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Trump’s defense of the Wall

I watched Trump’s short defense of his Big Wall and of the government shutdown he’s used as a tantrum to promote it, as well as Pelosi and Schumer’s Democratic response.  My feeling about the situation hasn’t changed: we have an impasse here, with neither side seriously interested in the bipartisan cooperation necessary to deal with […]

Trump’s impeachment: give your take

Despite Rashida Tlaib’s incendiary words of two days ago, the fact remains that Donald Trump has shown himself the most incompetent American President of our time—or perhaps all time. He’s shut down the government over his wall, creating an impasse that seems unbreakable, embroiled us in a debilitating, no-win trade war with China, ended intervention […]

Did Trump go off his meds?

Something is amiss here; look at this series of tweets from the “President”, all issued within two hours. And no, he’s not going to get his Wall for Christmas. He’s been a bad boy this year, and will get a big lump of coal to fuel his dirty energy initiative.   h/t: Grania

A government shutdown in the offing

Well, according to my CNN bulletin, Trump, who sounded as if he’d approve Congress’s temporary government-funding measure, had a tantrum and won’t approve it because it doesn’t give him his damn Wall. Here’s the bulletin. I guess that’s the Wall he wants to die on. It’s two days until the shutdown, and CNN gives updates […]

A new amphibian named after Trump!

Ladies, and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, meet Dermophis donaldtrumpi, a newly-named species of amphibian, which has its own Wikipedia page even though the name was announced yesterday. It’s a caecilian, or legless amphibian, which looks for all the world like a worm. But it is an amphibian. Here it is: The BBC report (click on […]

“The wall will get built”: Trump and Pence vs. Schumer and Pelosi in the Oval Office

As reader Randy said when he sent me this video, “This is government without a brain.” Truefact! Trump is improvising like a jazz musician here, but, as always, his braindumps are incoherent and embarrassing. I can only imagine what Pelosi and Schumer are thinking when they hear their “leader,” but look at their faces! The […]

Time to impeach Trump

The Mueller investigation continues to dig up dirt on members of the Trump administration, and now The Donald seems to have gotten soiled himself. According to today’s New York Times:  Federal prosecutors said on Friday that President Trump directed illegal payments to ward off a potential sex scandal that threatened his chances of winning the […]

New report again raises the alarm about climate change

Trump’s own government’s study shows him to be a mendacious moron. Click on the screenshot below to go to the CNN story, and you can find the government report it mentions at this site. (Note: the report is very long.) An excerpt from CNN: The report’s findings run counter to President Donald Trump’s consistent message that […]

In the case of Trump v. Roberts, Trump is right

John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, has been serving for 13 years, and is a judicial conservative nominated to be Chief Justice by George W. Bush. This week Roberts pushed back against a comment that President Trump made; the story is reported in the New York Times article below (click on […]

Saudi Crown prince likely to have ordered Khashoggi’s murder; DPRK continues developing nukes

Both the Washington Post and the New York Times (screenshots below) report that, despite vehement denials of the Saudi government, not only did Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman know about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, but actually ordered the killing. (The Post reported it first.) The data is inferential, […]