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Kavanaugh confirmed 50-48

From Vox: The Senate on Saturday voted 50-48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. It’s among the closest votes on a Supreme Court nominee in the history of our country, and it underscores just how divided this whole process has been. There were two party defectors: Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who wanted to vote “no” but […]

Politics as religion: Bill Maher’s latest bit

Reader Timothy called my attention to Bill Maher’s latest monologue, delivered on the tenth anniversary of Maher’s movie “Religulous”.  His bit about Kim Jong-il not needing to defecate, and the offhand comment about it, are precious. So is Maher’s take on “Trump’s Ten Commandments.” In fact, it’s all great, and I realized that as well […]

I found a sick/injured sparrow

While feeding the ducks this morning, I came upon a fat little male house sparrow crouched on the sidewalk. I couldn’t let him lie there on the cold cement, so I brought him inside, put him in a box on a cloth (my graduation gown), and left water and mealworms within reach. (I tried to […]

Senate panel approves Kavanaugh, Flake demands FBI investigation

This just in: the Senate Judiciary Committee voted (11-10) along party lines to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, but then Republican Senator Jeff Flake (who’s retiring after this term) said he won’t vote for Kavanaugh in the final confirmation unless there’s an FBI investigation that clears him. The NYT report is below. The vote, I suppose, was […]

Where to watch Christine Ford’s testimony and Brett Kavanaugh’s response

Today’s the big day, as Christine Ford will testify against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. You can watch her testimony and Kavanaugh’s response live at several places; I’ll put up two and you can click on the screenshots. The hearing starts at 10 a.m. EST, and I’ll be watching. If you wish, post your […]

Bret Stephens on Kavanaugh vs. Ford

Yes, Bret Stephens is a conservative, but also a big opponent of Trump. Regardless, his new op-ed in the New York Times (click on screenshot below), is one I agree with.  Stephens doesn’t believe either Ford or Kavanaugh from what has been revealed to date, but thinks that if Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Lion snatches photographer’s camera, gives it to her cubs as a toy; man naps with cats at a shelter, cat hiking videos

From PetaPixel we have the story (and a video) about a lioness who stole a photographer’s camera and gave it to her three cubs as a toy. How did this happen? Wildlife photographer Barbara Jensen Vorster was photographing a pride of lions in Botswana in July when she had her camera stolen by a lioness. She luckily […]

What I saw yesterday

Here’s a small sample of things we saw yesterday on the first day in California. You can guess what they are. Chile and cream of artichoke soup: Olallieberry pie with ice cream:   The official mascot of the University of California at Santa Cruz: Today: Whale watching!

A Jewish cowboy

I photographed this years ago in the local museum in Independence, California. I know nothing about this guy, nor where “Hominy” is, except that this must have been the only Jewish cowboy in history. And he looks it—as if someone took a yeshiva bocher and put him in cowboy boots and a hat. (The photo […]

Acme Coyote watch

A friend put this up on Facebook, and I am not at all sure it’s for real, but it could be from a police department with a sense of humor. Todd Baxter is indeed listed as the Sheriff of Monroe County, New York. And even if it’s not real, it’s pretty damn funny. You’ll recognize […]