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Dobrzyn: Sunday-Tuesday

Life has been slow and relaxed in Dobrzyn, with the usual round of walkies, workies, and nomz. Sunday dinner was a Swedish dish, potatis gratáng, which the French would call “pommes gratinée.” (Malgorzata and Andrzej lived in Sweden for 15 years, so we get many Swedish nomz.) It consisted of layers of potatoes and ham, […]

Fun in Dobrzyn and Toruń

Yesterday I was off to Toruń to give the beginning-of-the-school year lecture to the entering biology students at Nicolaus Copernicus University. The school was founded only in 1945, but has antecedents dating centuries earlier to the University of Vilnius (founded 1579), many of whose students and faculty migrated to Toruń after World War II. But before I left, […]

Dobrzyn: around Retirement Day

Here are a few holiday snaps from the last two days in Dobrzyn. It’s gotten a bit chilly and they’ve turned on the central heating. First, as befits her status, we have the Furry Princess of Poland, who is now deigning to give me substantial Quality Cat Time on the couch: Hili’s World #1: Hili’s […]

Dobrzyn: Sunday, with bonus cherry pie recipe

I was in bed most of the day yesterday, so I’ve little to document, but here are three photos. First, Cyrus, sleeping on the d*g bed with a protective leg over Hili. I have to admit that this is cute: For afternoon tea Malgorzata made a delicious apple-and-walnut pastry, which she said was a Jewish recipe […]

Saturday: Dobrzyn and Włocławek

Yesterday was a busy day, and though I didn’t feel 100% up to snuff, there were a number of tasks to attend to, the most important of which was walking Leon, the Hiking Tabby. But first, a few snaps of The Princess here in Dobrzyn. Hili on the couch with me in one of her cute […]

Friday in Dobrzyn

As I was not well most of yesterday, there’s not much to show except food and animals: I didn’t even go for walkies. But here, for what it’s worth, are a few holiday snaps. First, another cherry pie was made with Malgorzata’s scrumptious walnut crust. She is keeping her vow that I will not go […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (with extras)

Professor Ceiling Cat is under the weather today, having caught some kind of grotty virus, undoubtedly from confinement in a plane with a gazillion people. This means that posting will be light as I lie abed trying to recuperate. In the meantime, I’ll show not only Hili, but first a picture of Andrzej’s and Malgorzata’s property in […]

Wednesday in Dobrzyn

I’ve already settled into the pleasant routine chez Malgorzata and Andrzej: work (in my case on talks) punctuated by walks, cat petting, and delicious meals. Here are some photos from yesterday. Lunch: two kinds of Polish sausages, ham, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, two kinds of cheese, and bread. I brought the “Reserved for Jerry Coyne” […]

I have landed!

It was a long flight from Chicago to Warsaw, but I have arrived, been driven to Dobrzyn, and am now ensconced, somewhat jet-lagged, chez Andrzej et Malgorzata. I was greeted by this sign on the gate, which got me excited until I learned that “Pies” means “d*g” in Polish (the sign means “Caution, d*g!”). But […]

Classic American road trips

I’ve just gone on my own Big Road Trip, but it doesn’t compare to the others made famous in American literature. Over at Atlas Obscura, Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez have collaborated to make an interactive map of many great road trips in American literature, ranging from Blue Highways to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle […]


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