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Which scientists saved the most lives?

Scientists are the unrecognized benefactors of humanity. How many laypeople will recognize the name of Fritz Haber or Karl Bosch? Togetether they’re estimated to have saved over a billion lives. What about Norman Borlaug? He saved over 259 million lives. Ann Holloway, Samuel Katz, Kevin McCarthy, Milan Milovanovic, Anna Mitus, and Thomas Peebles? Together—over 100 […]

Trump’s bizarre press conference: Is he mentally ill?

If you missed Trump’s press conference yesterday, you missed one of the most bizarre behaviors of an American President I’ve ever seen. It’s matched in my memory only by Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” assertion, and Nixon’s “I am not a crook” statement. But this went on for 74 minutes, and […]

Poor Nemo!

by Matthew Cobb Here’s a gorgeous photo of clownfish, which just won the photographer, Qin Ling of Canada, an award in the Behaviour category at the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition (click to enlarge) – you can see all the winners here. Ling’s photo is entitled ‘Your home and my home’. Look closely at […]

Darwin’s only selfie

Darwin scholar John van Whye put this on Facebook: it’s Darwin’s only known depiction of himself. John’s notes: Darwin sketched himself as this little stick man on the island of St Helena in July 1836 as the Beagle was sailing home. The sketch represents the strong winds blowing up the sea cliffs while the air on […]

Virtue signaling with food

For every Trump misstep or lie, there’s an example of ludicrous posturing on PuffHo.  I sometimes visit the food section, for of course I’m a foodie, and when I visited today I found part of a series on “food of the Trump Ban Countries.” It’s just like PuffHo to co-opt its food section to denigrate […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Good morning, all: it’s Thursday, February 9, 2017, and it’s Bagels and Lox Day, one of the best food days of the year. For what can be better than a chewy New York bagel (spurn the torus-shaped Wonder Bread that passes for bagels these days), a nice piece lox, and a big schmear of cream […]

This was the animal track!

by Matthew Cobb Earlier today we reproduced a tw**t by Lisa Buckley (@Lisavipes), which showed a picture of a track she found in British Columbia. We asked you to work out what animal made it. Many people (like me initially) thought it might be an otter, but the size of the thing – it’s 10 […]

Kellyanne Conway babbles and dissimulates about Trump’s lies

We met Tom Nichols, an anti-Trump conservative, in a recent post on nuclear war. Here’s something he tw**ted: This is one of those exchanges that you watch and can't believe it was a real conversation with a White House official. — Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) February 7, 2017 So here’s Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s “counselor”, being […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Good morning! It’s Hump Day: Wednesday, February 8, 2017, and that means that it’s both National Molasses Bar Day (I have no idea what that is, unless it’s a dive where you can get a glass of bourbon and molasses) and National Potato Lover’s Day. I’ll take the spuds. In India it’s Propose Day—the second day on Valentine’s week, […]

Now I’M gonna get punched!

According to Wikipedia, Lexi Alexander is “a German film director who also works in television. She is a former World Karate Association world champion in karate-point fighting.  Alexander is well known for her advocacy for feminist issues in Hollywood.”  Is it really a surprise, then, that she’s this punch-happy? I’m opposed to punching Richard Spencer, […]