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Fun at the Atheist Alliance of America meeting

I was in the suburbs a fair amount of time during the AAA convention, being a “handler” for Jeff Tayler and Inna Shevchenko, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures of the meeting itself. Fortunately, Mark Gura did, and posted a lot of them on his Facebook page’s AAA album). I’ll put his photos first, […]

Southern noms

In the last three days I’ve visited two renowned Southern restaurants. The first is the Busy Bee Cafe, featuring southern soul food, particularly its famous fried chicken. Founded in 1947, the cafe was frequented by many civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr., back in the days when Atlanta was a locus for anti-segregation activism. The […]


. . . well, there’s one picture from Poland: the Last Meal. Malgorzata and Andrzej’s friend Monika, a gourmet cook (and student of linguistics and translation) met me in Warsaw before taking me to the airport hotel, and we went to a lovely restaurant for lunch. I had a delicious breast of duck (rare, as […]

The Last Day in Dobrzyn

It’s my last post from Dobrzyn, and with a heavy heart I’ll take leave of this haven tomorrow. Some pictures, heavily weighted with those of The Princess, from my last two days. Andrzej working on the edge of his chair—for obvious reasons. The Editor is on his tail! Andrzej plays fetch with Cyrus on the […]

The TSA: Security theater?

The premise of this video, from the show “Adam ruins everything” is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is worthless for two reasons: it hasn’t yet stopped any terrorist attacks by discovering weapons or explosives, and, by making public its methods and what has been confiscated, simply encourages terrorists to come up with new methods. I agree […]

Dobrzyn: Sunday-Tuesday

Life has been slow and relaxed in Dobrzyn, with the usual round of walkies, workies, and nomz. Sunday dinner was a Swedish dish, potatis gratáng, which the French would call “pommes gratinée.” (Malgorzata and Andrzej lived in Sweden for 15 years, so we get many Swedish nomz.) It consisted of layers of potatoes and ham, […]

Fun in Dobrzyn and Toruń

Yesterday I was off to Toruń to give the beginning-of-the-school year lecture to the entering biology students at Nicolaus Copernicus University. The school was founded only in 1945, but has antecedents dating centuries earlier to the University of Vilnius (founded 1579), many of whose students and faculty migrated to Toruń after World War II. But before I left, […]

Dobrzyn: around Retirement Day

Here are a few holiday snaps from the last two days in Dobrzyn. It’s gotten a bit chilly and they’ve turned on the central heating. First, as befits her status, we have the Furry Princess of Poland, who is now deigning to give me substantial Quality Cat Time on the couch: Hili’s World #1: Hili’s […]

Dobrzyn: Sunday, with bonus cherry pie recipe

I was in bed most of the day yesterday, so I’ve little to document, but here are three photos. First, Cyrus, sleeping on the d*g bed with a protective leg over Hili. I have to admit that this is cute: For afternoon tea Malgorzata made a delicious apple-and-walnut pastry, which she said was a Jewish recipe […]

Saturday: Dobrzyn and Włocławek

Yesterday was a busy day, and though I didn’t feel 100% up to snuff, there were a number of tasks to attend to, the most important of which was walking Leon, the Hiking Tabby. But first, a few snaps of The Princess here in Dobrzyn. Hili on the couch with me in one of her cute […]


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