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The Boot Sale

Philomena’s back! This short clip, directed byJonathan van Tulleken, was an entry in the Virgin Media Shorts in 2010, but didn’t win. Nevertheless, it’s very good; or maybe I just like it because Diane Morgan’s in it—along with the rejected schmo, Joe Wilkinson. You can read more about this short but touching movie here.

A philosopher asserts that there are “moral facts”, and we’re messing up our kids’ education by not telling them that

One thing that disturbs me about naturalism is the increasingly frequent contention that there are objective moral “facts” or “truths,” which can somehow be discerned scientifically. I don’t agree with that, since at bottom I think that what one sees as “right” or “wrong” ultimately rests on a set of subjective preferences that can’t be […]

Guest post: A new anti-theist (but popular) song:

I wasn’t aware of this song at all, and it mystifies me why I wasn’t. Reader Carvaka brought it to my attention in an email, and rather than paraphrase what he/she said, I’ll just put up the email, along with my thanks for permission to reprint it: ******* by Carvaka I’m writing to draw your attention to an […]

Philomena Cunk on Money

Until this week’s episode is posted, this will be the last “Moments of Wonder” for a while. I hope you’ve enjoyed your interlude with the dauntless Philomena Cunk (“Who are you and what are you an expert in or of?”); I know I have! In this episode Philomena tells us that “Moh-neh” is simply the […]

Philomena Cunk on Winston Churchill

After the “Evolution” segment, this is my favorite episode of “Moments of Wonder.” Here Philomena investigates the legend that was Winston Churchill. There are several great bits, including the opening question as well as her statement, “If he were alive today, imagine how good his tweets would have been.” Notice, too, how she pronounces Churchill’s first name and completely flummoxes […]

Philomena Cunk on the history of computing

I’m afraid there are only three episodes left of Philomena’s “Moments of Wonder” series, which will take us up to Friday. Today she enlightens us about the history of computing with the help of Computer Man Dr. Sean Holden of Cambridge University. The pre-computer version of Pac Man is hilarious, but I am, as always, mesmerized by Philomena’s […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: Part six

Leon continues to enjoy his hiking adventure in the mountains of Poland.(I’m now a day behind; these pictures are from yesterday, and today’s photos will be up tomorrow. Then Leon and his staff go home.) I’m told that Leon continues his friendship with the lovely innkeeper’s cat, Balbina, although she ate all the food in Leon’s bowl! Fortunately, […]

Reader’s comment of the day

This just came in as a newbie’s comment; of course I binned it but will reproduce it here. It’s from one “Bob Hutton,” the name he/she used; Hutton attempted to add this comment to the thread about “Some good news: Muslims protect a synagogue.” While I would never condone hatred of Jews or Muslims it has to be said […]

The Way I Feel

I haven’t forgotten about Gordon Lightfoot week; but the songs may appear episodically. We’re listening to music from his first and greatest album, Lightfoot!, which came out in 1966, when I was a junior in high school. “The Way I Feel,” a moving lament for broken love, uses the nature similes common in Lightfoot songs. And notice […]

Some good news: Muslims protect a synagogue

In the world of terrorism and killing, it’s stuff like this that at least buttresses (though doesn’t restore) my crumbling faith in humanity. I reported yesterday that Muslims in Norway vowed to form a ring around an Oslo synagogue on Sabbath (today) as a symbol of unanimity and protectiveness. According to Reuters, that actually took place. I […]


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