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Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Boris

This week’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “apt”, is about the fracas caused by Boris Johnson when, in a Torygraph editorial (now paywalled), he criticized the Danish niqab ban but also criticized the niqab itself, saying that its wearers look like a “letterbox”. So hated is Johnson that, although the letterbox comparison was offensive and inept, […]

Democratic socialism: sounds good, but is way too expensive, and not the future of the Democratic party

Bernie Sanders and now the upcoming Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an American-born of Hispanic extraction who may well sit in Congress this fall, have gotten a lot of airplay espousing “democratic socialism”, which proposes an expansion of social programs funded by the government. While I’m in favor of some of these in principle, nobody really […]

Sunday duck report: 1 baby left

Well, 7 of the 8 ducklings have flown the coop, leaving, as of this morning, just little Phoebe, who appears to be in pretty good shape, and Honey, who is temporarily flightless. They both seem able to forage on their own, and Phoebe’s wings appear to be strong as judged from her flapping displays, so […]

Maajid Nawaz on why Tommy Robinson is popular and why working class Britain is moving rightward

Maajid Nawaz, no longer demonized by the Southern Poverty Law Center after he filed a lawsuit against them, here has an 7½-minute radio discussion explaining why “mainstream working-class Britain is becoming radicalized.” He suggests that the causes of radicalization are “legitimate grievances that are exploited by hardened ideologues who then manipulate vulnerable young people by […]

The Sarah Jeong affair: more defense of her racism

UPDATE: Jeong’s history of racist tweets goes way back and can be seen by following the thread on the tweet below. Her excuse that she was simply reponding to harassers can no longer stand. I decided to wait until now to talk about Sarah Jeong because I didn't want to be part of the "outrage […]

North Korea still building long range missiles

Once again Trump has misunderstood North Korea’s intentions. As I predicted earlier (and here I’ll pat myself on the back, though this isn’t rocket science), North Korea has no intention of suspending either its nuclear program or its development of long-range missiles that can deliver weapons to the U.S. The DPRK’s raison d’etre is to […]

Here’s the Darwin!

by Greg Mayer Darwin can be found atop the bookcase which is to the right of the bat poster, and to the left of the ‘curved’ bookcase. On the top row of the ‘curved’ bookcase, 27 books in, is Jerry’s Speciation, followed by two copies of Why Evolution Is True (the copy with the orange […]

My podcast on free will at Left at the Valley

Left at the Valley is an atheist/science/politics podcast emanating from the Fraser Valley of Western Canada. I’ve been on it once before, talking about evolution, but this time they wanted to discuss free will. Before you get all het up and ready to pound the keys, I defined the kind of free will I’m discussing […]

Did modern Homo sapiens evolve in different parts of Africa?

The general view of human evolution among both scientists and laypeople is that “modern” Homo sapiens emerged from one single area in East Africa: perhaps from just a single population. That population supposedly evolved from an earlier ancestor of unknown identity—perhaps Homo erectus—underwent the transformation into the group of characters that identify our species, and […]

Reader writes in favoring animal torture, even for pleasure

One of the few downsides of writing this website is that you encounter people who seem almost inhuman in their sentiments, nastiness, or morality. Here’s a comment that just came in, and to which I responded briefly. Jan commented on Matthew Cobb and others on BBC: “Do insects feel pain?” My opinion of this whole subject […]