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NYT screws up, plays into hands of Trump

I can’t resist a bit of Schadenfreude about the New York Times, as both Andrew Sullivan and I recently criticized it for mixing opinion with news, and becoming unacceptably “woke”. This week, the paper screwed up in its desire to go after a Trump appointee, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. When Kavanaugh was having confirmation […]

A war with Iran?

During the Trump presidency, the most worrisome thing I’ve pondered has been the possibility that Trump would lead us into a war. Given that he’s an unstable narcissist and, unfortunately, also the Commander in Chief, he could easily ignite a conflagration. Iran is the most likely target, as the country has been responding by seizing […]

This week’s Bill Maher show, featuring Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss was on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show last night, and I have two clips (and, temporarily, the full show). The first clip was part of “Overtime” discussion, including, along with Maher, Michael Moore, Weiss, Krystal Ball, Michael Steele, and Fernand Amandi. Ball goes after MSNBC for damaging the Left through its slanted coverage, […]

Impeachment investigation appears to begin in House

I say “appear”, because it’s not really clear what’s going on. According to CNN (click on the screenshot below), a house panel apparently convened to investigate the possibility of impeachment has taken its first vote to define the parameters of the investigation: (CNN)The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a resolution defining the rules of the […]

Trump posts bizarre cat video

We all know about “Sharpiegate”, the bogus map Trump presented showing Hurricane Dorian heading towards Alabama, with that direction indicated by a Sharpie line. Somebody had drawn that line onto the map after it was made to vindicate Trump, who had predicted that Alabama would be in danger from the storm, even though it wasn’t. […]

Bolton out of the administration

It’s impossible to keep track of the comings and goings at the White House and the rest of the administration. I’ve love to see a timeline of the turnovers, and if anybody knows of one, let me know. The latest person to get their walking papers is national security adviser John Bolton, and I doubt […]

Are the Democrats too radical for America?

I was just starting to think that because Trump had finally made so many missteps,  and because so many Republican legislators are bowing out of 2020 re-election bids, that maybe we Democrats had a chance to recapture the White House (and perhaps the Senate?) in 2020.  And then along comes New York Times columnist David […]

Why do people hate religion? Because Trump.

Well, I deliberately used Millennial jargon in the title because humor. But the article below, an op-ed in today’s New York Times, isn’t so much funny as wrong-headed. Timothy Egan, a contributing NYT opinion writer and author who seems to have a weakness for faith, uses a clickbaity and misleading headline to give us a […]

The New York Times responds to attacks on its writers by saying it’s the victim of a right-wing conspiracy to discredit the paper

Three days ago I reported about the decade-old tweets of New York Times senior staff editor Tom Wright-Piersanti, who when younger issued a spate of anti-Semitic and anti-Indian tweets that were pretty vile.  Although another Times writer had been fired for tweets just as bad, the paper also decided not to fire Sarah Jeong, a […]

Andrew Sullivan on campus extremism

When I put up one of my frequent posts about the ideological follies on American campuses—and yes, these often involve the Left—I’m sometimes told that these follies are irrelevant, and I should pay them no attention. It’s only a fringe element, people say, and the students will grow out of their Wokeness when they graduate. […]