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Paris, day 5: Food, museum exhibits, and LOTS of women’s shoes

Unfortunately, the weather in Paris portends lots of rain, probably until I fly back home on Tuesday. But it’s easy to find interesting things to do inside—and that doesn’t include eating. This morning we discovered that there were several exhibitions at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, including a new exhibition on the famous woman’s […]

Paris, day 4: More food and perambulations, plus “high” fashion

It was a rainy day in Paris, but that lends some atmosphere to the place as the boulevards become glistening black. Umbrellas in hand, we set off for a morning walk. As the rain was pretty steady, it was time to go indoors—to France’s spiffiest department store: the Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann in the […]

Paris, day 3: More food, cats, and scenery

Another day, another 3 hours of walking, followed by a big lunch followed by a food coma (I am again forgoing a nap to write this). The walk revealed lots of goodies, including food, cat-related items, and other interesting accoutrements of Paris. This morning mandated a visit to La Maison d’Isabelle, a bakery at the […]

Paris: Food, cats, and scenery

I think the three items in the title just about cover most of what’s interesting in Paris. When you Americans are reading this post after breakfast, I’ve already downed a huge lunch and am back in my hotel for a postprandial nap. In fact, I’m fighting to stay awake typing this. It’s not jet lag, […]

I have landed—and eaten!

I didn’t miss much my first day here, even though I got no sleep on the plane (I watched two movies: Joker and Lawrence of Arabia) and am a jet-lagged wreck. Still, I soldiered on and had a big meal and went to the da Vinci exhibit in the Louvre—on its last day. I have […]

I didn’t get groped at O’Hare, but the noms are bad

I got to the airport three hours early so I could chill at the United Club lounge, which I joined for a bargain (relatively) last year. I was hoping to get comfortable seats, wireless (both of which I have), and something good to eat. Sadly, the noms are dire: worse than I’ve had in any […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Bruce Lyon from UCSC has returned with the latest photos and details from his research trip to Argentina. His notes are indented: Here is another batch of photos from my expedition to Argentina last December to begin a study of the horned coot (Fulica cornuta) in the high Andes (first post here). We started at a lower […]

Boston: Penguin Day visit to the Aquarium, and noms

As yesterday was Penguin Appreciation Day, we decided to visit the refurbished New England Aquarium, which has a lovely penguin exhibit, as well as many other nice exhibits. (They care well for their animals.) The penguin tank, which is huge, occupies the whole first floor of the aquarium, and, though it’s said to harbor rockhopper […]

More noms in Cambridge

Here’s a brief photo-log of activities on Saturday. The frigid morning was devoted to a trip to Boston’s North End, historically the Italian section of the city. It retains much of its charm though, like the entire area, it’s getting gentrified. When I was an impoverished graduate student, I would treat myself to a cannoli […]

Yesterday’s lunch: Deli

On the recommendation of my friends’ friend, we drove to Brookline yesterday for a deli lunch at Zaftigs Delicatessen. (“Zaftig” means “plump or buxom” in Yiddish, but might also be the owners’ family name.) A secondary goal was to procure bagels at Kupels Bakery, a Jewish bakery just two blocks away.  Kupels is said by […]