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Maajid Nawaz wins defamation lawsuit against Reuters Worldcheck for calling him a “terrorist”

You may know that Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz has sued the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for putting him on its “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” along with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. That suit is still in progress, but his (and Hirsi Ali’s) inclusion is palpable nonsense. Nawaz is a Muslim heads a reformist organization, and […]

In light of Barcelona, what, if anything, do we do about immigration?

I don’t think there’s any number of Islamist terrorist attacks that will make people stop and think about the issue of immigration, which allows the entry of some people likely (or sworn) to commit such attacks. Indeed, I am leary of trying to curb refugees into Europe or the U.S., for, at least in the […]

The cat tweets after the Barcelona tragedy

It may seem churlish to tweet pictures of cats after the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona, but that was the response after the Spanish Police issued this notice when they saw horrific pictures of the dead and injured posted on Twitter: đźš©Por respeto a las vĂ­ctimas y a sus familias, por favor, NO compartas imágenes […]

Another van attack in Barcelona kills at least one, injures many

Multiple sources, including the New York Times, report that at least one person has been killed and at least 32 injured in Barcelona after a van plowed into crowds of people on street along the route between the Plaza de Cataluña and Las Ramblas. I’m well familiar with that lovely area, as it’s the epicenter […]

Maajid Nawaz on extremists of all stripes

When you read Maajid Nawaz’s new piece at at the Quilliam website (reprinted from the Times), “Islamists and anti-Muslim bigots are two sides of the same coin,” remember that this is the same man who’s been labeled an “anti-Muslim bigot” by the increasingly irrelevant Southern Poverty Law Center. For what Nawaz is criticizing is extremism […]

Washington Post writer dishonestly calculated death toll from terrorism vs other forms of murder

I’m not sure exactly why Tung Yin (described as “a professor at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon [with an] academic specialty [in] national security law and terrorism”) wrote a new essay in the Washington Post—”Is it terrorism or mass murder? That depends on our biases.“—but I have a few ideas. What Yin […]

The Young Turks show and The Spectator on the London attacks: the former ignores religion, the latter indicts it

The Young Turks news show has become increasingly regressive as time goes on. Here’s a 13-minute video with hosts John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure discussing the recent terrorist attacks on London. Two words are completely missing from the long discussion: “Muslim” and “Islam.” I don’t think that omission is accidental. The tone was […]

Jeff Tayler on the Manchester bombing

One thing that really bothered me after the Manchester and London terrorist attacks was the tendency of some people to immediately express solidarity with Muslims rather than feel sadness for the victims and horror at the event. There’s nothing wrong with trying to prevent a terrorist attack from being used to demonize all Muslims, but […]

HuffPo ignores Islam in report on three British terror attacks

Here’s today’s Puffho piece on the terror attacks in London last night (click screenshot to go to article). We do not yet know for certain whether the latest attacks these were committed by Islamists, but it seems likely, and the New York Times reported this: Britain’s home secretary, Amber Rudd, said on Sunday that the […]

Attacks in London

Coming back to my room for a moment before Dawkins’s talk tonight, I found that there had been two attacks in London: a van mowing people down, and stabbing attacks nearby.  At least one person is dead, and the authorities are calling it a “potential act of terrorism.”  How many more people will die like […]