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Supreme Court rejects suit to remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency

A lawsuit involving 29 atheists trying to remove the phrase “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency has failed at the Supreme Court level, as reported by The Washington Examiner and other venues. The backstory: this phrase, the official motto of the U.S., was established only in 1956 after President Dwight Eisenhower signed it into law. […]

Now course evaluations rate ability of professors to create safe space in their classrooms

This, of course, was inevitable. Although the editorial below, from the University of Washington student paper The Daily (click on screenshot) is suggesting policy changes that haven’t happened yet, her suggestion is established policy or is under discussion at several universities, including Washington University,  Villanova, Lesley University, Brown University, and Williams College. (I haven’t done […]

Duck teaser

I still can’t believe that both broods of ducks are coexisting in the pond! I have two upcoming sets of photos, one of the half-grown brood of Katie, and the other of the new one. (I haven’t yet named the hen, as I think it would jinx things before the ducklings are a week old. […]

Cyrus is dead

I did not convey the full extent of this situation before, but I think I mentioned that Cyrus, the aged dog of my dear friends Andrzej and Malgorzata in Poland, has not been well.  You have seen Cyrus many times if you read the daily Hili dialogues. Well, this week things went downhill for the […]

Baby hippo’s first aquatic outing

From the Dallas Zoo via reader Michael, we have a video posted on May 31.  I seem to remember that baby hippos are born underwater and can swim before they walk, so if that’s true this is not the first time the baby was actually in water. It’s the first time in the public habitat. […]

Famous election prognosticator says that House must impeach Trump or he’ll be re-elected

So here’s a professor and a respected Presidential prognosticator, Allan Lichtman, who suggests that unless the Democrats impeach Trump, he’ll win again in 2020. Lichtman’s fame in this area, and his bona fides, appear in Wikipedia, which conflicts a bit with what the newswoman says in his introduction: Allan Jay Lichtman (born April 4, 1947) is […]

A disgusting hit piece on Pinker in Current Affairs

Several readers sent me this hit piece on Pinker in Current Affairs, written by Nathan J. Robinson, a Ph.D. student at Harvard in sociology and social policy. He also happens to be the editor in chief of the magazine, which explains how this profanity-laced piece got published. Click on the screenshot below to read it.  […]

Someone wants to write my autobiography

Well cut off my legs and call me “Shorty”! I got the email below from a company asking to write my autobiography. It’s a money-making operation, of course, employing a ghost writer who will make my wonderful and interesting life, and my science, accessible to the public: Dear Dr. Jerry A Coyne, I am Luis, […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

We’ve arrived at the weekend for those lucky folks who don’t work on Saturday and Sunday; yes, it’s Saturday, May 11, 2019. It’s also National “Eat What You Want” Day, which is a conundrum in two respects.  First, why the scare quotes? Are they only joking when they say you can eat what you want, […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Wednesday, May 8, 2019, and National Coconut Cream Pie Day. I could use a slice or three, but haven’t had one for years. It’s also these holidays today: Furry Dance (Helston, UK), Miguel Hidalgo’s birthday (Mexico), Truman Day (Missouri) and Victory in Europe Day (see below). On this day in 1794, French chemist Antoine Lavoisier, regarded […]