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Is Steve Bannon crazy like a fox?

To James Kirchick, a liberal who intensely dislikes Trump, the answer to the title question is “Yes!”. Kirchick’s new piece in the Spectator, “The ominous political genius of Steve Bannon,” shows a man who, as a big force in Trump’s political campaign and later as Chief White House Strategist, explicitly used the Left’s identity politics […]

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Matthew and I were discussing food this morning, and he wrote me that he’d eaten all kinds of weird stuff: Never eaten squirrel, but have eaten rabbit (obviously [JAC: he lived in France]), boar, deer, brains, hedgehog (in Africa), frogs, snails – probably much like you (except the hedgehog maybe). Oh, and “Casu mazu”: cheese […]

Maajid Nawaz takes apart a hijabi who claims she’s a feminist

Have a listen to Maajid Nawaz, on his radio show, dismembering a woman who calls in saying that she’s a feminist and wears a hijab. He bores in on her with a bunch of questions involving what God wants, what’s the punishment if you disobey God, is wearing the hijab a “choice,” and whether an […]

Berkeley profs and students try to redefine hate speech and renew calls for class boycotts during Free Speech Week; science faculty stays quiet

UPDATE: While Free Speech Week is an organizational mess, it’s not clear whether it’s been canceled. Milo appears to be saying different things: NPR says it’s off, while HuffPo reports Milo saying it’s still on. Regardless, my arguments about free speech still apply. One thing’s for sure: speeches by these people will continue to be […]

The mess of Title IX in US colleges

UPDATE: Betsy DeVos has just reversed the “Dear Colleague” policy. As the New York Times notes in a brief report: Reversing a key part of government policy on campus sexual assault, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday issued new temporary rules that could give accused students greater protection against campus rape and sexual misconduct claims. […]

Queer trans woman begs: “Excommunicate me from the church of social justice”

The CBC has both an audio podcast and a transcript of an eight-minute talk by Francis Lee, who describes herself as a cultural studies scholar who is also a queer and trans person of colour (“QTPOC”). When younger, she was an evangelical Christian, but gave that up to work on liberation politics for queer and […]

Quote of the day: on the benefits of victim status

On pp.48- 49 of his book The End of the Holocaust (2011), Alvin Rosenfield discusses the adoption of the “Holocaust” trope by groups like the Nation of Islam, whose leader Louis Farrakhan argued that “The holocaust of the black people has been a hundred times worse than the holocaust of the Jews.” I take no […]

Guardian story misleadingly blames atheists for perpetuating the notion of a science/religion conflict

On Saturday the Guardian published an article called, “Would you Adam and Eve it? Why creation story is at the heart of a new spiritual divide.” The point of the article, based on a A YouGov poll commissioned by Newman University in Birmingham, is to make a point that’s the subtitle of the article: “Major survey reveals […]

Harvard behaves badly—twice

I’ll try to make this post short, as I’m resting in my hotel in Warsaw and want to catch up on the news from London. But I couldn’t resist, thanks to several readers (special h/t to Scott), calling attention to two questionable acts that my Ph.D. alma mater has committed. The first involves the New […]

Steve Gould’s last class

Matthew found this on his Twi**er feed, which recounts Stephen Jay Gould’s last classes at Harvard before he died of cancer on May 20, 2002 at age 60.  As you may know, Gould had survived peritoneal mesothelioma, an almost invariably fatal form of cancer that struck him in 1982. Amazingly, he beat the odds on […]