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Kim Davis remains in jail, but seeks compromise

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for contempt of court for failing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples (she directly violated a Supreme Court order), clearly doesn’t like having her tuchus in stir. Ordered to remain in jail until she complies with the Court, Davis has now proposed a compromise. According […]

Kim Davis, who answers to a Higher Authority than the law, faces contempt of court charges [now Jailed]

UPDATE:  Reader James B. informs me, and this is verified by the New York Times, that Kim Davis has been sent to jail. At the hearing, Judge Bunning told Ms. Davis, who is an elected official, that she would be released once she agreed to comply with his order and issue the marriage licenses. “The […]

Did you spot the frog?

It wasn’t all that hard—especially compared to those infernal nightjars. Here’s the frog (or toad), conveniently marked with an arrow by reader Amy, who took the picture:  

Blue whale—live!

by Matthew Cobb The BBC and the PBS have been running a series of live programmes about the sea called Big Blue Live [The programme’s BBC website is here, the PBS site is here.] Yesterday they were broadcasting from Monterey Bay and interviewing a local expert when they suddenly heard that a blue whale had been […]

“Last Dance”

I’m feeling disco-ish today, so let’s have one of the great disco songs of all time, here in a terrific live performance by Donna Summer, who of course made it famous. Her real name was LaDonna Adrian Gaines, and she died in 2012 of lung cancer. She was only 63. “Last Dance” nabbed both a Grammy […]

What don’t we know?

by Matthew Cobb Here’s a quiz you can all respond to: what are the most interesting scientific questions we don’t know the answer to? Please comment below. Let’s skip over the obvious Big Things – why/how the Universe began, why/how Life began, what is consciousness, why the Cambrian Explosion happened – we all know those. Think […]

It’s Monday

by Matthew Cobb The stock markets are jittery and I haven’t had enough coffee, so here’s a baby monkey playing with a cat. [JAC note: I wrote my Hili post, which will follow this one, before I saw Matthew’s!]

Two vids: a baby and a cat and a baby elephant

by Matthew Cobb The first, sent to me by my daughter Lauren, features a baby being introduced to a cat:   The second is a gif (pronounced…) features a baby elephant (h/t @kahoakes) – note what it does with the hose at the end. I am deeply hostile to the Oxford comma, but appreciate it […]

John Oliver mocks televangelists

Well, I’ve received this video from about half a dozen readers. Since it had already been posted widely (and garnered nearly three million YouTube views in two days!), I thought everyone had seen it. Well, maybe not. So here, for your delectation, is a funny segment from John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” about televangelists. Enjoy the […]

Can we trust Wikipedia on “controversial” scientific topics?

Greg Mayer, who posts here from time to time, has been working for several years on a post called “What’s the matter with Wikipedia?”. I see the drafts on the site’s dashboard, and occasionally he updates them a bit. But I fear that his post, which claims that the online encyclopedia is full of errors, will never see […]


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