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Larry Wilmore tells it like it is

by Greg Mayer On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his guest panelists were discussing Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations, when one of the guests stated that we must have “more respect in politics… for people who believe in creationism”. Larry was having none of it: Someone who’s making the most important decisions in the world […]

Reza Aslan gets his own religious CNN show

Okay, if the Cable News Network (CNN) is really an unbiased and objective news source, they’ll have to counter this program with another. According to MediaIte, the unctuous apologist and atheist-basher Reza Aslan is going to get his very own show. I can’t bear to describe it, so I’ll just copy the announcement: One day after […]

Charlie Brooker mocks religion on Channel 4

Matthew Cobb, who introduced me to the work of Charlie Brooker, describes the man as “a long-standing scabrous British satirist who has an occasional column in the Guardian.” We’ve already encountered one of his associates, the adorable Philomena Cunk, who presents “Moments of Wonder” as part of Brooker’s BBC show Newswipe. (We’ll see more of Philomena […]

Jon Stewart steps down

First Colbert, now Jon Stewart: who is left to make wicked fun of Republicans and their follies? This just in from my CNN News feed: Jon Stewart, whose wit defined “The Daily Show” for more than 15 years, will sign off the iconic Comedy Central program later this year, the cable channel said. Stewart is expected to […]

Jerry on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC tonight

By Grania Jerry asked me to let everyone know that he’s been asked to be on MSNBC’s The Last Word tonight with Lawrence O’Donnell. They’ll be discussing ISIL and its religion. It airs at 10pm, and you can catch up with the show on its website if you miss it. [Note by GCM– that’s 10 PM […]

Cat Watch 2014

by Greg Mayer The BBC has been running a new series Cat Watch 2014, which started on October 7. There are three episodes, all of which have had their first run, but there are still re-broadcasts and the full episodes are available online in the UK. They are not, unfortunately, available in the US, so […]

Colbert on Jindal: A black mark on Brown University

by Greg Mayer On Monday night’s episode of his show, Stephen Colbert sarcastically endorsed Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal in the 2016 presidential race, lauding him as a “down-home guy who’s learned to stop learning.” Jindal is best known for his disastrous 2009 response to Obama’s address to Congress, and his pushing of creationism in Louisiana […]

The good news and the bad news

While watching the evening newscast, I heard some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: a quote from P.M. David Cameron on the brutal beheading by ISIS of British aid worker David Haines (quote verified in The Daily News): “They [ISIS] boast of their brutality. They claim to do this in the name of […]

A tw**t

Well, I’m in a hotel with cable t.v., and I have a choice of watching one of elebenty gazillion channels or reading Carol Tavris and Eliot Aronson’s book Mistakes Were Made (but not by me), about people’s failure to recognize their biases and the ways they resolve cognitive dissonance. I’m halfway through it and it’s very good: a PCC […]

“Your Inner Fish”– TV version– has begun

by Greg Mayer Jerry noted in February that friend-of-the-site Neil Shubin will be presenting a three-part series on PBS this month based on his bestselling Your Inner Fish. The series began this past Wednesday; I was unable to see the whole episode (because at the same time I was writing an exam I had to […]


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