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Is the notion of “God” coherent?

There’s been some discussion on this site and others whether it’s even useful to ask if there can be evidence for a god, given that the very notion of God is incoherent.  I’ve maintained that there can indeed be evidence that would provisionally convince at least me of the existence of a divine being. But […]

Quote of the week: BioLogos insists that the creator is the Christian God

A few weeks back, Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher) argued in his Mail Online column that the notion of intelligent design (ID, aka creationism advocated by Ph.Ds) wasn’t religious because it didn’t specify the designer. I think I laid that one to rest, for the history of ID clearly shows that the designer […]

BioLogos and Templeton waste more money on accommodationism

Here’s an equation: BioLogos + Templeton = Apologetics funded by a ton of money. That’s precisely what’s happened with BioLogos’s “Evolution and Christian Faith” program.  The Templeton Foundation has anted up nearly two million bucks for this, handing it to BioLogos in their futile attempt to bring evangelical Christians to an acceptance of evolution. The […]

“Fine-tuning”: is the multiverse a Hail Mary pass by godless physicists?

I’ve finished the book Atoms and Eden, a series of interviews by Steve Paulson of luminaries in the science-and-religion debates. The book includes interviews with people on all sides, including Karen Armstrong, John Haught, Sam Harris, Dan Dennett, Jane Goodall, and so on. Judging by Amazon, the book hasn’t garnered much interest, but I’d recommend […]

Dave Allen on Catholicism

Reader Aidan Karley called my attention to the Irish comedian Dave Allen (1936-2005; real name David Tynan O’Mahoney). He seems to be a forerunner of Dara O’Briain, sans the profanity. Here’s Allen recalling his initiation to Catholicism at the age of four. It’s hilarious, but the hilarity comes largely from his befuddled encounter with religious […]

A new humanist book by Grayling, and a critique by Appleyard

Anthony Grayling has a new pro-humanism and anti-religion book available now in the U.S. on Kindle for $15.39 (£9.78 in the UK) and, in the U.S,  after Mar. 14 in hardback for a price to be determined (you can order it now in the UK for £10.78): The Amazon site gives a summary: There have […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ THEOLOGIANS

Alert readers Veronica Abbass and Linda Grilli called my attention to today’s Jesus and Mo, and the nice h/t that the artist gave me: Today’s script is thanks to Walter Kaufmann (1921-1980). The quote, which is heavily edited in the barmaid’s speech, was spotted and posted by Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution is True. Thanks! […]

A Sophisticated Theologian explains why theology doesn’t progress

Thanks (I think) to John Loftus, I’ve become acquainted with a half-dozen books on science and religion that I didn’t know. All of them are written by Christians and either attack science or defend the proposition that science and Jesus are compatible. I’ve just finished the first one, and it’s dire: J. P. Moreland’s Christianity […]

Quote of the day: Walter Kaufmann religion versus reason

This is the last quote I’ll put up from Walter Kaufmann’s magnificent book Critique of Religion and Philosophy. This one, from pp.  220-221, is on the incompatibility between religion and reason. (I don’t agree with the first sentence of the third paragraph if by it Kaufmann is agreeing to some extent with religion’s claim that […]

Quote of the day: Walter Kaufmann defines theology

I can’t recommend Walter Kaufmann’s book Critique of Religion and Philosophy (1958) highly enough. It’s erudite, packed with original thought and analysis, and accessible to the general reader. I’m concentrating on the critique of religion rather than philosophy, but the former occupies most of the book. Kaufmann begins his book with a section on “philosophical […]


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