring flight to England. Not only was our plane more than two hours late in leaving Chicago, but we also had to wait for a half an hour once we landed until a gate became open. After that it becomes pure Heathrow Hell: the arrival hall at Heathrow’s international terminal (terminal 5) is […]

What’s going on here?

by Matthew Cobb This intriguing picture, taken by Sean McCann (@Ibycter) (who we’ve featured here) was posted by Sean during his curation of the @Biotweeps account on Tw*tter, in which a different scientist tw**ts from the account (there are many such accounts, including @realscientists, which give an insight into a range of scientific areas). Anyway, […]

PuffHo tries accommodationism, but can’t quite get it right

PuffHo has a “Religion and Science” section, but virtually every post therein is accommodationist; there’s never anyone claimingthat science and religion are at odds or incompatible. (When he was alive, Victor Stenger used to write such posts.) Here’s a sampling of what’s on that page now (posts are fairly infrequent): Yep, and here’s Professional Accommodationist Elaine Ecklund: […]

Maybe there are fundamentalist atheists

I’ve criticized those people who say that atheism is like religious fundamentalism, as well as those believers who demonize New Atheists as “fundamentalist atheists.” How can nonbelief be “fundamentalist”? But after reading a new piece by Wendy Kaminer in Spiked, I’m not so sure. Now I’m thinking that some types of atheism—the brands wedded to rigid […]

An Oxford event

One week from today, while I’m visiting that Meyer Wolfsheim called “Oggsford” in The Great Gatsby, I’ll be doing a book event at Blackwell’s, sponsored by Five Books. The announcement is below (click on screenshot to go to the page). Since the London Darwin Day talk is sold out, this is a cheaper alternative: only […]


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