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Trump’s bizarre press conference: Is he mentally ill?

If you missed Trump’s press conference yesterday, you missed one of the most bizarre behaviors of an American President I’ve ever seen. It’s matched in my memory only by Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” assertion, and Nixon’s “I am not a crook” statement. But this went on for 74 minutes, and […]

Four Republicans propose a bill to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency

Well, it’s been only about three weeks since the Trumpster took office, and if it wasn’t our country at stake, American politics would constitute a humorous soap opera. Already we’ve had the Failed Mexican-Financed Wall, the overturned immigration orders, the realization that it won’t be so easy after all to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, […]

Paul Krugman predicts the Apocalypse

I have a lot of respect for Paul Krugman; in fact, he’s my favorite New York Times columnist. He not only makes me think, but he’s usually right, and I’ve almost never seen him make a fallacious or dubious argument. His latest op-ed in the Times, “When the fire comes“, takes up an issue that […]

Andrew Sullivan is back, he’s mad as hell, as he isn’t going to take it any more

In 2015, Andrew Sullivan announced that he was retiring from blogging.  Well, that lasted two years. He’s started a new column at New York Magazine that he describes like this: I guess I should start by saying this is not a blog. Nor is it what one might call a column. It’s an experiment of […]

The scorecard: Steve Bannon vs. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Here’s today’s right-wing LOL.  Steve Bannon, formerly the head of Breitbart News, is now the Assistant and Chief Strategist to Donald Trump, and sits on the National Security Council. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is, of course, the leader of ISIS. As The Raw Story reports, Fox News was angered at a USA Today editorial arguing that both […]

Trump loses big time in appeals court

As I predicted (and this time correctly), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled—unanimously—that the ban on implementing part of Trump’s immigration order will stand. (Remember that one of those judges was appointed by George W. Bush.) The ruling, as I hear on the news, is very strong, calling part of those orders unconstitutional. […]

Classy POTUS attacks Nordstrom for dropping daughter’s fashion line

I’m going to try to limit Trump posts to about 2 every 3 days, but really, the Administration is such a clown car, with a new laugh appearing every day. The latest is Trump’s tweeting in defense of his daughter Ivanka, whose clothing line has apparently been dropped by both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  Sales were […]

Betsy DeVos wins confirmation

As predicted, there was a 50-50 tie in the Senate over the confirmation of the rich and totally unqualified Betsy DeVos to be Trump’s education secretary. And also as predicted, Vice-President Pence broke the tie, confirming DeVos. If only a single additional Republican had some integrity! But that, I suppose, is too much to ask. This […]

The fox in the henhouse: Creationist leads Trump’s education task force

I’m a few days late with this news, and needn’t say much about how ridiculous this is, but last Thursday, Liberty University, a fundamentalist Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia, announced that its President, Jerry Falwell, Jr. would head up an “education task force” for President Tr*mp. (Fallwell, Jr. is the son of the notorious Jerry […]

Today’s dystopian news

I’ll be brief; we have two items, one good and one bad. Good one first. 1.) After a federal judge struck down two provisions of Trump’s anti-immigration bill, the Department of Justice appealed the decision. They lost, so the travel bans are still blocked. The upholding was done by the United States Court of Appeals for […]