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Oggsford: Thursday

Today’s a quiet day in North Hinksey (Oxford), as I stay at home, work on my talk, rest, and do a few posts. For lunch my host took me to the Fishes, a local “gastropub”, which is what happens when rich locals take over the pub. The prices go up and the traditional accoutrements of the […]

Oxford: Wednesday

My book event at Blackwell’s last night—a conversation about Faith versus Fact and the five science-vs-religion books I picked for the Five Books site—went very well, I thought. The moderator was Sophie Roell, editor of Five Books, who interviewed me on my quintet of good anti-faith books as well as on five popular evolution books when Why […]

Noms in Denton

My long-time best friend Kenny King, who had married a British girl and moved to England several decades ago, died unexpectedly in April of 2014 (see memoriam at link). I was upset that I couldn’t make it to the funeral, as I was giving talks in Davis, California. Yesterday I was finally able to make it to […]

I have landed

It was a long and tiring flight to England. Not only was our plane more than two hours late in leaving Chicago, but we also had to wait for a half an hour once we landed until a gate became open. After that it becomes pure Heathrow Hell: the arrival hall at Heathrow’s international terminal (terminal 5) is […]

The TSA gooses me again!

Not only is my plane two hours late, so I have to cool my heels for four hours in the desolate International Terminal of O’Hare, but, though clean as a whistle, I was grabbed by TSA after the Full Body Scan and given the Goosing Treatment. That meant a preliminary explanation by the agent about […]

A tight landing at Princess Juliana International Airport

This airport, right past the beach on the island of St. Maarten, is notorious for having little leeway for landing. Locals and tourists gather on Maho beach to watch the fun. The plane is a PAWA Dominicana flight, and an McDonnell Douglas 83 plane; the landing was on January 6 of this year. Not all the […]

TSA body scanners abysmal failures at detecting contraband

Just yesterday the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) put in place a regulation that even air passengers who opt for a pat-down security check could be required to go through the See-You-Naked Machines (SYNMs), euphemistically known as full-body scanners. (Full disclosure: they no longer see an image of your naked body.) Right now 2% of passengers opt […]

Fun at the Atheist Alliance of America meeting

I was in the suburbs a fair amount of time during the AAA convention, being a “handler” for Jeff Tayler and Inna Shevchenko, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures of the meeting itself. Fortunately, Mark Gura did, and posted a lot of them on his Facebook page’s AAA album). I’ll put his photos first, […]

Southern noms

In the last three days I’ve visited two renowned Southern restaurants. The first is the Busy Bee Cafe, featuring southern soul food, particularly its famous fried chicken. Founded in 1947, the cafe was frequented by many civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr., back in the days when Atlanta was a locus for anti-segregation activism. The […]


. . . well, there’s one picture from Poland: the Last Meal. Malgorzata and Andrzej’s friend Monika, a gourmet cook (and student of linguistics and translation) met me in Warsaw before taking me to the airport hotel, and we went to a lovely restaurant for lunch. I had a delicious breast of duck (rare, as […]


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