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Donald Trump’s Tweet of Triumph

Am I old fashioned to think, in an age of social media, that it’s undignified for a President of the United States, or even a President-to-be, to use Twitter for personal vendettas or triumphalism? Contrast this tw**t by Trump, with its liberal use of CAPSLOCK, with brand-new tweets by Obama and the First Lady: It all begins today! […]

Trump administration plans to privatize public broadcasting and deep-six the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities

From The Hill we hear of the Trump administration’s plan for slashing government spending (my emphasis): Staffers for the Trump transition team have been meeting with career staff at the White House ahead of Friday’s presidential inauguration to outline their plans for shrinking the federal bureaucracy, The Hill has learned.The changes they propose are dramatic. The […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

It’s Thursday, January 19, 2017; posting will be light today as I have a piece of journalism to do, so bear with me. It’s National Popcorn Day, a comestible that I find an adequate substitute for dinner when I just can’t face cooking. It’s also the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe (1809, died 1849), marked by the […]

Eight people have as much money as the poorest half of the world

When I talked to Dave Rubin yesterday morning, he asked me, if Americans are so resistant to the facts of evolution, what could I do to get people to accept it as truth? I told him that we’d have to get rid of those forms of religion (read: most religions) that make people resistant to evolution, […]

A new general book on evolution by Steve Jones (and one on climate change by Prince Charles)

I often get emails from parents asking if there are good books on evolution for their kids. I’ve recommended some (Grandmother Fish is quite good), and some day I’ll compile a list, though I haven’t read them all and really can’t compare them. But at least I can call your attention to new ones. In this case […]

National Geographic’s “The Story of God”: back for another season

As I’ve documented repeatedly, since Rupert Murdoch took over National Geographic, the magazine and its spinoffs have become increasingly oriented toward religion—and in a friendly way. Last summer Morgan Freeman hosted a National Geographic series called “The Story of God”; here are its six episodes.  Now, according to PuffHo, there’s a second season in the offing, with the first episode […]

No more science posts!

. . . unless people start reading them. Today virtually all the serious posts were animal- or science-related. Traffic is way down (about 60% of normal) which means people aren’t reading them.  What do you want—clickbait? OY!

Sokal’s Hoax: Twenty years on

It’s now been twenty years since the “Sokal affair,” also known as the “Sokal hoax”, in which physicist/mathematician Alan Sokal submitted a bogus postmodernist paper to the journal Social Text, with the jawbreaking pomo title, “Transgressing the boundaries: Towards a transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity.” (Paper free at link.) The paper used real quotes from professors […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

It’s January 2, 2017, which means that we’ll have to read “President Trump” in the papers—and hear it on the news—in only 18 days. My heart sinks. As for holidays, today’s both National Buffet Day (a good idea, especially if it’s an Indian buffet) and National Cream Puff Day. It’s also National Science Fiction Day, […]

Once again: Read Da Roolz

I know that new people are always coming on board here, but they may be unaware of the rules for posting (see “Da Roolz” on the left sidebar or here), which emphasize civility toward one’s host (i.e., ME) and toward your fellow commenters. If you’re new here, and aren’t aware of the commenting policy, do […]