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Once again: should Trump be impeached?

Here’s a short video on CNN by the always sensible Fareed Zakaria on the possibility (and desirability) of Trump being impeached. He’s also put the text of this talk in a Washington Post piece called, “Democrats, there’s a better strategy than impeachment.” Listen (click on the screenshot to access the video) and/or read: What is “Fareed’s […]

Trump instantly reverses new sanctions on North Korea

The “President” has made a ton of ridiculous political decisions in his time, but this one, to which Grania alerted me as a tweet, has to number among the stupidest.  The sanctions were imposed just yesterday, and their reversal appears to be because our own maniac likes the DPRK’s maniac: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White […]

Ken White’s article on the Cohen testimony: Everyone needed advice from lawyers

Ken White, who writes on the legal website Popehat, has a very good article in The Atlantic about Michael Cohen’s cross-examination by Congress yesterday.  His take is that the Republicans completely failed to destroy Cohen’s credibility, but that Democrats largely blew the chance to make a case against Trump. Click on screenshot (h/t: Grania): One […]

Michael Cohen testifies

I’m watching Michael Cohen’s live testimony before the House of Representatives, and you can follow it, along with commentary, at the New York Times site. What he has to say is chilling, and it’s not over yet. I can tell the party of any Representative questioning Cohen simply by the loudness of their voices (the […]

Trump and Kim Jong-un meet again

The good that the U.S. is trying to do in Venezuela, sending aid to the beleaguered and hungry populace —aid that never gets there— and supporting the self-declared president Juan Guaido instead of the nefarious dictator Maduro (Democrats: where is your support for Guaido?), is being offset by our “President’s” meeting this week with Kim […]

A gay magazine opposes the administration’s attack on anti-gay laws in other countries; brands intiative as “racist” and “colonialist”

This is one more indication of the Left shooting itself in the foot by trying to adhere to woke principles that conflict with even more important woke principles. In this case we have Out magazine, a respected voice in the LGBTQ community, going after the Trump administration’s campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in the many countries—especially […]

The “Covington Catholic” mess

Grania warned me that this subject was “toxic,” but I don’t have much to say that’s controversial, so I’ll be brief. Everyone has probably heard about the three-way confrontation in Washington D.C. between a group of Native Americans, including the drum-beating Nathan Phillips, a group of high school boys from Covington Catholic High School in […]

Trump’s defense of the Wall

I watched Trump’s short defense of his Big Wall and of the government shutdown he’s used as a tantrum to promote it, as well as Pelosi and Schumer’s Democratic response.  My feeling about the situation hasn’t changed: we have an impasse here, with neither side seriously interested in the bipartisan cooperation necessary to deal with […]

Trump’s impeachment: give your take

Despite Rashida Tlaib’s incendiary words of two days ago, the fact remains that Donald Trump has shown himself the most incompetent American President of our time—or perhaps all time. He’s shut down the government over his wall, creating an impasse that seems unbreakable, embroiled us in a debilitating, no-win trade war with China, ended intervention […]

Did Trump go off his meds?

Something is amiss here; look at this series of tweets from the “President”, all issued within two hours. And no, he’s not going to get his Wall for Christmas. He’s been a bad boy this year, and will get a big lump of coal to fuel his dirty energy initiative.   h/t: Grania