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Osculating Hank’s rump: an allegory

This short comedic sketch, “Kissing Hank’s Ass,” parodies a famous theological argument. Surely you can guess which one! But maybe it’s not a parody but an allegory, for, after all, theology is often indistinguishable from comedy. The YouTube notes say that this was “originally written by Reverend James Huber,” though I don’t know who he is. […]

The Atlantic ponders a weighty question: Did early hominins have souls?

Among the category of Articles That Should Not Have Been Written, this one is prominent. It’s “Did Neanderthals have souls?” by freelance writer Ruth Graham, and her piece is in The Atlantic. The question of when, and in which species, hominins were “ensouled” is of interest mainly because it’s so dumb, showing not only the conflict […]

Ben Goren: is there free will in Heaven?

The last time Ben Goren wrote a post on this site, it really twisted the knickers of the ID-ers (particularly Vincent Torley) who frequent the creationist Uncommon Descent site. I thought it was time to twist them a little more, so we’re following up “Why doesn’t Jesus call 9-1-1?” with a new post on the topic, […]

Sola fide made easy

by Grania Here’s a little bit of illustrated theology to round out the day, the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith, not deeds. You can read more about sole fide here (but alas there aren’t many funny pictures on the page).   Click on the blue button to play the animation.   Jerry also wrote […]

Sola fide: Does Christianity always promote morality?

When I was chatting with Linda Calhoun at the goat dairy, she brought up the “justification by faith, not works” issue as an argument against religion. What kind of God, she argued, would forgive someone who lived a life that harmed others (Hitler is the classic example), if that person simply confessed on his deathbed that he […]

Are any criticisms of theism kosher? (Open Thread)

by Grania Spingies In the wake of complaints such as this one and angry reviews of Jerry’s new book Faith vs. Fact, one has to wonder whether any criticism of theism is acceptable or valid to a believer. One of the complaints that irks Jerry the most is the charge that he – or indeed we […]

Articles: odds and ends

Professor Ceiling Cat is a bit low today for reasons I’ll describe in the next post. The upshot is that my brain hurts and I have nothing substantive to say, at least for a few hours. In light of that lacuna, let me call your attention to three articles that you may want to read. ******* […]

A flea goes after my credentials

One of the most common attacks on non-theologians who criticize religion is that we aren’t professional theologians, or that we haven’t fully marinated ourselves in the tedious lucubrations of people like Duns Scotus or Tertullian. This, of course, is basically an ad hominem argument, dismissing criticisms of religion based on the writer’s perceived lack of credentials. And, as you […]

Krista Tippett: Oy!

One of the downsides of doing grocery shopping at 7 a.m. on Sunday is that, if you’re listening to National Public Radio (NPR), as I’m wont to do, you’ll probably have to hear the unctuous Krista Tippett and her “On Being” show.  The American version of a less scholarly Karen Armstrong, Tippett never met a religion […]

The Pope’s views on animals and heaven go viral

With my post on “The Dog Delusion“, I was ahead of the curve, though I thought of it as a humorous Papal remark that wouldn’t go anywhere. I was wrong: the Pope’s implication that all animals go to Heaven (implying they have souls), as well as the discovery of an earlier and similar statement by Pope […]