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Readers’ wildlife photographs: Special travel edition

Reader Susan Heller sent me a bunch of photos from her recent (April) trip to Istanbul, a city I’ve visited three times and absolutely love. So did she. Her are her “wildlife photos” from that fabled town. I’m not in the habit of posting travel photos, so keep on sending me wildlife , but these were […]

Signs from above and below

I realized that the hyper-Christian (and pro-creationist) Bob Jones University was close to where I was going to talk yesterday (Furman University), so I asked my hosts to take me to BJU. I did so in the fervent hope that I could at last find Jesus, for if he’s real, he’s surely at Bob Jones University. Sadly, […]

Boston and Cambridge: Random photos

Actually, these are nonrandom photos—I constantly hear people misusing the word “random” all the time. First, today’s morning Easter Coffee, complete with a Marshmallow Peep® (I have to admit that I absolutely love these sugary death-bombs): Garcia, the resident cat: We took a walk through Cambridge and then across the river to Boston yesterday. Along the […]

Boston noms

This really should have been called “Somerville noms,” for Somerville is an up-and-coming section of greater Boston that abuts Cambridge. Last night, my hosts and I dined in that former working-class area at Sarma, a highly rated restaurant that serves the equivalent of Middle Eastern tapas: small, complex dishes that are extraordinarily tasty, and made with the freshest ingredients. […]

TSA blues

It is 6 a.m., I have gone through security at Midway Airport, and once again I have been violated by the TSA. After passing through the See-You-Naked Machine, the agent asked me to turn around and look at the video output of my scan. Sure enough, on the screen there were bright yellow outlines on the buttockal and […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Send in your photos, folks! Although I have a fairly comfortable backlog, we Jews (cultural or religious) always worry. . . . Today we have two wildlife photos and then some travel photos, since H. sapiens is also wildlife. First, from Stephen Barnard in Idaho: The Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) is incubating eggs in a […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: La fin

Leon and his staff are on the way home now, tired but happy after their adventure. But Leon was still a bit randy on the way down, as he’s torn between the two queens he met: Leon: Kicia up on the mountain, Balbina down in the valley, what do you suggest? And maybe he’s had […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: part sept

Today is the next-to-last day of Leon’s Big Adventure. And the intrepid moggie, moving on, encounters yet another female cat! Malgorzata provides an introduction: Explanation first: they went for a long trek high into the mountains and there was a tiny mountain hostel containing one female cat named Kicia. And there’s a dialogue: Leon: Did you […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Actually, today we have mostly travel photos from reader Ken Phelps. I’m still going to concentrate on wildlife in the future (and perhaps the occasional landscape), but because these scenes will soon be gone when Cuba turns into another Aruba, I thought I’d put them up to document an endangered culture. The cars are endangered, too: […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: Part cinq

Leon, the intrepid Polish tabby, is still enjoying his winter hiking vacation in the mountains of Poland, but now there’s a new element: he’s smitten by Balbina, the resident female cat! Leon: Let’s admire this sunset a bit quicker because Balbina and a scrumptious supper are waiting at the hostel. The saucy wench Balbina: Leon and Balbina are properly introduced: I […]


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