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Sunday Times: UK taxpayers funding Palestinian jihadism and anti-Semitism

Now I don’t know the politics of the Sunday Times, but the article below paints a pretty dire picture of what UK taxpayers are unknowingly funding (click on the screenshot to see the article). The drawing under the headline is apparently part of the anti-Israel propaganda that the UK is funding by underwriting the insertion […]

Suicide bomber sets off explosives at Port Authority bus terminal in New York City

This just happened, and is reported briefly by many venues, including NBC News. An explosion occurred during the Monday morning rush hour near New York City’s Port Authority, police said. One suspect is in custody following the incident at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, a senior NYPD official said. The suspect sustained a minor injury […]

Confirmation bias writ large: C. J. W*rl*m*n argues that the slaughter at the Sufi mosque wasn’t religious but political

I’m not able to print the full name of the man who wrote what’s below on Twitter (if I do I’ll have to pay someone), but the name does appear in some of the tweets. The Person In Question has undergone a sea change from being a diehard atheist to an inveterate denier that religion—especially […]

Islamists bombs Sufi mosque in Egypt

Islamist terrorists killed more than 235 and wounded 109 people worshiping at a Sufi mosque in the Sinai. The attackers used a combination of bombs and guns, even shooting at ambulances. What did the Sufis do? Nothing—except belong to a mystical sect of Islam regarded by some Muslims as “heretical.” I’m guessing, though this hasn’t been […]

Two pairs of tweets about the NYC murders

The odor of apologetics is strong today. . . To make your priority right now the ‘image of Islam’ and not the 8 dead victims is – frankly – disgusting. You. Are. Not. The. Victim. Here. — Maajid (@MaajidNawaz) October 31, 2017 My friend Dr. Orli Peter, a psychologist, analyzed Sarsour’s tweet in a […]

At least six dead in truck attack in Manhattan

Not again! It happened when a Home Depot truck drove along the bike path that was the West Side Highway, hitting people and then the driver exited, brandishing what is described as an “imitation firearm”. The suspect was shot by police but is apparently not dead. According to CNN, police haven’t ruled out terrorism, and […]

Maajid Nawaz wins defamation lawsuit against Reuters Worldcheck for calling him a “terrorist”

You may know that Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz has sued the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for putting him on its “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” along with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. That suit is still in progress, but his (and Hirsi Ali’s) inclusion is palpable nonsense. Nawaz is a Muslim heads a reformist organization, and […]

In light of Barcelona, what, if anything, do we do about immigration?

I don’t think there’s any number of Islamist terrorist attacks that will make people stop and think about the issue of immigration, which allows the entry of some people likely (or sworn) to commit such attacks. Indeed, I am leary of trying to curb refugees into Europe or the U.S., for, at least in the […]

The cat tweets after the Barcelona tragedy

It may seem churlish to tweet pictures of cats after the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona, but that was the response after the Spanish Police issued this notice when they saw horrific pictures of the dead and injured posted on Twitter: 🚩Por respeto a las víctimas y a sus familias, por favor, NO compartas imágenes […]

Another van attack in Barcelona kills at least one, injures many

Multiple sources, including the New York Times, report that at least one person has been killed and at least 32 injured in Barcelona after a van plowed into crowds of people on street along the route between the Plaza de Cataluña and Las Ramblas. I’m well familiar with that lovely area, as it’s the epicenter […]