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Peregrinations: Colorado Springs 1

Three days ago I visited Robin Elisabeth Cornwell, who lives in Colorado Springs. Many of you may recall that she was the former Executive Director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation (fR&S), and is now the only research scientist at Camp Carson, studying the effects of trauma and other experience on the brain.  Robin has two cats and […]

Breakfast at Aspen

The atmosphere around Aspen, besides being intellectual, is also green: they provide free bikes for people to ride (not really needed on the grounds, which are compact); those who can’t walk are ferried around in electric golf carts; all the material for meals is recyclable, and there are recycling stations; and the food is healthy but delicious. […]

The Great PCC Odyssey, Part 2

by Grania We’ve had an update from Jerry! He’s reached Aspen, having traveled from Holdrege, Nebraska to Colorado Springs until finally reaching Aspen today. He’ll update us in more detail later on himself. In the mean time, here are some photos from the road (click on the photos to enlarge, do the procedure twice to […]

Peregrinations: Vermillion, South Dakota

After a roughly ten-hour drive from Chicago on Saturday, I arrived in Vermillion, South Dakota, where reader Hugh Britten, his wife Lynn (both biologists at the University of South Dakota) and their daughter Caitlin greeted me with excellent hospitality, including two cats, a d*g, and a lovely get-together with other faculty and great noms. Here’s the family; […]

The Great PCC Odyssey, Part 1

by Grania We have word from Jerry on his progress on the road. I’m sure he will add more detail when he gets a chance (and more stable wi-fi). In the mean time, here are the highlights. Jerry writes: I had a lovely afternoon with Hugh and Lynn Britten in Vermillion SD and a gathering […]

Miscellaneous photos: Toronto

I had very little time to do anything but talk yesterday, but I did manage to snap a few photos from the rapidly-growing city of Toronto. This we what we need: MORE STREETS NAMED COWBELL! A bobblehead from the local CfI office. Although I don’t watch the t.v. show, I was told that the family dog, […]

Everything turns to candy

Sadly, Tim Horton’s was outside security at the Vancouver airport, so I failed to secure any donuts before I got to the departure gates. However, I did have one for lunch yesterday, after a creditable meal of a ham and swiss sandwich and a giant frozen lemonate (which gave me my first real case of brain […]

Noms: Vij’s Indian restaurant in Vancouver

Last night, Larry Moran, biochemist at the University of Toronto and author of the biology/atheism website Sandwalk, was kind enough to take me, his son (who lives in Vancouver), and one of his old friends to dinner at Vij’s, which may well be Canada’s most famous Indian restaurant. It is immensely popular, and deservedly so, as the […]

I have landed

The United Airlines flight was an hour late, they provide NO FREE SNACKS, and if you want to watch a movie during the four-hour flight to Vancouver, you have to pay $8! What a ripoff! I would have flown Southwest (free snacks, free bag check, friendly people) had they gone to Vancouver, but alas, I […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs: Special travel edition

Reader Susan Heller sent me a bunch of photos from her recent (April) trip to Istanbul, a city I’ve visited three times and absolutely love. So did she. Her are her “wildlife photos” from that fabled town. I’m not in the habit of posting travel photos, so keep on sending me wildlife , but these were […]


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