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New Mexico: Española to Las Cruces

This will be my penultimate travel post, as I arrived back in Las Cruces and will be here until Saturday,when I return to Chicago for a week. (Next: a gastronomic visit to Paris.) I did the long drive from Española to Las Cruces in one day, stopping for a few hours at the fantastic Three Rivers […]

Taos to Española

Yesterday I decided I’d seen enough of Taos (though many will disagree), and I needed to move on. (Like Neal Cassady, I tend to like the moving as much as the staying.) Soon after the sun came up (view below from my motel window), I had some coffee and hopped in the Ceiling Cat RentalMobile: […]

Travels in New Mexico: Taos

I arrived in Taos two days ago after a too-short drive over the famous High Road from Santa Fe, a road that goes through lovely scenery and appealing small towns. Although it was Sunday, and hardly anybody was to be seen, I enjoyed the quiet. But before I left Santa Fe, I had to return […]

New Mexico: Santa Fe 2

I spent two nights in Santa Fe as there’s so much to see and do—and eat. People watching is fun, too, as the town harbors a mix of wealthy locals, aged tourists, and aged hippies, as well as a “woo” culture (see below). The food is good, too, though I’m trying to restrain myself: no […]

New Mexico: Silver City to Santa Fe

It’s sunny and snowing in Santa Fe as I write this morning, but I suppose it happens: after all, the town is nearly 7200 feet above sea level (ca. 2200 m). And it was chilly last night, so I’m glad I brought a fleece. I arrived yesterday afternoon from Silver City, making a circuit around the area […]

New Mexico: Day 1

So it’s farewell to the Land of Boiled Peanuts (which I love when sold hot by the roadside, but not canned like these in Piggly Wiggly), and hello to the Land of Green Chile: And I am with my friends Avis and Bill, who teach biology at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Avis’s […]

Airport water fountains

I needed a drink of water in the Houston (Hobby) airport, and one good thing about America compared to, say, Europe, is that water fountains are nearly always handy in public facilities. Seeking my drink, I found this: Now usually there are two levels: low to the ground for kids and higher up for adults. […]

Apalachicola: Day 3

When I woke up on Monday, I found an email from reader Tara Tanaka, whose wildlife videos have often graced this site (go here to see all the posts containing her contributions). It turned out that on Monday, Tara, who lives in Tallahassee with her husband Jim (former Head Naturalist of the Florida state park […]

Apalachicola: Day 2

The lazy days of fishing, strolling by the Gulf, and eating continue. On Sunday we took Carolyn to the airport in Tallahassee, as she has to go back to her medical practice in Michigan (she’ll be moving down here next January). In the meantime, here’s the house where we’re staying. Carolyn and Doug have another […]

Apalachicola: Day 1b (fishing)

On Sunday we went fishing for several hours out near the long, skinny barrier islands around Apalachicola. There were four of us, all in a skiff skippered by my old friend and colleague, Doug Schemske (a retired evolutionary biologist who worked on plants). We were told to call him “Cap’n Doug” and to unquestioningly and […]