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How Australia is handling the pandemic

Reader Sue Davies sent a report from Australia on how they’re handling the pandemic, and gave me permission to post it. While much of her information comes from two sites (a Guardian Australia site and an Aussie federal government site), the summary and words are her own, and I’ve indented them: I thought you might […]

Prez: “We’re doing great; our country is doing so great.”

Here’s a history of Trump’s misleading statements about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s good to see them all in one place. He’s a duplicitous and mendacious liar, and I’m still betting he won’t be re-elected. And a diagnosis from a mental health professional a month ago on MSNBC. My only beef is that I didn’t think […]

Should I get a haircut?

This is not a request for readers to tell me whether I’m too shaggy; I already know that I am (see below). What I’m asking is whether, given the pandemic, I should go to the local tonsorial parlor for my occasional haircut. As you know, a haircut involves big time violation of the “social distance” […]

Bret Stephens on Woody Allen’s new book, and Hachette’s cancellation of it

I’ve posted twice on the story of the publisher Hachette canceling publication of Woody Allen’s memoir, Apropos of Nothing (see here and here). In short, Hachette was committed to publishing the book, but then Hachette author Ronan Farrow protested, on the grounds that he believed Allen had molested his step-sister Dylan Farrow when she was […]

Coronavirus ticker

I broke my promise not to discuss the pandemic. But Mark Sturtevant sent me this grim but mesmerizing real-time account of coronavirus cases in different countries, with the first column total cases, the second deaths, and the third “recovered.” As Mark wrote: Thus rotates through various graphs and maps showing the current coronavirus situation worldwide. […]

More cowardice from Syracuse University; students sit in and threaten escalation, administration cowers

As I reported about a week ago, students at Syracuse University have staged a sit-in in the administration building. It is, in fact, still going on, as the University administration has shown itself to be spineless and won’t do anything about it. Further, the sit-in is being conducted by a “black-led student movement” in protest […]

Italian journalist decries suspension of church services during coronavirus epidemic

Just a quick note about a journalist whining about something ridiculous in the New York Times: the government-mandated restrictions on church attendance in Italy during the coronavirus attack. As you know, the whole of Italy is now locked down, with public gatherings discouraged (and, in the case of outdoor gatherings and sports events, suspended). Indeed, […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

Note: PCC(E)—formerly Chat de Plafond—is a bit ill today (or, as they say in the UK, “poorly”): not coronavirus, but some bug that’s going to keep me resting for a day or so. I’ve prepared this Hili in advance, as I usually do, but posting today will be light. Matthew, however, has promised to contribute […]

Bad math in the media

Reader cesar sent this astounding example of innumeracy with a note: This is for real…..The dramatis personae are Brian Williams and Mekita Rivas, member of the NYTimes editorial board.  (Apparently somebody at NPR also fell for it.) You can spot the error immediately if you know that a million million is a trillion. 

Poll results, and a question about healthcare

On February 26, the night after the Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina, I urged readers to discuss the debate in the comments. And so you did, to the tune of—as of today—193 comments.  While nothing is ever settled in these discussion, nor do opinions ever coalesce around a single one (we are, of course, […]