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Portland, part trois

I’m leaving Portland this afternoon, and will show a few photos I took in the last two days. First, some archetypal Portlanders. People like this are by no means rare in the city. One is showing a distorted cultural appropriation: red dreadlocks! I can’t even. . . .  I am shaking and crying now about […]

Portland: Day 2

The Big Event yesterday was my two-hour session with the 120 students in Peter Boghossian’s “Pseudoscience” class at Portland State. I lectured for an hour, and then there was a question-and-answer session. The students had some good questions. Peter also teaches an “Atheism” class and a separate “New Atheism” class, both of which are wildly […]

Portland: food and drugs

While I have some “intellectual” lucubrations to emit, I’m traveling and need to save my brain till after I talk today. Anyway, I have some photos of our food-and-drug excursion in Portland last night. Portland is a town that prides itself on quirkiness: people wear weird clothes, sport lots of tattoos, and ride bicycles that are either six […]

I have landed. . .

. . . in Portland that is, where I’m in the capable hands of philosopher Peter Boghossian at Portland State University, host for half of my visit. We’ve already dined at one of the famous “food trucks” (stalls, really) that fill this food-loving city, and had a great Thai lunch. The evidence is below. Portland is, […]

Where should I go?

This is an experiment in crowdsourcing a vacation trip, and, given my strong opinions about travel, may not work. I have some trips scheduled for fall, and even next year, but they’re all work-related. This summer: bupkes. I’d like to get away for about two weeks or so, and my criteria are these: Not really far […]

Moar adventures with the TSA

I forgot to note that, on leaving Chicago for Houston, I was again groped on the buttocks by the avid agents of the Transportation Security Administration. Once again the see-you-naked machine showed a yellow patch on my lower back, and so I was once again thoroughly goosed. (The same patch showed up a short while ago […]

Dinner in Houston

The famous “Doc Bill”, retired chemist and programmer, commenter on this site, lover of noms, and the staff of Kink the Cat, invited me over to dinner at his place in Houston last night, along with Kevin McCarthy, writer of the Skeptic Ink site Smilodon’s Retreat. The co-host was his wife Helen, a retired geologist. It was a […]

What does this Indian sign mean?

Traveling in India, you often see signs in fractured or archaic English (they use a lot of old British words like “rusticated”), but you can usually understand what they mean. This sign, however, next to a window in the passenger compartment of a bus (the one that took us from our broken plane to the […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Friday at last, thank goodness! And a happy Spaghetti Tree Day. Back in 1957 the BBC perpetrated one of the first April Fools’ jokes that went viral thanks to television. Google apparently tried an April Fool’s prank this morning with a  Gmail Minion mic drop gif (pronounced …) but pulled the stunt when […]

I’m still alive

I have been out and about with no Internet, and that will continue tomorrow. I’m back in Bhubaneswar for one night before we head out for Crocodile City and Turtle Beach tomorrow, so will quickly post some photos. At the Temple of the Sun at Konarak, I made friends with a calf; it shows some […]


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