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Inappropriate gesture of the year: A 9/11 Memorial Moment of Mini-Muffins

I found this photo on Facebook, and sure enough, some checking showed that a Marriott hotel branch did indeed memorialize the 9/11 victims with this thoughtful Moment of Mini-Muffins: What a touching way to remind the 3,000 dead and 6,000 injured. Granted, the hotel chain did issue this explanation: “We are aware of the picture […]

Canada offers aid to Texas hurricane victims; state turns it down, asking for prayers instead

When I saw this headline from the website The Root, I thought it was a joke. (I thought the Root might have been a “satirical news” site, but it’s a black news site.) Click screenshot to see article: Just to be sure, I checked on the web, and found this on the CBC: And the […]

The cat tweets after the Barcelona tragedy

It may seem churlish to tweet pictures of cats after the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona, but that was the response after the Spanish Police issued this notice when they saw horrific pictures of the dead and injured posted on Twitter: đźš©Por respeto a las vĂ­ctimas y a sus familias, por favor, NO compartas imágenes […]

Animation: Titanic sinks in real time

So here’s a video, produced by the group Titanic: Honor and Glory, showing how the Titanic sank—in real time. That means that it’s 2 hours and 40 minutes long. It also doesn’t show any people, probably out of a misguided fear of looking gruesome. (If you want to see people die, watch the 1997 movie Titanic). […]

Cartoon reactions to the Brussels bombings

There have been various cartoons and tw**ted artwork about the Brussels bombings, and Grania and I have collected a few below: From artist Plantu, President of  CartooningPeace Many of the cartoons feature the famous “Mannekin Pis” (“little dude pees”) statue erected in Brussels in 1618/1619: And of course many feature Tintin, the beloved reporter/detective who combed the […]

Explosions kill 28 in Brussels

It’s not such a good morning after all. After regaining access to the Internet, I have learned about the horrific explosions at both the Brussels airport and subway, killing at least 28. Given the recent capture of terrorist suspect Salah Abdeslam and arrest of four others, all in Belgium, this may be terrorist reprisal. It’s […]

Prayer: what is it good for?; and a note on yesterday’s murders

Two contrasting sources (both provided by Matthew) give the same answer about the efficacy of prayer: I can’t help but think that the headline below, from yesterday’s Daily News is—perhaps unintentionally—a slap in the face of theists. It implies that either God let the shootings take place, or he’s leaving us on our own to solve the problem. […]

A motivation for the Germanwings suicide/murder?

My CNN news feed just sent me this: The investigation into the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 has not yet turned up evidence that provides a motivation for co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who is believed to have downed the plane deliberately. Before he was a pilot, Lubitz was suicidal and underwent psychotherapy, but the evidence so […]

The New Yorker bloviates on the Germanwings crash, citing the Bible, Shakespeare, and Conrad

So someone probably told New Yorker staff writer Philip Gourevitch that he had to write a few words about the Germanwings plane crash, and about the horrific likelihood that it was a suicide combined with mass murder. There’s not much to say about it, really, because we don’t know much now, but that’s never stopped the New […]

More on the German plane crash

There was some hint of this on last night’s news, which noted that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who apparently programed the Germanwings flight to crash—killing the pilot (locked out of the cockpit) and 148 others—had taken a break from his flight training in 2010 for unknown reasons. I wondered then if Lubitz had a mental illness, […]