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Yesterday’s poll: Prognostications about Trump

My poll yesterday, “Is Trump toast?” came from my feeling—which I still hold—that he won’t last his first term: that he’ll either resign or be forced out of office.  I asked readers their opinion, and here are the results as of 8 a.m. today: Only about 28% of respondents agree with me, 43% think he’ll get […]

Poll: Is Trump toast?

What with the unprecedented FBI raids on the office, home, and hotel room of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen (see here and here for good analyses)—raids that wouldn’t have been authorized unless there was some suspicion of illegal activity—things are looking worse than ever for the First Moron. The raids are apparently in connection with the […]

Trump has a bad dream

Grania called this bit to my attention, since I never watch the Simpsons except online. This bit, a dream sequence from the show, was apparently aired recently (you can also tell that from its content). When you realize that this stuff is aired on FOX, it’s really quite amazing. I love the hairpiece, and note […]

NY Times equates President Trump with a mobster

This is about the strongest attack on Trump I’ve seen from the New York Times (there have been many), and it’s fully justified. It represents the views of the paper’s entire editorial board, so it carries a lot of weight: If you listened to Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview with Stephanie Clifford (aka “Stormy Daniels”), as I […]

Liz Cheney criticizes lawyers for defending accused al-Qaeda detainees

Grania called this tweet to my attention; it’s from Ken White who writes on the site Popehat, and he’s a civil rights and free speech attorney: Liz Cheney: It's slander to call waterboarding torture. Also the unutterably vile @Liz_Cheney : lawyers who represent detainees are jihadis and should not be trusted — SpaceForceHat (@Popehat) March 15, […]

Why talks with North Korea won’t succeed

While everyone seems to be heartened by the sudden announcement that Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong-un to negotiate for the DPRK’s suspension of either nuclear testing or building weapons, I am not optimistic. (I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.) There are three reasons. 1.) Trump will be meeting with Kim Jon-un, and […]

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt disses evolution, espouses theocracy, doubts whether carbon dioxide causes global warming, asserts that God gave us the right to have all guns

Politico has just revealed that Scott Pruitt, the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), espoused some pretty bizarre and goddy views on an Oklahoma radio show in 2005. Granted, that’s 13 years ago, but have his views changed? Given his faith, probably not, and they were posted on his campaign website when he ran […]

Trump vs. Gary Larson

Reader Ken Phelps has produced an updated take on an old and classic Gary Larson cartoon. Larson on the left, Phelps on the right:

What’s with Trump’s hair?

I don’t like to comment on the appearance of my political enemies, but I really can’t make out what’s going on here with Trump’s hair. Does anybody know? h/t: Grania (who thinks he has mange)

Trump’s postmortem on the Democrats’ reaction during the State of the Union address

Here is a narcissist in action. He can’t even let go of the tepid reaction of the Democrats during his State of the Union address; in fact, unbelievably, he calls it not only “un-American”, but treason. He claims that Democrats care more about their own ideology than the good of the country, but doesn’t realize that […]