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Classic American road trips

I’ve just gone on my own Big Road Trip, but it doesn’t compare to the others made famous in American literature. Over at Atlas Obscura, Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez have collaborated to make an interactive map of many great road trips in American literature, ranging from Blue Highways to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle […]

Austin part deux: buying custom boots

As I’ve mentioned several times, one of the reasons I went through Austin was to get measured for a pair of custom cowboy boots by Lee Miller, in my view the finest bootmaker in the U.S. His shop is called “Texas Traditions,” and Matt Dillahunty accompanied me there a few days ago for my Big Measurement. […]

Peregrinations: New Mexico, part deux

I have long wanted to visit Linda Calhoun and her goat dairy in Mountainair, New Mexico, and I can report that the mission is accomplished. Here’s a brief report. Linda has, as I recall, 23 goats, which include a bunch of lactating females, a small group of young kids, and five large, bearded males. I believe the […]

Lunches: Louisiana

I’m hanging around Cajun country for a few days, centered in Lafayette, Louisiana, for I know I can take only one large Cajun meal per day. (On this trip I’ve generally been eating only one meal of any sort per day, as I usually have just coffee in the morning and I find that I […]

Peregrinations: New Mexico, part I

Las Cruces, New Mexico is the home of New Mexico State University (NMSU), where two of my friends teach: evoutionary biologist Avis James (named by a mother who was an ornithologist), and ecologist Bill Boecklen. I’ve known Avis for a long time, since she was a postdoc at Chicago working on flies, and later became […]

Lyle Lovett likes my boots

With Matt Dillahunty accompanying me (he likes and wears cowboy boots), I visited Lee Miller’s shop in Austin yesterday (“Texas Traditions”) and, with the help of Lee and Carrlyn—his wife, shop manager, and sometime helper—I got measured and ordered a fancy pair of custom boots. As I mentioned two days ago, I consider Lee the best bootmaker […]

My dinner last night

From RJ Bar-B-Que in San Angelo, a highly rated establishment. It was very good, and authentic, but better specimens are available in my favorite places, notably the City Market in Luling, Texas. I also had their homemade peach cobbler, which can’t be shown because it’s in my belly. Combo plate: brisket/ribs, potato salad, beans, jalapenos, […]

Arizona, part deux

The first of the Arizona travelogues was yesterday’s post on Kelly Houle’s art, which I saw when we visited the home she shares with her husband Ken and her son Benny in Mesa. After looking at the art, we took the short drive to Tempe to pick up Ben Goren.  The thermometer in the car gave […]

Sunsets, Arizona

I have a whole passel of photos from Arizona, but the margins of this post are too small to contain them. A larger post will appear very soon. For now, let me just put up a few photographs of sunsets, all taken from the home of Mike and Karen Houle (Kelly’s parents) in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, between […]

PSA and some more peregrinations

by Grania Jerry will be leaving Arizona and is then on to New Mexico in a couple of days and will then be traveling through to Texas, specifically Austin and afterwards to Louisiana. If you are in the area and want to meet up or visit with him, either leave a comment or drop him […]


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