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More waste of Templeton money

Now that execrable organization, bent on blurring the boundaries between science and religion, has its sticky fingers in Oxford University (it’s long invaded Cambridge University). Here’s a worthless series of podcasts, for which Templeton anted up 1.3 million pounds (now about #1.6 million US) Here are some of the topics. I love the last one […]

Robert Wright in the NYT: Evolution could have a “higher purpose”

The article I’m writing about today at length—and I apologize to the “TL; DR” crowd—was brought to my attention by more than a dozen readers, which shows how eagerly they wanted a response—and a refutation. But the article is so muddled and philosophically weak that it basically refutes itself. Nevertheless, because it’s a big piece […]

Templeton sponsors accommodationist “ads” in Smithsonian Magazine

Two days ago I was beefing about an “article” in Smithsonian Magazine in which physicist (and believer) Sylvester James Gates was interviewed about physics, and at the end espoused a harmony between science and religion. Here’s the masthead: I wrote a critique of that piece, concentrating on Gates’s answer to the last question, “In science, both […]

In defense of Richard Dawkins: Elaine Ecklund and team write a pointless, Templeton-funded paper saying that Dawkins “misrepresents science”

As you can see from the many posts I’ve written about Rice University sociologist Elaine Ecklund, she’s made a career out of showing that scientists are far more religious—or friendly to religion—than commonly assumed. But her methodology is often suspect, so that her data are cooked or twisted to meet her agenda: to show comity between science […]

FIRE gets huge Templeton grant

An old Jewish joke, which I’m allowed to tell because of my background, is this: “Jewish dilemma: free ham”.  But this dilemma is even bigger, at least for me. FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, is an organization I’ve long admired, for its mission is to preserve free speech and civil liberties on American campuses. To […]

Readers’ comments on Nature’s accommodationist piece

On September 20, the prestigious science journal Nature published an article by Kathryn Pritchard, “Religion and science can have a true dialogue“, which I found not only lame, but inappropriate for a science journal (see my post here). Pritchard is identified as someone who “works with the Mission and Public Affairs Division of the Archbishops’ […]

Templeton hands out nearly $3 million to learn why people are atheists

Here is three million dollars down the tubes—money that could be used to advance our understanding of nature. Yes, the John Templeton Foundation—which is again mad at me for criticizing them yesterday and has asked for a “meeting”—has given a grant of nearly $3 million to the University of Kent so that underemployed religious scholars, sociologists, […]

Templeton entangles itself with the National Academy of Sciences and University of Chicago Press

Well, I’m resigned to the fact that one lone voice of a superannuated biologist cannot overcome  the millions of dollars dispensed annually by the John Templeton Foundation, all in the cause of blurring the boundary between science and religion.  The Foundation simply pours too much feed into the Science Trough, and hungry researchers can’t help but sidle […]

More ill-gotten gains: Templeton gives $1 million to BioLogos

The announcement below was apparently sent out by the evanglical Christian group BioLogos in a monthly newsletter, announcing an evolution-education grant to the tune of a cool million. But the money—from the John Templeton Foundation, of course—is going not for straight education in evolution, but to “introduce more people to the evolutionary creation position.” That, of course, is simply evolution […]

Templeton and the AAAS give money for seminaries to teach science and for scientists to become literate in theology

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS; the U.S.’s largest organization of scientists) has a program called DoSER, which stands for “Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion.” It’s run by Jennifer Wiseman, an astronomer who used to be Council President of the American Scientific Affiliation (“A network of Christians in the sciences”). The DoSER […]