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Goodbye for real, Hawaii

I had one more feed on the way to the airport before I left Oahu: a bowl of chicken and pork soba noodles at the Japanese food court at the Ala Moana shopping mall. It’s a good place to dine, and if you spend $10 you get a free beer. The court (beer stand in the […]

Farewell, Hawaii

I’m off this evening for a red-eye flight to Chicago—that is, if the predicted heavy snowfall doesn’t delay or cancel my flight. Posting will be lighter than usual until I get on my feet around Sunday. And so I bid farewell to this blessed isle, having had a great time here over the past three […]

Hawaii: quotidian travels

Here are a few “holiday snaps” from Oahu. I’ve already visited many of the major tourist sites, and now am just chilling, going snorkeling at the beach, and eating. Two days ago I went snorkeling again at Hanauma Bay. Although it’s a popular beach, there weren’t too many people snorkeling in the reefs just offshore, […]

Hawaii: Ducks and miscellaneous scenes

I guess I’m addicted to ducks, because part of my trip involves a twice-daily trip to a lovely nearby marina to feed a handful of ducks whom I’ve come to recognize. The crowd include a mixture of mongrelized ducks with genes from mallards, muscovys, and perhaps Hawaiian ducks (Anas wyvilliana), closely related to mallards. There are […]

More Hawaiian food

I continue to eat the local food, and it doesn’t look as if I’ll go to any fancy Hawaiian restaurants when I’m here, though I hear that the hula pie at Duke’s on Waikiki is awesome. (I walked through Duke’s restaurant, though, and the buffet looked very lame.) There are few things more satisfying than […]

Flowers and fish

First we have some photos from a visit to the University of Hawaii’s Lyon Arboretum, not far from downtown Honolulu. I can’t identify the plants, but some are native and some are not. Readers are invited to weigh in. First, the source of Hawaiian plants. It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that I learned […]

A visit to the Laysan Albatrosses

Yesterday’s Big Expedition was a hike to Kaena Point, the westernmost spot on the island of Oahu, which you can see below: Our goal: to see the nesting colony of Laysan Albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis). While it ranges widely through the Pacific, it breeds largely on Hawaii: as Wikipedia notes, “The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands [including Midway] are home to […]

Hawaii: food

As always, when visiting a place I try to eat what the locals eat. In Hawaii this means plate lunch, malasadas, spam musubu, and a large variety of Japanese-style dishes like udon noodles. All will be sampled and presented here, but in sequence. In Hawaii, Malasadas are Portugese-style donuts invented in Madeira, freshly fried spheres […]

Hawaii: Day 3, Pearl Harbor

The third day of my visit involved a trip to Pearl Harbor west of Honolulu, the site of the Japanese attack on the American fleet on December 7, 1941, the “day date that will live in infamy.” That attack brought the U.S. into the Second World War the next day, when Congress declared war. We […]

Hawaii, Day 5

I’ll skip days 3 and 4 for now, as those involved a visit to Pearl Harbor and to the ships on display there, as well as a long ocean trip to snorkel with dolphins and turtles, so there are lots of photos to organize. Today (Wednesday) was a visit to the North Shore, the famous […]