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Boston: Penguin Day visit to the Aquarium, and noms

As yesterday was Penguin Appreciation Day, we decided to visit the refurbished New England Aquarium, which has a lovely penguin exhibit, as well as many other nice exhibits. (They care well for their animals.) The penguin tank, which is huge, occupies the whole first floor of the aquarium, and, though it’s said to harbor rockhopper […]

More noms in Cambridge

Here’s a brief photo-log of activities on Saturday. The frigid morning was devoted to a trip to Boston’s North End, historically the Italian section of the city. It retains much of its charm though, like the entire area, it’s getting gentrified. When I was an impoverished graduate student, I would treat myself to a cannoli […]

Yesterday’s lunch: Deli

On the recommendation of my friends’ friend, we drove to Brookline yesterday for a deli lunch at Zaftigs Delicatessen. (“Zaftig” means “plump or buxom” in Yiddish, but might also be the owners’ family name.) A secondary goal was to procure bagels at Kupels Bakery, a Jewish bakery just two blocks away.  Kupels is said by […]

Lunch with Pinkah, and a preview of his next book

When I’m in Cambridge visiting old friends, I always try to get together with Dan Dennett and Steve Pinker—separately— for I enjoy the intellectual stimulation this provides (and, in the case of Dan, the inevitable stentorian arguing as well). Dan’s out of town this week, but yesterday I managed to dine with The Pinkah at […]


Because penguins, and because if I put some of these up before, it was in degraded versions. These are from Cuverville Island off the Antarctic Peninsula.  

Proprietor’s wildlife photos

It’s time to go back to Patagonia, as I hadn’t discovered how to post downsized photos when we visited Torres del Paine National Park. This was an optional excursion on the boat, but I simply had to pay some dosh to see it, for when I was younger I’d been enthralled by Galen Rowell’s photos […]

Proprietor’s wildlife photos and videos

I have to put up more of my penguin videos because penguins (note yesterday’s language post). We’ll see videos and photos of three species today. Try to see the videos on full screen. Here are some gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) porpoising in the water and trying, largely unsuccessfully, to mount a small iceberg. Cuverville Island […]

Readers’ photos

I say just “photos” because these aren’t wildlife photos (though several species are mentioned), but civilization photos. Still, please send in your wildlife photos, as I’m running low, and may have to cancel this feature. Let’s go to church this morning! These lovely photos come from William Savage, whose notes are indented: No wildlife this […]

Proprietor’s wildlife videos

For Sunday, we have three videos of chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarcticus), all taken at Orne Harbor, Antarctica, on November 16. The first one shows males calling and displaying in their rookery. The males raise their heads, flap their wings, and emit raucous calls. Presumably they’re displaying their vigor to onlooking females. The next two show […]

Flying home

The title of this post, of course, comes from a famous song by Benny Goodman’s band, reportedly derived from a tune that Lionel Hampton (who was in the group) nervously whistled to himself before boarding a flight. I have a few more posts on Antarctica, though somehow it’s much harder to put these up when […]