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New York Times tells Democrats how to regain the White House

All of us who identify as Democrats or liberals are biting our nails about this November’s elections. Can Trump possibly win again? I go back and forth on this, but lately am more optimistic that, because of the impeachment proceedings and Trump’s unhinged behavior about Iran and international affairs in general, the Democrats have a […]

It’s time to move the impeachment proceedings to the Senate

Many liberals think that Nancy Pelosi is being very clever for refusing to move Trump’s impeachment proceedings over to the Senate, who have the power to convict him, unless that body agrees to meet certain conditions for a trial (these conditions include the testimony of specified people). In today’s New York Times’s conversation between liberal […]

Live feed of House impeachment vote

The full vote apparently hasn’t yet taken place, but here’s a place to go to see the action in the House. Representatives are declaring their stands, and people are worked up. Here, from the New York Times, is where members stand on the vote. It’s going to be pretty much this when the votes are […]

Trump sends 5-page letter to Nancy Pelosi protesting his impeachment

Well, the letter isn’t completely unhinged, but it’s very vitriolic and accuses the Democrats in the strongest possible terms of playing politics. Trump also sent this screed to every member of Congress, both House and Senate. You can see it at CNN by clicking on the screenshot below. I have no reaction save incredulity. But […]

Word of the Day: “lapidation”

by Greg Mayer Brian Leiter has drawn attention to a “working paper” by Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor and former Obama administration official. Entitled “Lapidation and apology“, Sunstein’s paper argues for a reinvigoration of the figurative usage of a rather obscure word: “lapidation”. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “The punishment of stoning […]

Discuss: the impeachment and Warren’s Medicare/tax plan

The big news in the U.S. is, of course, the House of Representatives’ vote yesterday to proceed with a formal impeachment inquiry, which will probably wind up with a vote to impeach Trump. (Remember, impeachment is just a requirement for a Senate trial, which needs a 2/3 vote to convict. Only that vote will remove […]

After screwing up in Syria, Trump now announces sanctions on Turkey

Trump’s boneheaded move of withdrawing American troops from Syria, and abandoning our Kurdish allies to ethnic cleansing, with the consequence of incarcerated ISIS fighters going free, has now engendered the predictable reaction: Trump, after allowing this all of this to take place, has announced new sanctions on Turkey! As the New York Times reports: Faced […]

Trump does the dumbest thing ever

Well, it’s hard to pick the dumbest thing Trump ever did, but pulling US troops out of the way to allow the Turks to kill Kurds has got to be up there at the top. There is NOTHING about this reprehensible act that is good. Some consequences: 1.) Kurds, our allies in the fight against […]

A diplomatic and a spelling mistake by Trump

I won’t belabor the stupidity of the U.S. tacitly allowing Turkey to start killing Kurds—once our allies against ISIS. What we’ve done is allow Turkey to invade Syria under the misguided notion that they’ll do our dirty work for us. But the misconceptions are that our standing aside won’t damage the Kurds much as well […]

NYT: Pinker on the “Ukraine conversation”

In this short piece in yesterday’s New York Times, Steve Pinker takes a linguistics approach to the recent conversation between Presidents Trump and Zelensky, parsing their words and looking at how they’re used socially, all to figure out if there really was a “quid pro quo” going on. That, of course, is the crucial question, […]