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Some recent student demands

Walter Olson is a fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute, and has made a “storyfied” collection of some of the demands of college-student protestors in the last few weeks. As I’ve said, some of the “demands” (I prefer “requests”) are reasonable, but many are not only ridiculous, but hilarious. A few of Olson’s tw**ts: This […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Craig Carpenter sent a very artistic photo: Beaver (Castor canadensis; photo by Judy Carpenter) on a small lake in North Georgia. And from reader Colin Campbell: I am sending a few pictures taken with my iPhone, insects from the south of France and an extra from Spain (plus lagniappe) The first is a beautiful […]

Readers’ wildlife photos, and a note on Darwin

We’ll have a short photo installment today (is anybody out there?), as there’s a Google Doodle I want to highlight. I found this photo from Madagascar on naturalist/photographer Piotr Naskrecki’s Facebook page (you should definitely “friend” him if you like great nature photography), and asked him for permission to reproduce it here. He kindly assented. I […]

Bald squirrel in Dunstable

by Matthew Cobb The BBC reports that a bald grey squirrel has been captured in Dunstable in the UK. The RSPCA was called in after passers-by were worried it could freeze to death (we have just had the first frosts of the year). I assumed it was just mangey, but it is clearly bald all […]

Dawkins has no objection to Church of England’s ad in movie theaters; I disagree

Yesterday I wrote about a one-minute ad, “Prayer is for everyone,” that the Church of England wanted to show in British cinemas. The commercial agency that handles ads for UK movies refused, saying that their policy banned the showing of religious or political ads in theaters. I agreed, for reversing that policy would turn theaters into venues for religious […]

The unfair treatment of the animal rights movement

It seems to be a common opinion among atheists and scientists that the animal-rights movement is ridiculous, and I’ve seen it criticized and mocked on many secular websites. And indeed, the tactics of some animal-rights groups, like PETA, have been such as to offend or turn off many people. PETA, for instance, shows ads featuring semi-clad women, […]

The Atlantic summarizes all the college troubles, demands, and demonstrations

Reader Cate sent me a link that’s very useful if you are following the protests that are spreading all over the U.S. It’s a big and absorbing collection of Atlantic articles, posts, and readers’ notes appearing under the title, “Debating the campus protests at Yale, Mizzou, and elsewhere.” The behavior of demonstrators at Dartmouth (first bit in […]

A Parisian addresses the terrorists who murdered his wife

Reader Susan called my attention to this incredibly moving tribute by a Parisian, Antoine Leiris, to his wife Helene, killed by terrorists in the Bataclan theater. Antoine is left with a 17-month-old son, Melvil, and addresses a few well-chosen words to those who murdered his wife. Even as we try to figure out how to stop this […]

The Atheist Pig ‘n’ ISIS

Here’s the latest version of The Atheist Pig, identified by the artist as “A Hammy Critic of Religion”: h/t: Linda Calhoun

Afternoon delight: Cat boogie

This speaks for itself: You can see other pictures of Henry, sans cat, here. He was only 30 inches (76 cm) tall. h/t: John W.


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